How Many Pairs Of Socks Should Be In The Wardrobe

Pairs Of Socks

Yes, you are finally on the peculiar side of the internet because suddenly, at 3 am in the morning, you want to know how many pairs of socks should be in your wardrobe.

Believe it or not, it is actually a very genuine question, and here is your answer. Because maintaining your socks is important to stop yourself from buying too many pairs.

Count How Many Pairs Of Socks You Need?

Safe to say, we have already started the discussion on the number of socks you would need on a daily basis. If you find yourself searching for ‘how many pairs of socks should be in the wardrobe,’ we can come to the conclusion that each pair has a different purpose.

Pairs Of Socks

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1. Socks For Every Day

This depends on what kind of work you do and why you will need the socks. Are you working from home? Do you simply need some snuggly pieces to calm the cold down, or do you commute every day in formal shoes with ankle-length socks?

No matter what you think, it is never okay to repeat your socks. Therefore, for five days of the week, you should own at least five pairs of socks. Now, coming to the snuggly bits. Since cozy socks are more of a luxury we all want in the coming winter months, you should at least own two pairs of those socks.

You will not need to wash them as often as your other socks. However, they will need regular sanitation if you walk around the house too much. So, for everyday use, as of now, you will need eight pairs. Now, let us go to the special needs and instances.

2. Sports Socks

If you are an athlete or a gym freak, or just someone who loves to run or walk, walking shoes are your go-to.

Will you never wear athletic shoes without socks, right? So, depending on the number of days you are attending to your cardio or fitness, you will need the appropriate socks.

You can get those ankle-length socks, but at the same time, you might also like the ones that go up to your calf muscle, as they give better grip to your shoes. Cotton socks are the best when it comes to sports because they will absorb the most sweat and leave your feet feeling dry.

The right kind of socks will help you exercise better without much obstruction. However, that also means you cannot reuse the shocks without washing them.

With clean socks, it is also necessary that the sports shoes you are wearing should have firmness on the ground too. This is an important feature that should be watched out for while buying sports shoes. And, one can buy these shoes from a brand like “Loom Footwear” at cost-effective prices.

3. Holiday Socks

Now, let us come to the fun part of the socks collection. In the winter months, when the holiday spirit is on, your socks should match it. Yes, you can get snuggly cozy socks with holiday prints on them.

However, snuggly woolen socks are also needed for these colder months because no matter how many layers you put on the upper half, if the soles of your feet are freezing, you will still be cold.

Plus, socks are an excellent Christmas stocking stuffer. Matching pairs of socks and the entire family sitting around the fire, what could be better than that in the holiday season?

How Many Socks Do Men, And Women Have In Their Wardrobe?

Wardrobe socks

So, here is a breakdown of how many socks you would need in general.

– 5 for everyday use for both men and women. Clean them during the weekends.

– 4 pairs if you are a gym freak.

– 2 pairs of woolen snuggly socks if you are someone who works out almost every day and cleans them every alternative day.

– 2 pairs of seasonal socks.

– 2 pairs of leg warmers for the colder months.

So, in total, you should have 15 pairs of socks for the entire year. Along with that, you should also clean them regularly since uncleaned socks are truly disgusting.

Plus, you might also need one or two pairs, depending on the size. Like some might buy knee-high or calf-length socks for the purpose of fashion. Along with these fifteen pairs, you can always add more according to your need.

However, throw away pairs of socks every two years since the sweat and constant washing can wreak the material.


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