A Mini Guide To A Personalized Customer Experience

Personalized Customer Experience

According to a recent personalization report, 71% of consumers expect brands to provide personalized communications, and 76% feel frustrated when businesses fail to. In addition to simply meeting consumer expectations, personalization can improve a company’s performance, as it can increase revenue by an incredible 40%.

Tailored marketing and a more personable experience will improve brand engagement while making your target audience feel valued, which can increase sales and customer lifetime value.

If you are unsure how to get started, read this mini guide to a personalized customer experience.

Send Personalized Emails

Turn subscribers into customers by sending more personalized emails. Choose an enterprise email service provider that simplifies email segmentation. This can provide subscribers with relevant, individual messages that they are more likely to open. Every aspect of an email is optimized to match a target audience’s needs, including the subject line, send time, and frequency.

The intelligent solution will have real-time knowledge of a subscriber’s interests, needs, online platform preferences, and past purchasing behavior. As a result, you can automate compelling campaigns to suit a specific audience, event, or transaction.

Reward Customer Loyalty Regularly

Customer loyalty rewards will prove how much your company values its customers, by encouraging them to return to your business time and again.

Keep your best customers happy and interested in your brand by providing various perks, such as:

  • A birthday treat
  • Early access to a new product or service
  • An invitation to an exclusive event that matches their interests
  • Exclusive product previews
  • Special discounts
  • Freebies

The above rewards will prove you run a caring company and will result in positive brand experiences that could boost word of mouth.

It is a personal touch that will boost loyalty and may even help your business earn many more customers.

Say Goodbye To The Script

Many companies provide their customer service agents with a strict script to follow, which can make a business feel cold, formulaic, and unhelpful.

Prove you run a friendly, helpful, and caring company by saying goodbye to the script and allowing your employees to control the conversation.

It will enable your team to develop a friendly rapport with your customers and create a more personalized experience.

Provide your team with basic rules to follow while encouraging them to adopt a more custom experience, such as using a customer’s name, asking about their day, and responding thoughtfully and sympathetically when appropriate.

Provide Social Media Support

Nowadays, consumers are more likely to contact a brand online for assistance than to pick up the telephone. Social media support was once an added customer experience perk, but consumers now expect it.

An incredible 84% of consumers reportedly expect brands to respond to messages and provide customer care support on social media within 24 hours, and 72% of X users expect a response within an hour.

Make it your mission to reply to customers via social media and ensure you don’t take too long, as it will boost customer satisfaction and retain loyalty throughout the years.

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