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5 Interesting Facts About Beer That You Did Not Know About

By Mashum Mollah

July 6, 2021


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Are you planning to drink beer for the first time in your life and feeling scared about what will happen next? If yes, then my article will wipe out all your fears and doubts when you know that beer has some positive effects on your body that can help you lead a healthy and steady lifestyle.

There are several beneficial aspects of beer that you need to know before consuming the beer for the first time. Even if you drink beer for a long time, you also need to know the fundamental aspects of the beer to get things done in the right way.

Interesting Facts About Beer That You Need To Know 

Interesting Facts About Beer That You Need To Know 

There are several interesting facts about beer that you must know before you make your decision to consume the beer for the first time to make it your beneficial health habit.

1. The White House Brewing Incident 

You will be surprised to know that President Obama is the first president in world history to brew beer on the White House grounds. But, if you do not believe me, you can check the White House honey ale and porter is one of the burning pieces of evidence of it.

It includes the extraction techniques of collecting the honey from beehives to prepare the beer. Melvin Brewing is another technique of brewing beer that is very popular in the world.

2. The Oldest Known Recipe Of Beer Is About 4000 Years Old 

The Clay Tablet was way back between 3100-3000 BC in Mesopotamia civilization shows the presence of beer when human society just stepped its first foot forward towards modernity. Now, this clay tablet is kept in the British Museum, and the symbol of the beer is in the form of an upright jar with the pointed base in it.

Hence, you cannot consider beer as just a drink, but it carries with it the pride of ancient culture and civilization of human history that is way back and beyond our imagination. You need to know the facts before you jump to any conclusion.

3. The First Professional Brewers Were Woman  

3. The First Professional Brewers Were Woman  

Did you know that in ancient Egypt, the first professional brewers of beer were women? But with time, when the country’s economy grew in Egypt, men started to brew the beers in the country and sold them in the market.

These things happened when the economy transformed from agriculture-based to industry-based. One of the most interesting facts about beer is that many of us do not have the right idea while we drink beer at our party or on any occasion.

4. Beer Was Once Consumed Hot   

Many people maintain beer-drinking Etiquette, and most of us drink chilled beer that is refreshing ice-cold, but once dating back to the 17th century, drinkers cautioned for cold beer have stated that warm beer is more healthy. Therefore, they have consumed warm beer with that logic in their mind.

You have to consider these facts while you will consume beer this time. My article will always reveal some new secrets about beet that you may not know of. So, if you are a beer lover, this article can help you communicate with your friends and families about the golden history of beer.

5. Beer At Times Good For Your Bones   

5. Beer At Times Good For Your Bones   

An American journal published by clinical nutrition showed the fact in 2009 that moderate consumption of beer will help you improve bone identity. Mark these words of mine, I have mentioned average consumption, not overconsumption.

These are some of the facts that you need to take care of while consuming the best quality beer of your choice at any party or on any occasion. Of course, you need to consume a moderate amount that may benefit you later.

Interesting Facts Of Beer Will Boggle Up Your Mind    

Hence, if you are unaware of these facts, then you will find that beer is not just a traditional drink but a drink that has a long history that you need to consider at your end. The more you know, the better you can feel the magic of beer that may not be known to you. My article will open the new doors of your imagination about beer if you are unaware of it at your end.

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