9 Tips For Revitalizing Old Furniture With Modern Touches

Revitalizing Old Furniture With Modern Touches

Everyone owns a piece of furniture that seems out of place in every space. If you’ve ever considered replacing your old furniture, why not look at ways to make it look beautiful again? Before discarding your old furniture, consider inventive ways to repair or improve it.

This article will provide enough DIY projects and repair tips to transform your old furniture to look like a modern one without breaking the bank.

1. Replace The Seat Cushions On Dining Chairs

First, think about changing the cushions on your dining chairs. You can choose from various cushions with elegant French, floral, farm-style, vintage, and dreamy designs.

To accomplish this, it would be best to unscrew the seat cushion to separate the chair’s previous fabric. When the old cloth has been removed, please don’t throw it away yet. Instead, you might use it as a guide for creating the new fabric.

As you work on the covers, you should also check the foam inside to see if they are still intact. If you notice some parts that are already worn or stained, you can replace them with a new one. Once you have the foam, cover it with the newly sewn and designed fabric cover and screw them back into the chair.

You won’t have to buy a new one by simply replacing the chair’s seat cushion, especially if the dining chair is still sturdy enough.

2. Change Your Furniture’s Legs

Your home will seem more elegant if you add new legs to your chairs, tables, drawers, dressers, or sofa. Especially if they screw on, it is a simple operation. The only thing you’ll need to do is to look for leg replacements that will also suit the overall design of the furniture.

3. Add A Fresh Coat Of Spray Paint

Nothing surpasses a coat of spray paint. This technique makes it the easiest to update dated furniture in your home. All you need to do is select the paint color of your choice. That way, you may also express your style.

Once you have the right products, spray your furniture, whether inside or outside. You will then see how your furniture transforms into some of your favorite pieces.

But a few reminders before painting up. Start dusting or cleaning the furniture you want to makeover first. After thoroughly cleaning, you can start the spray painting by letting your furniture dry completely.

Don’t forget to wear a painter’s mask and rubber gloves for protection. Also, try to conduct this procedure outside on a drop cloth before starting the spraying.

When spray painting, keep your strokes as even and drip-free as possible. You can use a fresh layer of semigloss paint for a traditional appearance. Additionally, working with white chalk paint is also a simpler option.

4. Refinishing Furniture

Instead of stripping your furniture, consider refinishing it. Despite the difficulty of the process, you can mend, maintain, and restore the finishes.

irits should be wiped on first. You might see a preview of your furniture’s appearance by doing this. Refinishing the furniture requires cleaning the surface and applying an oil-based wipe-on finish to the side and end table.

In any restoration effort, carefully cleaning your piece of furniture is a crucial step. You can try using dish soap and water to scrub the area lightly. Then rinse and pat dry. Lastly, you can secure the white ring with petroleum jelly and try not to touch it all night.

5. Include Clear Wax

Remove the paint and apply two coats of wax to keep things straightforward and organic. You will see how your furniture will be restored to its earliest days after the wax application.

This result is possible since the wax preserves the wood and brings forth its stunning color.

You can choose from either a black wax or a wax that has been coated white to apply to your old furniture.

6. Remove Outdated Paint

By completing this task, you can save money while upgrading your furniture. You must first relocate the furniture you want to makeover to an outdoor space. Then, start applying the stripper off with a brush. You will then see how the paint will bubble up and remove immediately.

Some paint residue will surely be left even after putting on the stripper. In that case, use a scraper to remove the old painted furniture entirely. You should also spray mineral spirits on the area or apply a coat.

7. Replace Cabinet Knobs

It’s important to match the design of the cabinet knob you choose with the type of upgraded cabinetry. For instance, when selecting a kitchen cabinet knob, make sure it complements the style and appearance of your kitchen.

8. Select Milk Paint

The most organic form of paint available on the market is milk paint. This paint is a powder and contains milk, hence its name. Milk paint comes in a staggering array of colors and is non-toxic. Both finished and untreated wood surfaces can benefit from it.

A mottled texture is produced by milk paint. This feature provides a vintage look to the piece. But with this paint, you can transform any furniture in your home in a few minutes.

9. Stain Your Chairs, Dressers, Or Tables

Sometimes, it can seem preferable to stain your antique furniture rather than paint it. With this technique, you can see its new woody aspect.

You can start by removing the wood’s finish. Lightly sand the surface object with sandpaper, then vacuum the dust. Next, apply a couple of coats of wood conditioner to achieve a more uniformly distributed finish. Once done, rub the wood stain with a soft cloth. Then, add a layer of polyurethane for a shiner appearance.

Transform Your Furniture!

Using these suggestions to revamp old furniture and make it fantastic once more can be an affordable approach to changing the appearance of your home. You can always go for the less expensive options to make it appear as though your furniture is fresh new.

But to spice things up, adding some newly-bought furniture mixed with the makeover ones can also provide a unique appearance to your space. For that, you can check Homemakers South Ltd for high-quality furniture and bedding you can buy.

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