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Igor Yusufov

Igor Yusufov and his contribution to the energy sector: public investment attraction and a reform design. Negotiations with OPEC and a collaborative project with the US Export-Import Bank. Organization of two international summits and a Memorandum of understanding with Halliburton. Biography of the top-manager and ex-minister.

In this article, we have gone through his career and political journey. Keep reading. 

Igor Yusufov — Minister, Reformist, Entrepreneur and Negotiator

Igor Yusufov - Minister, Reformist, Entrepreneur and Negotiator

Igor Yusufov is known to be an outstanding figure in the energy industry. He backed up the urge to fund the energy sector in his homeland with half a trillion USD which led to the rapid growth of the industry. Yusufov used to be a member of the presidential administration and the government and insisted on carrying out a complex reform as well as helped to draft and supervise it. He also proved to be a productive negotiator and organizer of international events.

Igor Yusufov: Personal Life

Igor Yusufov - Personal Life

Yusufov is the former Energy Minister of Russia. His son, Vitaly Yusuf, also is a businessman like him. Igor controls the LLC, which holds the former Sunset Magazine based in Menlo Park, where massive towers are proposed to be built.

Willow Project LLC is currently under the control of Vitaly Yusuf, the son of Igor Yusufov. Igor Yusufov is a former Russian politician who was close to Russian President Putin. According to Forbes Magazine, Igor has a net worth of 1.1 billion. 

High-Level Negotiations

Relying on diplomatic skills, Igor Yusufov repeatedly achieved meaningful goals. For instance, he persuaded OPEC to decrease the amount of oil exports. That was an essential measure in regulating the unstable market.

Another example is the case with the US Export-Import Bank. After successful negotiations, the bank confirmed its willingness to finance an oil and gas project.

Two International Summits with the USA

Two International Summits with the USA

The years 2002 and 2003 were paramount for Igor Yusufov’s biography. The oil- and gas-producing states strived to make the industry more secure and sustainable. Two summits were held to achieve the goal. Igor Yusufov took part in both and was among the attendees who signed the joint statement at the end.

The participants of the summits stated that it was high time to improve the legislation so that foreign investors could finance local businesses more actively. The second point in discussion was the maximization of energy efficiency with the help of advanced technologies. 

The participants also talked about diversifying supplies, fixing the prices within a stable corridor, ensuring the transparency of business operations and creating an attractive investment climate.

Memorandum of Understanding With Halliburton

When Igor Yusufov resigned from public service and being a private businessman he started cooperation with Halliburton with a Memorandum of understanding that enabled active development of a new oil and gas project. Halliburton had the right expertise to handle such tasks as designing the documentation or assessing the condition of the already existing wells. Besides, the company possessed technologies that could come in handy at different stages of implementing the project. It involved two subsurface areas.

Reforming The Industry

Reforming the Industry

As a minister, Igor Yusufov faced a sizable challenge. He had to modernize the industry that suffered from overcentralized management, outdated equipment, irrational development and irregular and insufficient funding. Besides, it faced a cash deficit because contractors opted for barter deals. Some regions even struggled to find money to pay for their electricity bills.

The plan proposed by Igor Yusufov addressed multiple issues. It was unrealistic to modernize all the power plants at once. Instead, a phased reconstruction was scheduled for them, planned for decades ahead. Even though the refurbishment has not been finalized yet, the total amount of electricity produced by the plants has gone up by around 100%.

Previously, the state allowed individuals to purchase strategic facilities and own them privately. In terms of the reform, the authorities regained control over some properties that had been previously sold. The chain of command was loosened, which enabled the local administrations to quickly respond to immediate concerns.

Igor Yusufov emphasized the need to develop a deep-processing industry, purchase locally-sourced machines for facilities and start exporting products of oil and gas chemistry instead of raw materials.

Biography Of Igor Yusufov

The future energy expert was born in 1956 and completed profile education at the power engineering faculty of a technological university. After graduation, he joined the staff of a large energy company in the capital. Soon, he left for Cuba to oversee the process of building a power thermal plant. Back in his native country, he got a degree in economics at the academy of foreign trade.

He tried his hand at civil service for the first time in 1991. As an entrepreneur, he was one of the founders of the Russia-Vostok Trading company. Yusufov was appointed its CEO and held its stake until 1996. After leaving public office, he came back to business and remained active until 2020. In the current decade, he has refrained from investing or carrying out any entrepreneurial activities.

Igor Yusufov & Willow Project LLC

Yusufov’s Willow Project LLC has acquired some of the most significant properties. His Willow Project LLC purchased the 80 Willow Road property in 2018 ( May). They bought it from Embarcadero CapitalPartners and Deutsche Bank’s asset-management arm. Both Embarcadero Capital Partners and Deutsche Bank co-owned the property, as per the report by the Wall Street Journal. The same report was also shared by the New York Times back in 2019. 

On behalf of the clients, the bank bought into the property back in 2016, as per the report of the Wall Street Journal. The LLC owned by Yusufov purchased this property for $72 million.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!!!

Here are some popular questions related to Igor Yusufov that people ask –

Q1. Who Is The Current Energy Minister Of Russia?

Ans: Igor Yusufov was the former energy minister of Russia and a close friend of President Vladimir Putin. However, the current energy minister is Nikolay Grigoryevich Shulginov. Prior to being the Energy minister, Nikolya was the General Director and the chairman of the board of management at PJSC RusHydro.

Q2. When Did Igor Yusufov Retire From Government Service?

Ans: Igor Yusufov has been active in business since 2011. He was also an investor in the energy sector, renewable Energy, mining projects, and the like. He has been a part of all these Energy-related investments and businesses through his private company called Fund Energy. But, in 2021, Igor stepped down from his involvement at Fund Energy.

Q3. What Award Did Igor Yusufov Achieve?

Ans: Igor Yusufov achieved the award called “Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs” in 2005.

Bottom Line 

Igor Yusufov has shown his leadership skills in the world of politics, government affairs, and business. His various involvements in the Russian government and in the energy business are evident in his exceptional leadership skills. His biography is inspirational. In this article, we have covered the various aspects of of his life and his career journey and political milestones. 

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