What Are The Major Activities Of The Logistics Section Include?

Major activities of the logistics section include

Most companies follow a common incident command system so that the work can flow smoothly. In this article, we will cover the major activities of the logistics section, include what things? But, before that, let me give you are brief about the Incident Command and other sectors. It will make your understanding better.

What Is Incident Command?

In any incident, there must be a single commander who will be responsible for the process to go. Most of the time, there is only a single person who handles the command chain, and after the management, this person handles the charge. Under an incident commander, there are four section heads.

These sections are as follows.

1. Operation Section

Operation Section of Logistics Section
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This section is one of the most important because they are responsible for executing everything that the planning section has been planning for months and years. To it is critical sometimes that they are doing their job great. Otherwise, there will be no practical work. Also, they work very closely with the planning section for a better understanding of the plans, calendar, how the work will be executed and all.

2. Planning Section

Planning Section of Logistics Section
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The first work has been done by the planning section. The worker’s works start with research, evaluation, and analysis. Once they are done with the research and analyzing part, they start planning accordingly. They need to make sure that their work will perform the best in the market. Also, they are responsible for collecting, displaying, evaluating, documentation, maintaining documentation, tracking, and then developing the plans according to it.

3. Logistics Sections

Logistics Sections
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We will discuss this point in detail. But for now, the logistics section employees have to work closely with other sections. And they take care of everything that will make the work properly.

4. Administration and Finance Section

 Administration and Finance Section

You can say that this section takes care of any legal and administrative part of an organization. Other than taking care of legal stuff, they are also responsible for administrative jobs inside and outside the organization. Also, finance is the main thing to support work. And there must be a good finance section who can take care of finances, costs and any expenses. They will sanction finance whenever any other section needs help.

Logistics Section and Major Activities of the Logistics Section Include

In simple words, the logistics section is very important for running an organization. They provide support and services to other sections, and most importantly, they take care of anything that other section needs. In this article, we will focus on the logistics section works. So that you will have a better understanding of their work.

So what are the major activities of the logistics section include? Let’s find out.

Activities of the Logistics Section

To run an organization, supplies, equipment and essential personnel things are important. Running an organization is impossible without supplies. There are so many things that individual people need. And someone needs to take care of that, and the logistics section handles that. But what is the process they follow?

1. Ordering, Maintaining, Obtaining and Accounting

The first thing that they do is to communicate with the finance section and get the proper financial support. Then they order the essential supplies from the best retailer. Remember, anything that you see in an organization is coming through the logistics section.

2. Resources and Planning

The second important thing is to provide communication. This means they need to work as a middleman through any processes. So while providing resources, they also need to be good communicators. They are also behind the planning.

3. Food Services

Suppose an organization needs to supply food services to its employees. There is also a need for food in an incident, and if the organization is big. Then there is also a need for a good logistics section also.

4. Incident Facilities 

An organization is responsible for giving its workers facilities so that they will be always motivated. So, who will take care of the facilities? Yes, the logistics section is also responsible for providing different facilities.

5. Transportation 

The section also takes care of any kind of transportation. From transporting employees to transporting supplies and other things, the logistics section also provides support in any kind of transportation.

6. Medical Services

There is always a need for medical support. No one knows what will happen next to whom? The logistics section is responsible for providing medical support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some interesting questions and answers.

What Is The Role Of The Operations Section?

An Operations Section Chief is a member of the General Staff. The main responsibility of the Chief is to manage all kinds of operations, and they directly work with the primary mission. They supervise and activate all elements according to the execution and action plan.

What Are The 5 Major Functional Areas Of Ics?

Ans: Normally there are four functional areas in a management section. But ISC established five areas. These are:

1. Operations
. Command
. Planning
. Logistics
. Administration and Finance

What Is Logistic Section?

Ans: There is no need for a definition. You just need to know the work to understand their job. So the objectives are included-

1. Fulfill and receive personnel requests
2. Fulfill and receive supplies
3. Track inventory of personnel and supplies
4. Set up, repair, maintain and troubleshoot communications
5. They also maintain the information technology equipment

What Are Major Activities Of The Planning Section Include?

Ans: When it comes to the planning section, they are responsible for different jobs. These are as follows.

1. Collecting
2. Displaying
3. Evaluating
4. Documentation
5. Tracking
6. Developing Plans

To Conclude

So, I guess you have understood the major activities of the logistics section include. If you find this article interesting, then you can check the major activities of the planning section include. And please do not forget to give your valuable feedback in the comment section below. And if you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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