12 Best Paying Jobs For Teens In 2024

12 Best Paying Jobs For Teens In 2024

Not every job mandates a college degree or imposes age restrictions on applicants. Adolescents, typically aged between 16 and 19, might seek part-time employment for diverse reasons. It could be for earning money, saving up for significant purchases, or for gathering their college expenses. Understanding the array of jobs accessible to teenage applicants is often the first crucial step for those seeking employment while still attending school.

Within this article, we present 15 part-time job options offering relatively high hourly wages, tailored for teenagers seeking employment. The aim is to assist you in discovering a position that aligns with your preferences and needs.

12 Best Paying jobs for teens

So, here are some of the best jobs teenagers can try out if they are looking for a part-time career opportunity with good earning opportunities.

1. Cashier


Well, this is pretty convenient. If you have been watching Netflix series with underdog teenage stories, you must have come across characters working as cashiers. Well, keeping Netflix aside, the role of a cashier is one of the best paying jobs for teens. This job role involves helping customers bag their purchased items, doing price checks, helping with checkout, and validating coupons and gift cards.

2. Grocery Stocker

Grocery Stocker

Another of the best paying jobs for teens is the role of grocery storekeeper. These professionals have to keep the shelves ready for customers to browse through. The grocery storekeepers start putting the products on the shelves as soon as the inventory is full. Most shifts for grocery storekeepers are at midnight or in the early morning. So, if you want to work the night shift or early morning shift, it is an ideal job opportunity to choose from.

3. Lifeguard


Lifeguards are professional swimmers and rescuers who work close to a natural or artificial water body. Lifeguards work to implement life safety rules and regulations at the swimming facilities. These professionals also provide swimming lessons, take part in rescue missions, and more. A must-have skill for a lifeguard is to be an efficient swimmer. Whether teaching others to swim or participating in rescue missions, they must have efficient swimming skills.

4. Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

What are the best paying jobs for teens, you asked? Well, have you thought of becoming a pet sitter? It is like babysitting but with pets. As a teenager, you will find this job entertaining if you are fond of animals. The general responsibilities of pet sitters include:

  • Feeding pets.
  • Taking care of them.
  • Providing them with medication.
  • Taking them to vets.

Sometimes, pet sitters also have to take the dogs out for a walk.

5. Sales Associate

Sales Associate

Well, if you want to work a little more traditional job, then try becoming a sales associate. Sales associates maintain an orderly appearance in the store and help customers by answering their queries. They help people find the items they are looking for in the store. They have to maintain the product shelves and help the customers with product recommendations.

6. Server


Many teenagers often find it interesting to work at cafes, bars, and restaurants. If you are one of them, you may try out the role of server. Servers at restaurants, bars, and cafes work to take orders from customers, communicate with them, and deliver orders. They work as a medium of communication between the customers and the kitchen. Serving dishes, refilling drinks, and collecting payments and tips are some of the responsibilities of the servers. It is one of the best paying jobs for teens.

7. Delivery Service Driver

Delivery Service driver

This is one of the most relevant jobs teenagers can do in today’s time. Many retail stores, fast food chains, and eCommerce companies are delivering orders at home. You can work as a delivery person and make a good amount of money. Some responsibilities related to this domain of the job are offering products, taking payments, providing the best customer service, handling complaints, and maintaining documents. Also, they have to maintain delivery documentation like receipts, etc.

8. Actors


This opportunity might sound interesting if you are looking for the best paying jobs for teens. Teenage actors are now in huge demand. No, you don’t have to work on big Hollywood projects to call yourself an actor. Many teen actors also work for advertising firms, TV shows, YouTube, and social media content. However, this job requires professionals to build industry connections and work on different gigs based on opportunities and interests.

9. Landscape Laborer

Landscape Laborer: best paying jobs for teens

Landscape labor is one of the best-paying jobs for teens in the US. If you love gardening and want a decent per-hour wage, then you can be a landscaper. These professionals are responsible for trimming hedges, pulling out weeds, watering plants, etc. However, different locations require landscape laborers to take on different responsibilities. In some areas, they have to maintain fences and bushes.

10. Sports Referee

Sports referee: best paying jobs for teens

If you are a sports enthusiast seeking a job in that domain, then go for the role of a sports referee. Many youth sports clubs and high school sports require teenagers to be referees. As a referee, you have to keep track of minute details of the game. You have to maintain the start and stop times of the game and oversee if everything is running according to the game rules. You have to also award penalties when needed and call off a game if certain situations arise.

11. Babysitting

Babysitting: best paying jobs for teens

Babysitting is an age-old way of making money for teenagers. If you are looking for the best paying jobs for teens, then you can try being a babysitter. Babysitters have lots of responsibilities. Those responsibilities include bathing children, preparing their meals, dressing them, giving them company, and helping them with homework.

12. Tutor

Tutor : best paying jobs for teens

Another well-paying job for teens is tutoring. You don’t have to be a skilled teacher to guide a kindergarten student. However, you must be patient, compassionate, and friendly with them first. If you are good with kids and can help them with their homework, tutoring will be a good job to consider. You will be helping children with their coursework outside their regular school hours.

Final Words

Those were some of the best paying jobs for teens in the US. Even in other countries, these are some common job roles. Teenagers can make decent earnings, enough to cover their expenses or even tuition fees. You can choose any of the parts based on your preference. Hopefully, this article was helpful. Please let us know your thoughts on this. Thank you for reading.

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