Picking The Perfect Wallpaper To Personalize Your Bedroom Sanctuary

By Mony Shah

January 12, 2024


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Deciding on wallpaper for your cherished bedroom retreat starts with a reflection on the vibe you want to feel in that space. Your choice serves as more than just décor. It profoundly influences mood – when falling asleep, waking up and those lazy weekend mornings lounging comfortably in your private oasis.

This guide from MuralsGalore helps transform ordinary walls into an extraordinary backdrop for rest and inspiration. Let our creativity advice and expansive wallpaper catalog aid you in selecting a print that reflects uniqueness as beautifully as you.

Finding The Optimal Wallpaper Style For Your Bedroom

Numerous wallpaper varieties allow you to make the bedroom of your dreams a reality. Consider what attracts your spirit when envisioning this calm sanctuary.

  • Botanical Prints – Delicate leaves, sweeping ferns, and subtle flower motifs exude natural serenity. These monochromatic or sparsely colored designs create a peaceful sleeping environment.
  • Damasks and Toss Prints – Traditional jacquard textures and harlequin-style diamond patterns never go out of style. They lend dimensional rhythm, contrast, and time-honored sophistication.
  • Folk and Boho Prints – Earthy paisleys, exotic medallions, and global-inspired prints interject free-spirited styles perfect for relaxed bohemian bedrooms. Feel transported through worldly influences.
  • Novelty and Conversational Prints – Inject playful personality by surrounding yourself with charming cherries, funny phrases, or even dogs playing poker! Amusing wallpapers banish boredom.
  • Panoramic Landscapes – What’s more relaxing than visually escaping into serene nature scenes right from bed? These pictorial vistas inspire travel dreaming.
  • Textural Materials – Luxurious grasscloth, bumpy cork, raised flock and mottled metallics literally add feel-able dimension and depth to walls. Interesting to both the eye and touch.

Once you select a favored wallpaper genre appropriate for bedrooms, next assess the ideal color scheme and scale.

Choosing Colors For Interior Design Impact

Color wields immense influence over human perception in interior spaces. Hues change how we emotionally respond to environments. Soothing cool tones relax; vibrant warm shades activate and uplift.

  • Cool Colors – Blues, greens and purples conjure associations with tranquility and calm. They seem to recede in space which makes rooms feel more expansive. If seeking relaxation or wanting walls to appear further away, cool colors excel.
  • Warm Colors – Red, yellow and orange tones feel energizing and optimistic. They advance toward the eye for a cozier enclosed effect. Warm hues also glow beautifully under natural and incandescent lighting.
  • Neutrals – Whites, blacks, browns and gray shades provide ultimate versatility. They serve as a foil to showcase bolder prints and furnishings without competing. Subtle naturals offer a comforting hug.

Don’t overlook the impact of pattern scale too. Smaller printed motifs maintain intimacy in modest bedrooms. For more cavernous spaces, go bold with wide graphic stripes or XXL florals to anchor the room.

Benefits And Descriptions Of Wallpaper

Benefit Description
Personalizes room character Numerous pattern and color options for distinctive style
Conceals wall flaws Masks dents, cracks, uneven joints better than paint
Dynamic visual impact Eye-catching full wall murals or allover matching patterns
Enhances acoustic properties Materials dampen echoes and amplify sound absorption
Adds dimensional texture Physically textured papers create depth and tactile interest
Artistic focal point Contrast glossy graphic mural against flat painted walls
Camouflages damages Covers stains or marks from removing old wall décor
Light diffusion Heavily textured papers scatter light evenly across surface
Long lifespan Higher-quality materials look fabulous for over 15 years
Creativity freedom Coordinate patterns and colorways with other furnishings

Evaluating Other Significant Factors For Successful Wallpaper

Get caught up in all the aesthetic fun of selecting wallpaper designs, but don’t forget the technical considerations critical for proper installation and performance.

  • Prepping Walls – Nearly all surfaces require cleaning, sanding, priming, and lining papers applied before installing decorative top papers for a smooth durable finish.
  • Removability – Look for peelable dry glue wallpapers to effortlessly change your scenery down the road without destroying walls.
  • Durability – Vinyls better withstand moisture and stains versus paper alternatives if concerned about longevity and maintenance.
  • Lighting Conditions – Glossy pearlescent prints showcase visible seams more than heavily textured versions. Light reflections also alter color perceptions. Test samples.
  • Professional Installation – Don’t DIY intricate repeat pattern matches or specialty finishes like metallic. Hire qualified paper hangers for expert results if uncertain.

