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Marina Groenberg: Fostering Green Innovation And Conservation In Business

By Arnab Dey

July 14, 2023

Marina Groenberg

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In the domain of investments, oftentimes, we have heard the name Marina Gronberg. But have you ever wondered who is she or what made her so famous? Leaders are not born ordinary, and that’s the mindset Gronberg was born with. 

For many years, ‘Green investments’ have become a trend for many. This is a type of investment strategy where the investor focuses more on the future. It is acknowledged globally that there is a need to fight climate change. This approach is gaining significance with time. Hence, businesses, as well as economies, need to shift towards sustainability when it comes to production and consumption.

This comprehensive guide seeks to spell out some of the most relevant information about Marina Gronberg. So, stay tuned and get ready to discover some amazing unknown investment facts about her.

Who Is Marina Groenberg? – A Brief Overview

Who Is Marina Groenberg

When it comes to investors in the field of sustainability and climate change, Marina Groenberg is one of the most well-known names. She is also the CEO and founder of the HEMMA Group. She, along with Henric Groenberg, started the group after gaining years of experience in investment and management.

Currently, she is a Swiss citizen and has been living in Switzerland since 2008. Her investment projects are mostly in the United States and Europe. 

According to sources, Marina Groenberg stresses the core importance of long-term investments. She states – 

It is extremely vital to focus on long-term goals and not be swayed by short-term fluctuations. Long term thinking allows investors to follow a clear plan and ensure a successful investment trajectory. […] It is crucial to build a well-diversified portfolio in order to minimize risk while simultaneously increasing the chances of returns. Careful selection of various asset classes and industries helps to hedge the portfolio against market fluctuations.

Environmental sustainability sure is a long-term goal, and Groenberg is one of those investors that is leading by example.

Formative years

Marina Gronberg, as a kid, was blessed with a plethora of passions and talents that paved the way for her multi-faceted adulthood. Encouraged by her parents, both of whom were aircraft engineers, she was immersed in a world of diverse disciplines, including foreign languages, figure skating, music, sciences, reading, and painting.

These broad interests culminated in an intense fascination for applied mathematics, a field she was certain would be intertwined with her future.

Brimming with dedication and intellectual curiosity, Marina effortlessly secured a spot at “Moscow’s State University,” where she pursued her passion for mathematics. She graduated with honors, but her thirst for knowledge did not stop there.

In the subsequent years, Marina undertook a journey through different fields of study, earning herself two more degrees. She ventured into the realms of law and economics, attaining qualifications in Credit and Finance in 1997 and law in 2001.

Parallel to her academic endeavors, Marina also nurtured her linguistic capabilities, mastering five languages: English, French, Italian, German, and Russian. Her diverse interests and skills led her to various professional spheres, including law, finance, along with banking.

However, it was her studies at the prestigious “London Business School” that solidified her career trajectory. Here, she discovered her genuine desire for business project management, a field that allowed her to amalgamate her expansive academic knowledge and innate talents.

Thus, Marina Groenberg, equipped with an array of skills, robust academic background, and an unquenchable passion, embarked on her journey into the world of business, proving that the fusion of diverse interests could indeed yield remarkable results.

Charting the Path to Success: A Business Career Journey

Furthermore, Marina Groenberg carves out an impressive career in the investment business, demonstrating leadership across a range of high-profile companies and industries.

She has utilized her talents in roles at Polymetal International Plc, Euroset Holdings, Migcredit Holdings Limited, and the Kopter Group AG, engaging in complex deals and negotiations and making her mark in major retail and investment fund sectors.

One notable milestone was her involvement in the Kopter Group project. Here she served as a form of shareholder and board member. Under her influence, the Swiss project dedicated to developing a new generation of civilian helicopters was brought to fruition.

The undertaking was comprehensive, taking 11 years or equivalent to craft a new, single-engine aircraft that was designed for various missions, including rescue and medical services. The project’s success was confirmed when it was recognized and purchased by top industry leaders Leonardo (AgustaWestland) in the year 2019.

Parallel with these corporate roles, Marina and her spouse, Henric Groenberg, founded the Hemma Group in 2009. The investment fund, with Marina at the helm while her husband serves as the investment director, operates in five European countries, investing in numerous businesses with significant cultural as well as environmental impact. The foundation has also extended its operations to both North America and its Southern counterpart.

What Does The HEMMA Fund Do?

The fund prioritizes green technology development investments, as evidenced by its portfolio. Among these is the German project NexWafe, an innovator in photovoltaic wafer production for solar panels.

Its patented zero-waste technology significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions during manufacturing and cuts production costs nearly in half. Another notable inclusion in Hemma’s portfolio is the French start-up, Tallano. They developed the TAMIC® system, which achieves a 90% reduction in microparticle emission in car and train braking systems.

Throughout her career, Marina Groenberg demonstrated her expertise in decision-making, responsibility, and defending her position, along with the potential to consider overall strategy and minute details simultaneously.

Her experience has been enriched by contacting top-notch investors and analyzing their decisions. This wealth of experience makes her a prominent figure in her field, balancing hundreds of complicated deals and leading significant environmental along with cultural projects.

Personal life as well as hobbies

Groenberg, a business magnate with a multifaceted life, balances her demanding business career with an impressive array of personal interests and a deep commitment to society-centric projects. The crown jewel among these is the restoration of the historical “Villa Reale di Marlia” in the Tuscany region.

The Groenbergs later acquired it in 2014. This once-dilapidated estate, previously owned by illustrious historical figures, including the elder sister of Napoleon, Elisa Bonaparte, was in dire urgency of restoration.

Under the Groenbergs’ care and with the help of talented Tuscan craftsmen, the estate is now in the process of being rejuvenated, its unique architecture and park restored. Today, this construction not only attracts tourists but is also evolving into a vibrant cultural hub, hosting a range of events from concerts to exhibitions.

Marina’s personal life is as vibrant as her career. Married to Henriс Groenberg, a Swiss-Swedish former hedge fund manager with a passion for flying and culinary delights, the couple share a deep bond and mutual interests. They are proud parents to their two daughters, Amanda and Matilda, and together, they split their time between Switzerland and Tuscany.

Dining at Michelin-starred restaurants is another shared passion between Marina and her better half, adding a gourmet touch to their travels. Despite her professional commitments, Marina always prioritizes family time, making every moment count.

Investing In Green Projects: What To Learn From Marina Groenberg?

Investment in environmental projects can be diverse and wide-ranging. The aim of a true environmental project is to minimize the negative impacts of businesses and societies on the environment. 

Hence, Marina Groenberg states that all environmental projects have their own peculiarities. Therefore, investors need to understand the significance of each project in sustainable development. As a result, investors need to evaluate various environmental impacts and ensure that an investment is complying with the goals of sustainable development.

An investor needs to do a thorough analysis while deciding to invest in an environmental project versus for profit companies offering car loans and title loans. Hence, the investor needs to evaluate an investment’s market potential, examine competition, and also understand all associated legal factors. Marina Groenberg also asks investors not to forget the profitability perspective.

Furthermore, it is also important to take into account the transparency of the project and the stability of the political situation in a given region where the investment is made.

Wrapping It Up

Marina’s love for learning and culture is evident in her fondness for going through books in multiple languages, including French, Italian, English, and Russian. Besides this, she leads an active lifestyle with hobbies encompassing a wide spectrum of sports, such as yoga, freeride, tennis, golf, skiing, swimming, figure skating, and gymnastics. 

The CEO of the HEMMA group enjoys her share of popularity and for all good reasons. So, this was all about her. Let us know your thoughts on the same.

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