Top Pressure Sensor Suppliers and Manufacturers to Trust and Cooperate in 2022

Pressure Sensor

Pressure sensors are electrical appliances that monitor, control, or examine pressure and turn the output from the physically obtained data into an electrical signal.

Pressure sensors can sense physical inputs, including gas, location, pressure, torsion, volume, circulation, velocity, and temperatures.

They reply by displaying outputs on monitors or the data in a computerized format for additional analysis.

These pressure sensors are extensively used in the petroleum and natural gas, industrial production, and power generation industries.

Top 5 Pressure Sensor Suppliers

Because of the increased need for pressure sensors, its market has increased exponentially with an influx of manufacturers and cooperates.

Pressure Sensor Suppliers

But to help you get the best pressure sensor, we harmonized the top pressure sensor manufacturers and cooperated. They include:

  1. MicroSensor Cooperation
  2. Texas Instruments
  3. Siemens
  4. NXP Semiconductors
  5. Amphenol Corporation

1. MicroSensor Cooperation

Microsensor cooperation is based in Baoji, China, and it was officially founded in 1993. But MicroSensor has been researching and developing pressure sensors based on piezoresistive measuring techniques since the early 70s.

Thanks to their extensive experience, they now provide bespoke solutions for various purposes across various sectors.

They have also been supplying intelligent solutions to a wide range of industries, including factory applications, hybrids, electric cars, petroleum & gas, maritime, electricity, and telecommunications sectors. 

MicroSensor still manufactures pressure sensors, transmitters, flowmeters, pressure gauges, and more for smart fluid and petroleum monitoring systems, etc.

Again, being the first-ever Chinese pressure sensor company to self-design and manufacture piezoresistive units, their target is to be the leading global pressure sensor and measurement provider.

MicroSensor is now focusing on technology development and industrial manufacturing, as well as engineering support in manufacturing and safety risk management. It’s selling its pressure sensor devices to consumers in more than 90 countries. 

2. Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is a pressure sensor manufacturer based in Dallas, Tx. It’s recorded to have a yearly profit of 14.961 billion US dollars.

The Texas Instruments cooperative specializes in developing analog chips, temperature sensors, magnetic sensors, and integrated CPUs. TI’s analog and embedded processor semiconductor advancements enable businesses to create creative, distinctive solutions.

The corporation’s innovations are used in every form of industrial, communication, and automotive technologies. Texas instruments brag an extensive knowledge in the manufacturing of pressure sensors.

Suffice it to say, their final product is an aggregate of combined knowledge from the manufacturing refrigerators, DLP technology, and embedded processors.

3. Siemens

Based in Munich, the world’s biggest advanced manufacturing corporation, Siemens has annual sales of € 86.849 billion.

This firm provides various electrical construction and electronic parts goods and services. Siemens’s portfolio encompasses the following areas architectural field, Energy, Motor Technology, Automotives Manufacturing, and software development.

Siemens and its connected firms offer a varied product range to consumers, from electrical and remote monitoring to surveillance systems and auditory equipment. Aside from that, it offers the greatest and most relevant pressure sensor solutions that may be employed successfully and effectively in the oil and gas sectors.

Siemens’ substantial electro and automotive range have been significantly expanded by its digital solution “Mindsphere,” which provides long-term sustainability for your industrial projects.

4. NXP Semiconductors

Five years ago, NXP recorded yearly sales of USD 9.41 billion. NXP is situated in Eindhoven and is among the world’s top pressure sensor suppliers.

But it also deals with automotive, security authentication, industrial, and networking semiconductors.

NXP pressure sensors offer standard signals and solutions based on experience from their dealings in security recognition, encryption, communication, automotive, analog signal, electromagnetic, and power distribution interfaces. 

It appears in this list due to its extensive knowledge and experience in new technologies. They are not just dealing with pressure sensors because they have been manufacturing wireless connectors and RFs. RFID, audio systems, peripherals, and interfaces.

5. Amphenol Corporation

Amphenol industries usually report yearly sales of $7.011 billion. The company is based in Wallingford and ranked as the globe’s best to interconnect equipment maker.

The firm designs manufacture and market electrical products, electronics, fiber optic components, aerial and flat-ribbon cables, and interconnection solutions.

As part of electronics, they have majored in manufacturing pressure senses and other related products that are used in communication systems, aerospace, military, and industrial fields. 

With a larger output of different classes of pressure sensors, Amphenol corporation has a group of specialized Engineers capable of guiding and helping you to pick the right pressure sensors for healthcare field manufacturing and automotive applications.


So that’s it. Being the world’s best pressure sensor manufacturer is not solely about manufacturing pressure sensors.

It’s about extensive knowledge of industrial, automotive, and computerized systems.

It’s noticeable from the above that all it takes to succeed in the pressure sensor business is to produce pressure sensors for different sectors. It’s all about flexibility and experience. 


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