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Published on: November 29, 2023

Last Updated on: November 30, 2023

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An effective fire alarm system must incorporate multiple safeguards for maximum protection, such as a smoke detector іs often supplemented by heat sensors and Notifier addressable pull stations. The pull station have its benefits 

The NBG-12LX addressable manual pull station provides non-coded input signals to fire alarm control panels (FACPs). It meets ADAAG guidelines for controls and operating mechanisms as well as 5-lb minimum pull-down force requirements with molded operating instructions for maximum operational flexibility.

Detect Fire Faster

Conventional fire alarm systems may only provide limited warning of an impending fire.  An addressable system offers first responders more details regarding where it may be, potentially saving lives, property, and time.

HRSS is an authorized Notifier by Honeywell dealer and can offer equipment designed specifically for your building structure. Contact us today to discover more about integrating this life safety system into your highrise building!

Notifier’s BG-12LO and BG-12LOB manual pull stations are non-coded dual action models. They are designed to supply Fire*Lite control panels with one alarm-initiating input signal. Braille text for easy identification meets ADA compliance. Both models mount semi-flush on single gang boxes for semi-flush mounting.  The powerand data are supplied through IDNet or MAPNET II addressable communications wiring.

Detect Smoke Faster

An effective fire alarm system cannot rely on just one type of detector to identify fire. That is why smoke and heat detectors must be supplemented by manual pull stations as fail-safe.

Manual pull stations also allow those who notice signs of an impending blaze to manually alert the system in time to escape danger, and Notifier NBG-12LX offers a state-of-the-art dual action manual pull station equipped with an addressable interface compatible with intelligent control panels (excluding FireWarden and NSP-25 panels ) so fire personnel can locate activated pull stations leading them directly towards its source.

Detect Smoke And Heat

Notifier N-BG12LX Addressable Manual Pull Station with Dual Action and Key Lock Reset can serve to provide warning of fire. The smoke or heat detector misses it altogether – by alerting systems through a pull station.

The N-BG12LX pull station is an innovative dual-action pull station (requiring two motions to activate it ). It is equipped with an addressable interface for any Notifier intelligent control panel (except FireWarden series panels and NSP25 ).

Being addressable means the control panel can display exactly where an activated pull station has been activated allowing firefighters to find it more quickly. Surface or semi-flush mounting options make this easy to set up and maintain while its aesthetic design blends seamlessly into any environment.

Detect Smoke And Heat Combinations Combinations

Notifier’s NBG-12LXSP non-code, dual-action fire alarm pull station (manual operation) features a key lock reset for easy and accessible operation.It connects to Notifier intelligent CPs via one addressable alarm initiating input while meeting ADAAG controls and operating mechanisms guidelines for accessible use. It can be surface-mounted or semi-flush-mounted for surface mounting or semi-flush mounting options.

Combination smoke and heat detectors utilize both photoelectric and quick response thermistor-based detection technologies to identify problems as they arise quickly. Enrolled as 24-hour zones, they will initiate an alarm even when your system is disarmed – making them an indispensable component of life safety systems.

These sensors can also be installed during new construction and are compatible with both hardwired and wireless fire alarm systems. If using a hardwired system, a wire-to-wire converter such as the IQ Hardwire 16-F will allow you to convert existing wired smoke/heat detectors over to wireless versions easily.

What Are the Advantages That You Have While Selecting A Fire Alarm System

The fire alarm systems are quite impressive. This is why they are a huge high in both the corporate offices and, at the same time, the common households. The technology is quite impressive. But nothing is better than this if you optimize it. 

Due to its rising demand, the technology surrounding it is evolving very fast. Stakeholders are investing on this technology. Do you intend to have one for your office? But you must not randomly go on to select one. Here, we discuss some points or factors that help you select the appropriate fire alarm system.

1. Access Your Building 

The first important thing you must consider is thoroughly assessing the building.  Here, you have to study the risks associated with safety and security. 

The alarm system helps you develop a comprehensive idea of the security system. The system you install must be capable enough to determine the smoke or any element that threatens the company. The detection will help you use the sprinkler and the smoke alarms. Thus, it enables you to reduce the likelihood of the fire spreading throughout the building. 

2. Consider Your Building’s Size

The next important factor that you have to consider is the size of the building. You must have a thorough and comprehensive idea of the layouts for this. It can help you understand the nitty-gritty of the fire alarm. It can help you reap the benefits. 

The conventional fire alarm system will suffice if the building size is small. But if the size of the building is large, then you must install the network of technical gadgets necessary to establish the fire alarm system. Therefore, you have to be highly aware of the system requirements before discussing the other aspects of the system. 

3. Assess The Monitoring Needs Of The Fire Alarm

The requirements of the fire alarm systems can be of two reasons. The first element that comes under the discussion is the fire code or, say, the code of the building code list. If your infrastructure comes under the said risks, you must set up the fire alarm. 

Finally, you must understand the different types of fire alarms available to meet the diverse requirements. This knowledge and awareness are a must from a safety point of view. 


For your comprehensive fire safety needs, trust Control Fire System LTD., your authorized Notifier by Honeywell dealer, to equip your building with the latest addressable fire alarm systems and manual pull stations for maximum protection and peace of mind.

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