A Review of the Best Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles

Dash Cam

Dash cameras, often called dashcams, are surveillance cameras installed on the dashboard of the car. They regularly record activities that occur inside of the vehicle and on the road. The video images captured by the dash cam provide substantial evidence that can be essential in legal verdicts. For example, if an accident occurs, the dash cameras offer substantial proof to support the victim’s story, hence faster settlement of damages and insurance.

For fleet entrepreneurs in the transport industry, monitoring fleeting by installing high-grade dash cameras on each vehicle could improve road safety and generate high profits. This article shall take a more in-depth look at the best dashboard cameras on the market and the significant benefits of adopting dash cam.

Samsara CM32

Samsara CM32

It is a dual-facing dashboard camera that automatically uploads high-definition videos to the Samsara Cloud. Moreover, it has inbuilt speakers for driver coaching and is purposely developed to minimize bad driving behaviors like distracted driving. Nonetheless, they are expensive to buy and install.

SmartWitness CP2

The most advanced dash cam has features such as telematics data, strong 3G internet or Wi-Fi video transmission, and an inbuilt tracker. It is designed to showcase proof of activities resulting in and during road crashes. Other than that, it provides instant alerts and has a 1080p wide HD camera, integrated GPS, microphone, and a removable data storage device.

Lytx Drivecam
Lytx Drivecam

A unique feature about this dashboard camera is that when triggered, it captures a brief clip that entails images just before, during, and after the incident. This dashcam can be combined with GPS-based AVL from Eyeride to help them keep track of their vehicle’s location. If interested in the GPS-based AVL, click to read more about it on Eyeride’s official website. Lytx Drivecam undermines the ancient dash cameras by joining machine vision and artificial intelligence to precisely establish and classify important moments, hence assisting you to see arising risks.

Bellevue DR750X-2CH

It is a dual-channel dashboard camera linked to BlackVue Cloud connectivity. It has inbuilt Wi-Fi, which enables you to connect it to your smartphone, and has GPS for geolocation. Other features of this camera are a 1080P HD camera capable of capturing crystal clear images in front and at the back of the car.

Advantages of Dash Cameras

Dash Cameras

Based on research, dash cameras offer quite a number of advantages. Since dashboard cameras record everything from when the engine is switched on, it provides essential evidence in case of a crash or collision. This recording shows who is responsible for the accident, hence solving the matter in minutes.

Dashcams are equipped with GPS indicating the car’s current location, which is essential for fleet managers. Monitoring fleets helps ensure that the drivers drive safely, which cuts the operation costs, enabling the organization to generate more profit. The latest statistics show that most drivers deliberately cause accidents to gain benefits from insurance companies. Installing dash cameras record everything as you drive, and if an accident occurs, there will be proof of whether the accident was intentional or unintentional. Most insurance companies offer premium discounts for fleets with dashboard cameras.

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