Must-Haves For An Amazing Movie Night

By Sumona

November 17, 2021

Movie Night

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Movie nights are the most fun times we could spend with our friends and family. The gathering, energy, laughs and a lot of snacks add more to it. Technology has also contributed to a great extent to making movie nights more innovative, unique, and exciting. Sprinkling in a few cool gadgets can increase the hype and fun of a movie night a hundred times better.

If you are planning a movie night at your place and looking out for ideas to make your movie night more happening and entertaining then we are here to help. We are listing down the MUST-HAVES of a movie night you should not miss:

An exception TV/Internet package can make it work better

You need to make a list of movies you are planning to watch on the movie night before. To make sure you have a wide library to choose from, or your service provider offers on-demand titles in your package you need to have an exceptional TV package like the Spectrum Gold package. It includes a lot of premium channels and allows thousands of on-demand movies and shows too. So you can pick any movie you want to watch and get it played on demand.

The best part is that you get free HD programming with it. Better the video quality is, the more enhanced your entertainment will be.

Add on good quality speakers for better sound effects

To have an amazing movie night experience you need to make sure everything is on point. From video quality, picture colors to sound quality, make sure everything is top-notch. If you are planning to watch a movie on a TV or laptop screen then chances are that your sound quality is not as good as it is needed.

Add on good quality sound speakers for crisp voice. It will also act as can hearing aid for people that are sitting far from the screen. If you’re planning your movie night out in the backyard or lawn you need waterproof Bluetooth speakers so they don’t get wet or your plans don’t get ruined by a power surge or power out. Adding on speakers will make your movie experience so much better and rich than watching with a regular sound system ever will.

Add on smart LED lights to make your night sparkle

It’s important to create an ambiance for your movie night. There are many smart LED lights available in the market which you can control either with a remote control or with an app on your phone. You can easily switch the colors of lights, dim, brighten up, add fading or flashing effects and make your movie night more dramatic and amusing.

You can also connect your smart LED lights with the speaker via Bluetooth and the lighting will change according to the beat of music or sound. Adding on these smart LED lights can make your movie night look so much extraordinary and interesting.

Projector- if you want to go big

There is nothing wrong with going big or extra. Add on a projector for the bigger screen which everyone can enjoy.  If you do not have money to buy a full-sized inflatable screen projector screen you can invest in a portable pocket-size projector. These are commonly available on Amazon or Walmart etc. you might get your hands on a cheap sale too as mini projectors are trending widely and many people are trying them out.

Arrange comfy sitting

Your entire setup can go to waste if you would not provide your audience with a comfortable sitting arrangement. Try to make it as warm and cozy as you can. Add comfy blankets, supportive pillows, and cozy foot pockets. Arrange sofas and couches in a position that the screen is equally visible to everyone. If you’re having a themed movie night then you can add up themed pajamas or props along with your sitting arrangements to make it more fun.

Don’t forget to arrange snacks:

How can we talk about having a movie night and not including snacks in it? Snacks are hands down the biggest must-have for a movie night. You can get creative with your snacks by making customized cookies or cupcakes according to your theme. Or you can simply put a popcorn maker on the go so that everyone gets fresh and plenty of popcorns to munch on while watching a movie.

Ordering food online through delivery apps is always a great option you can avail to make your movie night a hit.

Wrapping it up:

Noting more exciting than arranging a movie night after a long hectic week of work. Just by using a few gadgets, putting a little effort into arrangements, and having a good TV package like Spectrum Gold, you can throw one hell of a movie night and impress all your friends and family. And don’t forget to take suggestions from everyone before you pick what movie you are going to watch, and finalize the one that everyone agrees on.

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