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Best Paying Jobs In Major Chemicals

By Shahnawaz Alam

March 7, 2024

Best Paying Jobs In Major Chemicals

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What are the best paying jobs in major chemicals? With a degree in chemicals, you can get a job in various industries. Developing your career is an integral part of your life. So, you must get an education in a field that you find interest in. Then! What’s next?

Find a career option that pays well and lets you enjoy all the aspects of your life. Your career path is part and parcel of the personality you demonstrate. SO, if you are a student with a chemistry major, what are the best job opportunities you can get? Keep reading. You will find out.

Chemical Engineers

One of the best paying jobs in major chemicals is the role of chemical engineer. They are responsible for building, maintaining, and operating equipment that converts chemicals into useful commercial products.

They usually work to design and develop chemical plants, tools, and industrial products out of different chemicals. Most chemical engineers get employed in chemical plants. Their qualifications usually include a bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering. Also, significant knowledge in mathematics, physics, and biology is necessary to work out different problems.

Analytical Chemist

Analytical chemists have many responsibilities, and this role is one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals. They have to review the chemical structure of different substances. This career path is great if you are planning to gain more skills and experiences.

Most professionals learn about ways to develop drugs, learn forensic analysis, and learn about toxicology. They also apply their skills and expertise for analysis. An analytical chemist usually analyzes different chemical substances. They look for the quantitative and qualitative presence of any chemical in given components. The behavior and reaction of certain chemical items are also found thanks to their work.

Analytical chemists analyze food, drugs, and different other products to determine their effectiveness, quality, and potential side effects. If you want to develop a successful career in chemistry, this is a good opportunity to look out for.

Material Scientist 

Material scientists are one of the high-demand professions currently. Most importantly, with the rise of nanotechnology, material scientists are in high demand. These professionals need in-depth knowledge about different materials, physics, and chemistry. As a material scientist, you will create different custom made materials.

Most professionals in this domain work with materials like rubber, ceramic, and different metals. However, you must remember that there are hardly many opportunities in this domain with a bachelor’s degree alone. You must acquire your master’s or Ph.D. to land a job.


Not all the best paying jobs in major chemicals should involve working in a chemical plant. If you have a major in chemistry, you can also work as a professor and teach at the top colleges and universities across the world.

A chemistry professor usually designs study courses, teaches students, and oversees practical tests. As a professor, you will build the future of the world. Professors build the engineers, healthcare workers, and scientists for future generations. Teaching in the top universities in the world can be both personally and professionally rewarding.

Forensic Scientists

Both the government and different private labs and research firms need forensic scientists to work with them. Forensic scientists have to visit different crime scenes often. They collect biological samples like hair, blood, & other bodily fluids from the crime scene.

They run tests on the samples collected from the crime scene. A forensic scientist also comes up with legal evidence related to a case or a proceeding. The findings of a forensic scientist are of great value in the court of law.

QA & AC Jobs

You have a chemistry major and are wondering which high paying job you can get with this degree. Well, have you thought of roles like Quality Control and Quality Assurance? These jobs are one of the best paying jobs you can get with a chemistry major.

While working as a quality control or quality assurance engineer, you will do qualitative measurements of different commercial products. It will be of an extra benefit if you complete your master’s first. Also, the more experience you gain, the higher your payscale rises.

Hazardous Material Management

Many manufacturing companies often create different hazardous by-products while manufacturing their main product. Some manufacturers deal with hazardous materials themselves. These companies need a hazardous material manager to oversee if they are maintaining the laws, rules, and regulations while handling those materials.


You can also become a toxicologist with a chemistry major. It is one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals. These professionals run tests on different drugs and test the toxicity of different substances. They help determine the dosages of different medicines and drugs.

They also assess the impact of these medicines on different individuals. Some common responsibilities in this domain include designing, planning, and executing controlled experiments. Sometimes, they also have to conduct clinical trials, test hypotheses, etc. This role requires someone to have in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge about chemistry.

Research Analyst

A career as a research analyst in the chemicals major is rewarding as it is respectful. There are diverse types of research. You can work as a research analyst and teacher in schools and universities. You can also work as a pharmaceutical researcher in a company. These professionals usually work with the development of drugs.

You can also work in a lab as a lab technician. This job can be a good stepping stone if you want to take your career forward in the direction of biotechnology, nanotechnology, physics, and materials.

Food Science Technology

Another best paying job in major chemicals is the role of food science technologist. There are so many lucrative job opportunities in the food industry. You can work to test the food quality and its shelf-life. Some professionals also work to develop new recipes using newfound materials and ingredients.

Each day, the larger companies in the food industry ( the likes of Nestle, Britannia, Nestel, FSSAI, ITC, etc.) are looking for professionals to work in this industry. Also, there are many new internship opportunities if you wish to kickstart your career.

Wrapping UP!

So, that was a list of some high paying jobs for students with a chemistry major. If you are a chemistry student, most of these roles should be known to you. However, some are new. But, when it comes to choosing a career, always aim for the option that interests you. If you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you are ready for a job. But, if you have a Ph.D., the highest-paying jobs are as good as reserved for you.

So, did you find this article helpful? Share your feedback through the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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