Investment Strategies Become More Attractive as Cash Rates Hit Rock Bottom

Investment Strategies

COVID-19, the pandemic situation, has created a very rough phase for savers and pension holders. The bank Interest rates have been held at 0.1% for over a year to deal with the inflation economic situation. This rate is almost a historic lower rate in history. Therefore the savers are searching for new investment strategies which are assuring better returns.

Many people start taking leave, or the companies are asking them to take the leave for a shorter time frame due to the pandemic. The household finances have taken a knock, and many cash savers hold their long-term savings target. The pandemic is upon everyone, and the earning opportunity of the people is starting to flow downwards.

The Steady Increase Of Inflation 

The Steady Increase Of Inflation 

The financial anxieties are keeping their growth steady in Briston, and inflation is continuing to rise. Just two weeks ago, the global media announced that inflation rose to 2.1% % throughout May in the UK. As the lockdown rules ease and people start to spend their money on high purchases online and offline.

The steady increase of inflation could be viewed in a positive way. The fuel and clothing costs are returning to pre-pandemic cost levels proves that the UK is starting a flipping aside in its post-COVID recovery and change in the investment strategies.

The Effects Of Low-Interest Rate 

The Effects Of Low-Interest Rate 

The low base rates of the products have made borrowing cheaper, which has helped to facilitate more significant consumer expenditure and broader economic growth. But as a result, the savers are experiencing more economic damage. 

The low-interest level and the continuous growing inflation both are quite responsible for the saver’s economic damage in traditional investment strategies.

The continuously increasing cost of living teamed with consistent fixed low-interest rates could mean that people’s cash savings are going to lose their value over time.

It has an unnerving prospect on the economic status of the savers. However, there are opportunities to invest in other areas, such as actively managed funds. They have a high return value and navigate the saves to choose the right economic investment strategies in the growing inflation.

Alternative Investment Strategies

Alternative Investment Strategies

After seeing the animal changes and the inflation, the traditional pension and saving process does not seem quite attractive. The other investment policy and the trend are in the high rise for a better return.

One possible option you may wish to consider is employing the services of a specialist fund manager offering a range of portfolios that have the potential to deliver attractive long-term returns.

By using the services of an experienced fund manager, you’ll have the chance to invest in a wide range of different funds.

How To Consider Better Alternative Investment Strategies?

It may be that you prefer to consider European funds or something more global, whilst others may consider micro-cap options as their preferred way to seek out a better return.

A fund manager worth his salt won’t just focus on blue-chip companies or FTSE 100 giants but will have the expertise to exploit the possibilities of investing in lesser-known and under-researched companies from across the length and breadth of the global markets.

These investments are not just for the super-wealthy and are available to those with a minimum lump sum of £1,000 or able to invest at least £100 per month.

The profitable investment strategies have the value of a high return and added more balance to your fund. If you prefer, you can choose to receive a monthly income from your investment to supplement your income.

Long-term investment strategies are not without risk. Hence it may not be suitable for everyone. 


Before choosing suitable investment strategies for your money, always take a look at the investment plannings, return value, and time frame. When you are going to close, look at the return amount. You will see they can pay higher returns than cash in a bank savings account and help reduce the impact of rising inflation, which can otherwise erode the spending power of your nest egg.

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