Once pragmatic aspects are covered, have fun with colors, prints, and textures galore!

selecting wallpaper designs

Redecorating your sleep sanctuary in 2024? Stay on top of what’s hot now:

  1. Rainforest tropical prints with palms, monstera leaves, and rich green hues.
  2. Moroccan motifs like ornate tile patterns and ethnic paisley medallions.
  3. Contact natural textures such as nubby linen, soft suede, cork, and wispy grasscloth.
  4. Terrazzo with aggregated chip speckles lending polished stone depth.
  5. Painted art murals of Epicurean foodie themes from berries to cocktails.
  6. Bold abstract graphics that layer color, line, and shape with visual rhythm.
  7. Shibori indigo tie-dye prints paired with raw wood Japanese furnishings.
  8. Retro 70’s style psychedelic swirls, optical ops, and crazy daisies.
  9. Whimsical conversational message prints to make you laugh and spark joy.
  10. Bamboo is depicted through factual sketches or Asian-inspired interpretations.

These hot wallpaper trends inspire your inner bedroom sanctuary to reflect current styles or divine personal passions.

Wallpaper vs Paint: Key Differences Clarified

Sometimes it’s tough to decide between wallpaper and paint when planning bedroom changes. They differ in cost, application, longevity, and more. Here’s the lowdown:

Price – Wallpaper materials run ~£30/roll then ~£150 for typical room installation fee. Paint costs ~£100-£200/room for quality primer+paint and pro-labor fees.

Changing Style – Adjustable wallpapers now exist! New peel-stick types reposition repeatedly. Paint still wins for the fastest touch-ups. But good wallpaper outlasts multiple repaint jobs.

Light Reflection – Paint often telegraphs underlying drywall flaws no matter the sheen level. Heavily textured wallpapers hide imperfections better for a smooth luminous appearance.

Maintenance – Both paint and wallpaper need occasional gentle surface cleaning for dust and smudges. Wallpaper proves more stain-resistant overall for accident-prone spaces.

Fun Factor – Wallpaper offers exponentially more color/pattern options for dramatic transformations from floor to ceiling heights. Strategic paint accents beautifully pair with funky prints.

Weigh your particular bedroom goals, budget, and style preferences when determining if wallpaper or paint performs best for your needs.

Preparing Walls And Working Surfaces For Smooth Installation

Prepping properly ensures your wallpaper looks fabulous and installed. Follow these pro tips:

Clear Room – Move out furnishings. Remove artwork, mirrors and décor on walls receiving paper.

Clean Surfaces – Use mild cleanser like sugar soap to remove residue or grime so paper sticks tightly. Rinse off all soap.

Prep Existing Wallpaper – If installing over existing materials, ensure firmly affixed to wall. Scrape up any lifted edges and secure with adhesive.

Prime Bare Drywall – Professional drywall primer creates uniform absorbency so paste permeates evenly across entire wall surface.

Line Walls – Hang inexpensive neutral liner paper first for smoother application that won’t damage walls if removing top layer decor paper later.

Label Switch Plates – Mark outlet covers and light switches with painter’s tape denoting “top” and “bottom” to easily reinstall and correctly align later.

When your surfaces are suitably prepped, you are ready to transform bedroom in any wildly wonderful direction!

Commonly Asked Wallpaper Questions

Still seeking solutions for your bedroom wallpaper dilemma? These queries provide answers.

What wall surface works best for wallpaper? New drywall with primer provides ideal smoothness for decorative papers. Pre-painted or textured walls may require extra preparation for flaws.

Can you apply wallpaper over existing wallpaper? Yes, but ensure the prior application adheres flatly everywhere first. Scrape up any peeling edges, secure tightly, and skim with liner paper for best results.

What’s the difference between vinyl and paper wallpaper? Vinyls are more durable, moisture/stain resistant, and peel-able for removability compared to cellulose papers. But papers offer greater print quality and a more “natural” appearance sought by designers.

Is wallpaper outdated or still stylish? Wallpaper stays on-trend today offering almost limitless colors and prints not possible with painted walls. Even high-end contemporary designers like Kelly Wearstler use exquisite papers now.

Should you wallpaper just one accent wall or the whole room? Either approach achieves great impact! Bold graphic murals or textural materials often suit accent walls. Allover room schemes envelop you completely in the pattern.

Final Thoughts On Finding Your Wallpaper Bliss

We hope this wallpaper guidance empowers your creativity to decorate a beloved bedroom uniquely matching dreams, passions, and personality. MuralsGalore wishes you success in personalizing a sleep sanctuary that awakens daily inspiration as heavenly as you. You deserve these cherished private spaces to replenish your soul.

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