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5 Driving Mistakes That Can Badly Damage Your Car Rims And Wheels

By Mashum Mollah

August 10, 2021

Driving Mistakes

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Most of us spot damages to our wheels and rims late on. We tend to spot them when the steering alignment seems to be off or the ride quality feels very compromised. When a vehicle’s rims and wheels reach this point, they need to be changed completely and a new set from TDot Performance needs to be installed.

Many experts state that the condition and durability of the car’s rims depend on a number of factors. Some of the important ones are-

  • The build construction and material of the rims
  • The brand manufacturing the rims and wheels
  • The supporting tire size and how it envelops the wheels
  • Regular care, servicing, and maintenance of the rims

According to car safety experts, individuals should check out good and well-established brands before buying rims. For example, if you look at Wheelfire reviews, you will note why they are considered to be one of the best wheels, tires, and rim companies in the entire United States.

List of 5 Driving Mistakes that can Damage your Car Rims and Wheels

1. Continuing to drive on a deflated tire- 

1. Continuing to drive on a deflated tire- 

Nothing is going to hurt the condition of your wheels or rims than driving a fully-loaded vehicle with a flat tire.

If you have a flat, it would be best that you pull over and get the spare one installed. If you cannot do the same on your own, call AAA, or get to the nearest mechanic.

Driving on a flat tire puts the entire pressure on the rims of the vehicle. This makes them crack.

2. Not braking for potholes and other bumps and craters- 

You need to understand that every time your vehicle steps into a pothole it creates enormous pressure on the car’s tires, wheels, chassis, and other internal parts.

It is best that you take your car as slow as possible over bumps, craters, and potholes as possible.

If you do not, then you can expect everything from a cracked or smashed rim to a tire burst and an eventual accident.

4. Driving over salted roads or in chemical conditions- 

4. Driving over salted roads or in chemical conditions- 

In many parts of the world that experience snowfall, authorities use salt spraying as a way to melt the ice that accumulates on the road.

While icy conditions present their own sets of challenges, salt acts as a corrosive material and destroys the construction of the rims.

Alloys are created from an amalgamation of metals like iron, steel, and magnesium compounds.

5. Driving against the curb on the driveway or while parking- 

A heavy-duty side impact against the curb or the driveway in the parking lot can brush up against the rims the wrong way.

Not only can it result in unattractive scratches over a period, but it can also keep chipping away at the rims.

Even if there is a heavy one-time side impact on the rims, you can expect cracks to form given the intense pressure and contact points.

6. Poor selection of tires and driving behavior-

6. Poor selection of tires and driving behavior-

Yes, the choice of tires you have on the vehicle can impact the condition of your rims. If your tire size is too flat, the rims will be under a lot more pressure than with a thicker tire compound.

Sidewall support of the tires is also something you should look at when it comes to ensuring proper protection for the rims.

The more your tires are able to protect the rims, the better will their condition last.

The Bottom Line

A good set of rims can cost you anywhere between five hundred dollars to a couple thousand. This is why you need to ensure that after you are installing a new set in your vehicle, you are taking proper care of the same. Paying attention to the above-mentioned five driving mistakes will help you take care of the condition of your wheels and rims in the best possible fashion.

If you have any other questions, you would like us to answer, please do let us know in the comments section below. We will be more than happy to help you answer as many of them as possible.

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