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What Are the Best Practices for Placing Yard Signs on My Front Lawn?

By Mashum Mollah

July 22, 2021

Yard Signs

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81% of all Americans have a lawn around their home. Your front lawn can be a place of sanctuary and socialization with neighbors. It can also be a place to display your beliefs with various yard signs.

From serious politics to outrageous humor almost anything can be conveyed to your local community with the tactful placement of a yard sign or two.

That said, even though a yard placard is located on your private property, it still can influence your community. Learn how to use yard signs the right way in pursuit of a friendly neighborhood with this list of practices.

Try to Steer Clear of Politics and Religion

Nowadays, politics is a divisive issue for many people. The age-old wisdom of “avoid talking about politics and religion” at social gatherings can be also said for yard signs.

While there is no shame in putting one subtle political or religious yard sign on your lawn, try not to make them too outrageous. Keep in mind that many people in your neighborhood think and believe in different things than you.

For the sake of neighborhood unity, choosing tasteful yard signs devoid of politics and religion may be a good idea.

That said, if you feel strongly about something, one tasteful yard sign incorporated into your lawn should do the trick.

Follow HOA Guidelines for Yard Signs

If your community has a Home Owners Association, they may have strict guidelines when it comes to yard signs. Make sure to check in with this organization before putting any out to avoid fines or other penalties.

Avoid Lewdness and Profanity

Most people love a good joke, but everyone’s idea of funny is different. Try to avoid putting out any yard signs with lewd or profane messages or language. Keep in mind that children and the elderly will walk by your home.

Don’t put out a yard sign that is inappropriate for Grandma, or a young child. While your friends may think it is funny, members of your community may not.

Follow the Seasons

A Christmas-themed yard sign is not very appropriate for the sweltering month of July. A spooky Halloween sign has no place on a lawn covered in melting spring snow.

Keep your yard signs relevant to the seasons to avoid looking like a total crackpot. That way your property will go with the flow of the seasons.

Don’t Overdo It

A few tasteful yard signs can enhance your yard and spread your message. It is easy to get carried away however and clutter your yard with too many signs.

Start small and pick a few tasteful signs. You can always rotate out more later if you want to try new ones. For all your yard sign needs, including custom ones, check out

Make Your Yard Unique

Yard signs can enhance your yard and make it your unique creation. That said, incorporating them tastefully can be the difference between looking classy, or like a fool. Follow the yard sign advice in this article to make sure your neighbors think the best of you.

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