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64% Of Brits Will Celebrate Father’s Day With A Gift This Year

By Arnab Dey

June 3, 2023

Father’s Day

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Sunday 18th June is the day to show our father figures how much we care.

Create Gift Love, a handmade personalized gifting company conducted a survey of over 1000 people on their plans for Father’s Day and found that 64% of them will be giving a gift this year.

Tony Carr (39), co-founder of Create Gift Love with his wife Emily Carr (39), said: ‘We were surprised to find that a third of people wouldn’t be buying a gift this year. We know that people spend a lot more on mums at Mother’s Day but we didn’t think there’d be dads not getting a gift at all. Our survey also revealed that 42% will be spending less this year due to the cost of living crisis, so this might be the reason people are cutting back on gifting.’

According to research by, the most typical response to the rising cost of living was to spend less on the non-essentials. Over 4 in 10 (44%) adults mentioned that they have started spending less on shopping for food and essentials. These statistics support the survey results from Create Gift Love which also revealed that 47% of respondents will be keeping their gifting below £30.

Carr continued: ‘Father’s Day gifts don’t have to be expensive; our survey showed us that 88% of buyers think that price is important, but there are plenty of thoughtful and affordable gifts which can fit into the gift buyer’s budget.’

Do Fathers Get Gifts?

Create Gift Love also surveyed over 1000 dads to gain a better understanding of what they actually want on Father’s Day. Carr says: ‘It was eye-opening when reading the second survey results, to see that 45% of dads would be happy with family time on Father’s Day was unbelievably heart-warming. And when it came to gifts, 30% said they’d like to receive emotive gifts such as something handmade or personalized.

‘Personalised gifting can be seen as coming at a higher cost. And while it’s true that there are lots of options available with a big price tag, there are also plenty of presents available that won’t break the bank.

Our personalized presents have an average order value of £27, which is perfect for the 47% of gift shoppers who are limiting themselves to spending between £10 and £30 for Father’s Day gifts 2023.

‘We’re living in tough times at the moment, and while we appreciate not everyone can afford to buy a gift for their father figures, it’s nice to know that what dads really want is family time, and that doesn’t have to cost a thing.

And if you can’t afford a present this year, think about making him something instead. No matter how old you are, a homemade card will definitely show him how much you appreciate him.’

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas For 2023!

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Now that you are aware of the fact that not a lot of fathers get gifts or appreciation on Father’s Day, you might be wondering about what you can get for your old man.

If that is something that is bothering you, you will find this part of the blog to be of help.

Here is the top five Father’s Day gift that you can give your dad this year to make him smile:

1. Personalized Wooden Keychains

Price: £10.00

A lovely wooden keyring in the shape of a key that is personalized with a message. For Father’s Day, give Dad or Grandad this keyring to keep their keys.

Each keyring is produced from genuine walnut wood in our New Forest factory and is a unique birthday gift, stocking stuffer, or housewarming gift. It’s a fun method to remember whose keys are whose, cut in the form of a key and engraved with their name at the top.

2. Personalized Coaster

Price: £18.00

This one-of-a-kind coaster can be personalized with a message written in your child’s handwriting. It captures a specific moment in time, making it the ideal Father’s Day gift.

This fine hardwood coaster is the ideal way to preserve your child’s writing style, making it the ideal Father’s Day or birthday present for Grandpa or Dad. Write a note to the recipient, and we’ll get it engraved into solid wood so they can cherish it forever and see it every day.

Price: £26.00

Beautiful round wooden cufflinks made of solid maple or walnut are a classy customized gift for him. 

The cufflinks are a wonderful gift for friends, family, or oneself and may be engraved with names, dates, or initials of your choice.

4. Personalized MultiPhoto Leather Envelope Keyring

Price: £35.00

Three personalized images are concealed inside this leather envelope keyring, making it a thoughtful gift that a loved one can carry around with them at all times.

This unique photo keychain by Create Gift Love is a great gift for your partner on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries, a new mother’s birthday, or for Daddy on Father’s Day. It is the ideal keepsake to remember precious memories and moments. 

5. Personalized Leather Card Wallet

Price: £70.00

Your dad’s favorite photo and initials can be added to make this distinctive leather cardholder wallet the ideal Father’s Day present. The handcrafted leather wallet has three staggered card sections inside and an easy-access card pocket on the back with a thumb slit to slip out your most often-used cards. It is created with functionality in mind.

Bottom Line: Fathers Deserve The World!

I hope that this blog has been of help to you if you were searching about what to give your daddy dearest on Fathers’ Day this year. If there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to let me know. All that you need to do is scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page. Then leave your comments and queries in the box below.

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