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Top Employee Retention Strategies Every Businessman Should Know

By mashum.mollah

May 7, 2019

employee retention strategies

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The cost of hiring and training new employees can be very high. No wonder, most organizations are looking for means and ways of retaining the existing employees. Plus, existing employees understand your business from the core.

This helps them to communicate better with the needs of your company. According to employee turnover statistics, most of the existing employees generally get more hike and promotion among the designations too.

A high turn over also affects and effects efficiency in the operations of an entity. The normal workflow is disrupted in this sense. Here are some employee retention strategies on how to maintain the workplace and workforce:

1. Strike a Balance Between Work and Personal Life

You cannot attract and retain a talented workforce unless you know how to balance their work and personal life. Employees should have enough time to attend to their families without compromising the quality of work.

There are several ways you can do that. Most of the corporate industries have several casual and paid leaves along with national and regional holidays. This enables the employee to stay for a longer period due to the adjustable holiday system.

The family is a vital institution and no amount of salary will keep the employee around if the work is straining his family life. Some simple things thing allowing the staff to take their kids to the school of the hospital goes a long way in motivating them. According to too some employee retention strategies,  employees will remain motivated while at work because they know you care for their families.

2. Competitive Salary Packages

You cannot run away from the fact that most employees are looking for the best working conditions that will give them the highest pay. Research the terms and salaries of similar firms to come up with a competitive salary package.

The other benefits employees look for include time off, paid vacation, retirement, health insurance, and overtime payment just to name a few. For instance, you can bring a hernia mesh lawsuit on board to give employees an assurance that any health claim is fully catered for.

Let your packages be competitive enough to attract and retain the best talent. However, don’t overdo it at the expense of the profitability of the organization. It is best to maintain a perfect balance sheet wheres part of the profit will go for the betterment of the employees. Whether it be in any sort of policy or refreshment arrangements.

3. Treat All Employees with Dignity

Recognize the contribution of each team member however small it may be and treat them with respect. Employees will no longer feel as if supervisors take all the credit. It will also motivate them to work hard and purpose to stay in the organization for long. Divide some of your management responsibilities to a team of HR. That will enable you to keep a close view of your employees with their help.

A simple ‘nice job’ or ‘thank you’ will go a great way of motivating the whole team. Learn the best approach off motivating the team and you will stay with them for an extended period. Make them feel that they are part of this company by giving them a chance to give their own opinion. Most of the employee turnover rate occur due to promotion in the office or increment on the salary.

4. Set a Positive Work Environment

Work Environment

Benefits and compensation are important in retaining the workforce but the primary reason for high employee turnover are difficult co-workers, bad bosses, toxic work environments, and unorganized working environments. Physical barriers come in the way of efficiency when resources and people are disorganized.

Let individuals find it easy to access the resources and people they want. Create a contusive working environment so that employees can work comfortably. In case you are working in a noisy environment, you can use plants to soften it.

Your efforts of setting a positive work environment should be evident in the eyes of all workers. So that your employees do not feel the urge to move into another office, due to the friendly environment.

5. Eradicate Favoritism

Let your employees understand that you treat them equally. Any form of favoritism will discourage some workers and make them feel out of place. This also gives rise to negative competitions in the workplace and gives rise to office politics.

Let everyone understand that you value their individual contribution. One of the unique things that you can do to make them feel that you’re neutral is to hold competitions and small functions and let your employees take part in it.

6. Availability and Communication

Let the human resource department to be highly responsive to any concerns or questions that arise from employees. The HR department makes policies in most organizations. One of the pillars of retaining employees is high levels of responsiveness.

Feel the employees informed of where the organization is heading so that they can feel involved. Everyone should know what is expected of him or her in good time. Sometimes most of the employee turnover statistics say that communication has become a great ingredient in creating strong teamwork with all the colleagues.

7. Employee Empowerment

It is good to recognize the idea of each employee. Most workers stay in organizations that give them a sense of ownership and responsibility. Give employees some power of which things are done and how they are carried out.

Employees will develop the feeling that they need the corporation more than the entity needs them. Nothing will motivate them to start looking for greener pastures. Moreover, if there are newer scopes every time. Like new targets and separate training for that. The employees will most likely stay for their career growth.


The secret behind the success of any organization is employee retention. It is one thing to employ and another thing to retain the team. You need to attract the right talent and place them on the right job.

Employees will be motivated to stay in a place that values their contribution and gives them an assurance of career progression. Please leave a comment in the comment section below and tell us whether this blog on employee retention strategies was helpful to you or not.

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