The Colossal Of The Global Oceans:              Top 4 Shipping Companies

Top  4

Shipping Companies

Mediterranean Shipping Company: Dominating The Sea Since Ages              

1. The company is currently in Switzerland. 2. MSC brags about their largest container fleet of the world, which ensures some next level reach.

Ap Mollar-maersk Group:  The Legacy Of Better Efficiency

1. Maersk was founded in 1904 by Arnold Peter Møller and his father, Peter Mærsk Møller. 2. The company has a vast history of reliable networks for global shipping.

Cma Cmc Group:  The Powerhouse Of French Shipping

1. CMA CMC is headquartered in France. 2. The company has a strong presence for their reliable and diversified services that contribute to global trade.

Cosco Shipping Lines Or Cosco: The Maritime Almighty Of China

1. COSCO is a Chinese shipping giant, currently it has a huge network. 2. It plays a huge role in the global supply chain.