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3 New Age Engineering & Construction Technology

By Mashum Mollah

July 5, 2021

Construction Technology

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If a technology enthusiast works in the construction field, he should know about the new-age engineering technology advancements.

When you know about all these technologies, it will become easy for you to integrate them into your company. It is possible to get an excellent promotion by implementing new technology in your company.

If you are a company owner, you can implement advanced technologies in your company and obtain a competitive advantage over other companies. Three technologies are necessary for every company as most companies are trying to implement these technologies.

1. Autonomous vehicles

1. Autonomous vehicles

You may need hundreds of items for the construction of the building. It is not possible to get these items without a perfect transportation system. You may also need to use some vehicles to transport the items within the construction site.

Many companies are producing autonomous trucks to improve automation in the field of construction. If you want to bring a few tons of cement, you may need a transportation truck and two drivers to supply adequate cement according to the demand. If you have an autonomous truck, you can save the salary of the drivers.

There is a limitation as the drivers cannot drive 24 hours a day. In the case of autonomous vehicles, there are no such limitations. These vehicles can operate automatically for 24 hours. It can reduce the delivery time drastically as autonomous vehicles can identify the speed bumps with ease because of advanced systems.

These vehicles can also transport breakable items because of the smooth ride. The engineers are also developing autonomous drones to detect the problems in the buildings. The drones can transport the material inside the construction site. It can also help the engineers monitor the workflow efficiently.

2. Exoskeletons

2. Exoskeletons

It is one of the most advanced machines these days. As most construction workers cannot carry a heavyweight, it is impossible to take heavy items at specific sites. It limits the engineers from developing specific types of buildings. If the engineers want to transport peculiar types of materials to the construction site, they may use heavy machines. The cost of operation of these machines is high.

Exoskeletons can be used as an alternative to these machines because humans can control the exoskeletons easily. Most of these exoskeletons are designed using Hydraulics. All parts of the exoskeleton have a hydraulic pump attached to them.

When the machine receives an input signal, it will start pumping the hydraulic fluid to push a specific joint. This joint will add extra force to help you pick up heavyweight. The exoskeletons are getting advanced because scientists are developing neuron-based input signal devices.

Soon, you will be able to control the exoskeleton using signals from your mind. There is no need to do extra effort as the exoskeletons will detect your movement automatically using the neuronal signals and push the item accurately.

3. Wearable devices

3. Wearable devices

There are many types of wearable devices in the construction field as some devices can monitor the vitals of the construction workers. Others can measure the level of dangerous substances in the environment.

If your construction workers are working in an area with the possibility of gas leakage, you can install the sensors in the wearable devices to detect these gases. If there is a leakage, the wearable devices can detect it and send a signal to the control room. The engineers can give instructions to the workers to evacuate the area. You can also add radioactivity sensors in wearable devices to detect any radiation toxicity.

The vitals detecting wearable devices can send the data of the worker’s vitals to the control room. It will become easy for everyone to continue working without any health hazards. You can also use the same wearable devices to mark the attendance of the construction workers.

You can measure the working duration of each worker with ease using these devices. Some companies are using wearable devices to measure the output of each worker to give incentives to better-performing workers.


By looking at the benefits of all these new-age construction technologies, we can conclude that every construction company should use these technologies to reduce operating costs. It is also helpful to improve the efficiency of work when you use these technologies.

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