How To Choose The Best Custom Medals: Quality, Creativity And More

Custom Medals

If you use the cheap quality medals in prestigious events like the Olympics, you will achieve nothing more than making a joke about yourself. That’s why going for the customized medal options is always better than going for the premade medals.

Over the years, manufacturers have created the best medals with unique designs and superior quality so that their shine does not fade away in a few years.

However, choosing the bulk custom medals is not an easy task. So, let’s read this article and find out how to select custom medals for the next grand ceremony you will be a part of.

How To Choose The Best Custom Medals?

How To Choose The Best Custom Medals?

The best part of choosing a custom medal is they are different from the conventional ones. These medals are also unique to individual brands, meaning they are responsible for celebrating your vision.

Let’s find out some fundamental criteria to choose the best custom medals:

1: Look For Creative Shapes

The traditional square or circle shape of a medal is so common that it loses its impact when the recipient receives it. That’s why you should always choose a custom medal that has a unique shape, and that tickles your creative persona.

The medal does not have to have a geometric shape. It can take the shape of a sculpture the recipient likes so that the award complements the recipient’s achievement.

Remember the recipient’s personality, the place where the ceremony will take place, and the purpose of the medal while selecting its shape.

2: Choose The Right Size

Depending upon the size and grandeur of the occasion, you should select the custom medal. Make sure it belongs to the correct size so that the person holding it doesn’t become uncomfortable.

If you belong to a large MNC and award the best employee of the year a small medal, it may reflect less on your brand. Choose the perfect size so that the audience can recognize it from their seats.

The right of the medal will denote the effectiveness of the occasion, and that’s why it is an essential criterion to look for while selecting a medal.

3: Select The Medal With A High Quality

Plenty of materials can be used while making a custom medal, such as acrylic, glass, crystal, or a combination of other metals. You must choose a high-quality medal so that the award retains its shine over the years and doesn’t fade away with time.

If you want to make your custom medal in a unique shape, make sure you choose an award that is made with an assortment of metals. If you’re going to engrave the trophy with a laser, a crystal or acrylic medal will look better. The quality also differs if the award is machine-made or handcrafted, so choose it carefully.

4: Add Personal Details

Choose a custom medal where you can add the recipient’s personal details. Add some essential information on the medal that will help the recipient remember the purpose of receiving it. You can also engrave the details of the person’s accomplishment to give it a more personal touch.

However, if you want to add these personal details, the medal should have the place or texture to include them. Therefore, choose an award with a wide surface area where you can add at least 2-3 sentences about the recipient.

5: Include A Photo Or A Memorable Quote

You can also add your company’s logo on the medal to highlight your brand visibility. Apart from that, some companies engrave their vision and mission statements in the medals to show the employee what working culture he is a part of

If this idea seems conventional, you can always add inspirational quotes that will keep the recipient motivated any time he looks at it. In addition, you can include quotes with distinctive fonts and color options to highlight their stature.

Wrap Up

We have mentioned some of the essential criteria you should look for while buying a custom medal. In addition, a medal will speak a lot about your company or the event you are organizing, so choosing a superior quality medal is a must.

However, you may have some other questions regarding custom medals, so don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section below.

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