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10 Best Paying Trade Jobs You Can Choose From In 2024

Published on: March 7, 2024

Last Updated on: April 27, 2024

10 Best Paying Trade Jobs You Can Choose From In 2024

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What are the best paying trade jobs?

Wait, first, let’s learn what trade jobs are. Trade jobs are professions that do not require a four-year bachelor’s degree. These jobs usually require aspirants to take vocational training, internships, and on-the-job training to become job-ready.

These job roles also span across different industries like healthcare, electricity, and real estate. So, what are the best opportunities for trade jobs? Don’t worry. I have everything covered in this article.

1. Ultrasonographer


Average Salary (U.S.): – $131,161 per year

One of the best paying trade jobs is the role of the diagnostic medical sonographer. These professionals are responsible for taking diagnostic images of the human body. These professionals usually have a particular medical instrument called an “ultrasound transducer.” this instrument creates sound waves and phases them through the human body, helping it take pictures of a body part.

Ultrasonographers are usually experts in taking these diagnostic images of the muscles, heart, blood vessels, or joints. Some of them are also experts in diagnosing the reproductive health of women or are pediatricians. They work closely with patients and doctors.

2. Respiratory Therapists 

Respiratory Therapists

Average Salary (U.S.): – $104,437 per year

If you are looking for the highest-paying trade jobs, you might as well aim for the role of a respiratory therapist. These professionals work with patients who have difficulty in breathing. Additionally, respiratory healthcare professionals examine the lungs of patients of all ages. Based on their tests and findings, a respiratory therapist provides medications, treatments, and best healthcare practices to patients.

3. Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist

Average Salary (U.S.): – $99,013 per year

Dental Hygiene is important for people wanting to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. That is why dental hygienists are always in demand. These professionals also help their patients learn and go through healthy dental care practices. They help people learn and understand how to brush and how to prevent any dental problems like cavities.

4. Construction manager

Construction manager

Average Salary (U.S.): – $88,319 per year

Construction managers usually work with different construction architects. These professionals work on different commercial, residential, or federal construction projects.

These managers are responsible for securing the materials and items needed to complete a project.

Since it is a managerial role, one must develop leadership skills and effective communication and problem-solving skills. Sometimes, they will be tasked with solving many problems and communicating with clients and workers on-site. This undoes budget, one of the best paying trade jobs you can aim for.

5. Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft Mechanic

Average Salary (U.S.): – $82,476 per year

One of the best paying trade jobs you can look for is the role of an aircraft mechanic. This role requires you to take care of different flying vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters, etc. They also ensure that all the mechanical equipment and tools of these vehicles are in proper working condition.

Most of these professionals work on government projects, airports, military groups, and engineering companies.

6. Cable technician

Cable technician

Average Salary (U.S.): – $70,714 per year

Being a cable technician is also a good career among trade jobs. These professionals install cable lines, repair them, and provide their services to residential and commercial clients. Simply put, these professionals are tasked with keeping everything operational. Sometimes, they have to address widespread outage issues. It requires staying on call with clients from time to time. This job role does provide a flexible working environment. But, emergency situations may require you to work at odd times of the day.

7. Industrial Mechanic 

Industrial Mechanic

Average Salary (U.S.): – $69,637 per year

Industrial mechanics are experts at calibrating and testing different industrial equipment. They are usually tasked with taking care of shredders, production machinery, packaging machinery & conveying systems. In addition, These professionals ensure that factories are running efficiently and safely. They perform emergency repairs and check whether every machine is performing properly to reduce downtime. These professionals usually work in manufacturing plants, construction sites, etc.

8. Solar Installer

Solar Installer: best paying trade jobs

Average Salary (U.S.): – $69,422 per year

The specialty of trade jobs is that they do not require a four-year college degree. All you need is simple training from certified institutes. However, there are varying levels of jobs that require skills and education of different levels. But, if you want to be a solar installer, you can be one without getting a bachelor’s degree. In fact, it is one of the best paying trade jobs you can look for.

The job responsibilities of these professionals are simple – you have to install solar photovoltaic panels on your client’s rooftops. These panels produce electricity from the sunlight. Based on the client’s requirements, you have to provide solar installment services to different clients. However, sometimes, employees have to work in extreme weather conditions. So, it is one of the areas of concern to look out for.

9. Real Estate Appraiser 

Real Estate Appraiser: best paying trade jobs

Average Salary (U.S.): – $64,075 per year

Real estate appraiser is another best paying trade job you can opt for. The role of a real estate appraiser may not require any bachelor’s degree. But having one will make you a more preferable job candidate. However, you will need to obtain a realtor’s license. The job responsibility of a real estate appraiser is to visit different properties, check their conditions, compare them with properties listed in the area, and appraise them. This is quite a rewarding career opportunity in the real estate sector as well.

10. Electrician 

Electrician: best paying trade jobs

Average Salary (U.S.): – $62,739 per year

Electricians are one of the best-paying trade jobs if you are looking for opportunities that do not require a bachelor’s degree. However, this job requires extensive training and a clear understanding of different electrical systems. One must be an expert at critical thinking and have efficient problem-solving skills. These professionals also have to be experts at problem-solving. No, this is not your average desk job. Electricians have to move around a lot.

Wrapping Up!

Although most of these jobs don’t require a bachelor’s degree, it doesn’t mean that you cannot pursue them with a bachelor’s degree. However, if you want to proceed and take your career forward, having higher qualifications and years of experience will prove helpful. If you are looking for opportunities in this industry, the provided list should be able to help you.

So, did you find this article helpful? Please let us know through the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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