GM Will Supposedly Lay Off 1,300 Michigan Workers As Vehicles End Production

By Shahnawaz Alam

December 15, 2023

GM Will Supposedly Lay Off 1300 Michigan Workers

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General Motors intends to lay off approximately 1,300 workers in Michigan from early next year. This move is a result of the cessation of production for certain vehicle models. The prominent layoffs involve 945 employees at Orion Assembly, responsible for Chevrolet Bolt models, concluding production this year. Although the final production date is set for the week of Dec. 18, layoffs will take effect from Jan. 1. GM plans to retool Orion for the manufacturing of electric trucks, anticipating a restart in late 2025.

Additionally, 369 workers at GM’s Lansing Grand River Assembly/Stamping will face layoffs as the facility discontinues the production of Chevrolet Camaro. GM had previously announced the end of the Camaro but hadn’t specified the extent of workforce reduction.

The plant, which continues to produce Cadillac sedans, will adjust staffing levels starting Jan. 2, with layoffs extending through March. GM reassures impacted employees of job opportunities in accordance with the UAW-GM National Agreement.

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