Noblewood Group: ESG Standards In International Operations

Noblewood Group is a new and ambitious player in the global spirits production and sales scene. It manufactures beverages made of the purest water and the finest organic raw materials. The group’s facilities are located in Latvia and Montenegro — countries that invest considerable funds and efforts in protecting the environment. The group entirely supports these initiatives and aligns its international operations with the global ESG standards.

Pristine Nature And Advanced Environmental Legislation Of Montenegro

In 1991, Montenegro in its Constitution proclaimed itself the first ecological country in the world. It issued a profile Declaration where the preservation of nature was defined as a vital prerequisite for the nation’s freedom. The state is expected to become an EU member and is committed to EU Environmental Standards. These standards help to conserve biodiversity, manage waste, and preserve the quality of air and water.

Besides, Montenegro keeps enhancing its national legislation on the matter. Agricultural and industrial companies are required to control their activities to prevent the pollution of aquatic ecosystems. Developers need to assess the environmental impact of their projects and take measures to reduce the potential harm. Sustainable forestry practices are promoted.

The renewable energy sector is developing rapidly. Over 30% of electricity production relies on clean energy, primarily hydropower and wind. Investments in solar power are growing and the VAT for installing such panels was reduced to 7%. The majority state-owned power utility in the country has allocated approximately 1 billion euros to increase annual renewable energy output to 2,000 GWh over the next five years. Over time, the country hopes to start exporting green energy.

The local biodiversity is impressive. Montenegro occupies the fourth position in the rating of the greenest European countries. 60% of the continent’s bird species live here. In addition, there are over 3,000 plant species and various endangered animal species. Around 15% of the state’s territory belongs to the national park system and enjoys protection.

Based on all these facts, it’s only logical that Noblewood Group has chosen this country as a base for bottling its beverages, including the iconic Beluga Vodka. The headquarters of the group are located in Montenegro as well.

ESG Practices In The Noblewood Distillery In Latvia

Noblewood Group owns a distillery in Latvia that thoroughly complies with modern ESG practices. This facility was established in 1937. Today it is the leading premium bulk organic grain-neutral alcohol manufacturer in Northern Europe.

The distillery is surrounded by pine forests. Below them, there are artesian wells with a depth of up to 150 meters. Pure water from these wells is used to produce the highest quality premium beverages.

Certified bio-farms located across the Baltics supply organic Nordic grain that adheres to EU organic norms. The farmers avoid using pesticides, artificial fertilizers, food additives or GMOs. They choose the optimal time to harvest the grain so that it preserves its natural sweetness. Such an approach ensures crystal clearness of 96.3% ethanol and purity of the beverages.

Skilled professionals control the fermentation stage. The distillery has six rectifying columns, equipped with copper filters. Their task is to deliver pure spirits with a refined taste. The final products travel to the bottling facility in Montenegro in bespoke, Kosher-certified cistern tank trucks.

It’s essential to note that all Noblewood products have the stamp of kosher approval, verifying that all ingredients, derivatives, tools, and machinery have no trace of non-kosher substances.

To sum up the key numbers:

  • 10 grain columns provide 10,000 tons of raw material for 5–6 months’ supply
  • 3 artesian wells of 150 meters depth each provide water
  • 10 fermentation tanks and 6 rectifying columns are employed in the spirit distillation process

The production process is entirely carbon neutral. Birch chips from the Baltic forests are the only source material used for heating. The stillage materials that remain after distillation are recycled, generating 750 MW of electricity. Then, the Latvian state energy company harnesses and distributes this clean energy within the country. Besides, the facility provides local farmers with free nitrogenous fertilizers, thus contributing to a sustainable and circular economy. As a result of these practices, the soil in the region becomes healthier and the amount of waste is minimized.

Continuous Improvement Of The Staff’s Physical And Moral Well-Being

The group takes thorough care not only about the environment but also about its staff. People who used to be employed seasonally in other organizations or self-employed individuals can get a stable income all year round. Their compensation packages tend to be more competitive than the local labor market average.

Blue-collar professionals work 8-hour shifts with half an hour for lunch. Lunches are free for everyone and include hot meals. Workers wear high-quality uniforms and shoes. They can benefit from new locker rooms and showers with hot water and heating. Tools and equipment meet modern safety standards and all processes are handled in line with safety regulation norms.

The staff can take part in working conferences as well as diverse educational programs that enable them to upskill and reskill. Top specialists can become in charge of overseas assignments and get involved in exciting projects.

Noblewood realizes: the happier and more secure a person feels, the more productive they are at work. The group strives to create a positive environment for everyone. In the long run, such an approach boosts the output as well as lets the most committed workers get raises and promotions. The company regularly rewards its best-performing members, thus fostering the ongoing personal and professional progress of each employee.

Teamwork is one of the paramount priorities. Staff members inspire and motivate each other, creating a powerful synergy effect. In addition to their daily duties, people get a chance to attend teambuilding activities such as winery tours or birthday celebrations of their colleagues.

Last but not least, the group actively supports cultural and social initiatives in the countries where it holds its operations. It sponsors local sports teams and art events. This component of sustainable business development is just as important as nature protection.


Noblewood Group chose Montenegro and Latvia to produce its super-premium beverages. The distillery in Latvia is already working at a high capacity and many ESG procedures are in place there. Identically high standards will be implemented in Montenegro because the group’s business is actively developing there. The group perfectly realizes the importance of environmental awareness. It is committed to making the world better and preserving the beauty and power of nature for many generations ahead. Besides, it invests considerable funds and effort in the safety and comfort of its employees.


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