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Published on: September 16, 2023

Last Updated on: December 9, 2023

SET University

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Despite the war in Ukraine, the IT domain has been developing and inviting people to join various projects, in particular educational programs. SET University remains one of the institutions in Ukraine that provides high-quality technological education. 

It has recently declared scholarships that might cover up to 90% or most part of the tuition charges. Sergey Tokarev, the founder of this University as well as a co-founder of Roosh, commented on potential educational opportunities at SET University.

A Brief Introduction Of The SET University

SET University remains an innovative non-profit educational institution that educates future technology industry leaders. This year, the university has commenced ten grant areas for Ukrainian students. These grants are applied to programs like two master’s: ”Computer Science and Innovation Engineering” and “Cyber Defense.” 

According to Sergey Tokarev, students can learn about cyber defense, artificial intelligence (AI), as well as blockchain technologies in master’s programs. Some modules of the programs involve technology project management explanation. Students will be able to choose the subject of their these: to develop a startup in an accelerator dedicated to the university. Or they might even create an IT solution for tech industries. 

Overall, SET University offers five scholarships that are allocated for each program. Since the landscape is highly competitive, it provides clear requirements on who can apply for scholarships. Here is a list of potential applicants:

  • The National Guard of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Armed Forces (consisting of both active servicemen as well as those who are retired or in reserve);
  • Children of combatants;
  • Ukrainian women who wish to excel in IT;
  • Internally displaced individuals who have abandoned the temporarily occupied war zones or territories. 

SET University has created entrepreneurial programs along with the UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Analytics at the University of California, Berkeley. By this, they strive to provide students with all the avenues to make up innovative solutions.

Educational Opportunities As Pointed Out By Sergey Tokarev… 

Sergey Tokarev noticed that he personally financed and initiated five grant destinations within the scholarship seminar. Due to these grants, five lucky students will have their studies fully covered. The entrepreneur’s charitable contribution explains his eagerness to expand IT education across Ukraine because he believes education is the way to acquire a bright future.

Apart from Sergey Tokare’s investment, some benefactors fund scholarships at SET University as well. They are companies and individuals. The university strategizes to expand this program and attract other organizations that might participate actively in funding grants. This will eventually make quality tech knowledge more accessible in Ukraine.

SET University holds different events and workshops to help youth and startups grow in IT. Last month, the university, along with the UC Berkeley Fisher Center that’s dedicated to Business Analytics, conducted a free three-day training at Berkeley’s University of California

This was dedicated to Ukrainian women who were already a part of business analytics. Later, it was named “Leading with Confidence in the AI World” and was conducted offline in Kyiv. Gauthier Vasseur held the workshop at the training. He happens to be a professor and the director at the “UC Berkeley Fisher Center” for Business Analytics.

Inclusions Of The Master’s Program

As introduced, the Master’s program is most likely to include the knowledge of blockchain technologies, cyber defense, and, most obviously, artificial intelligence. A lot of modules in the program involve technology project management. As a result, students might get the opportunity to select the subject they want to study in their theses. 

From tailoring a tech-related solution for IT industries to developing a startup- it completely depends on them. Tokarev underlined that it was under his initiation that there were five Garant areas that were funded to students. With its help, they can now complete Micromaster and Master courses. As per him, good quality education can make the future secure of children. 

Requirements For Applying To This Scholarship

One might be wrong if they think that the programs have been designed for absolutely nothing. An efficient project team considered every single detail that makes tech education more approachable to the people of Ukraine. However, potential applicants that are most likely to obscure grants are kids of combatants and Ukrainian females who are willing to make a smooth career in IT, among others. 

When it comes to funding the scholarships, Tokarev takes the sole responsibility. He has already initiated a lot of projects where he strives to make a favorable ambiance for Ukrainian students seeking to study IT. The goal is to attract various investors as well as entrepreneurs to contribute to the Ukrainian IT trend. 

Hence, a few companies and individuals participate in SET’s scholarships for funding them. Among them, some proficient names were the UC Berkley’s Fisher Center and Californian University. The former has been engaged in several entrepreneurial programs before this. 

Is The Scholarship Program the Only One Sponsored BY SET? 

The university is a non-profit educational center that holds immense experience in educating students about technology. It conducts different workshops and events regularly that are devoted to the growth and development of IT. 

It was only last month when the university decided on a three-day course known as “Leading with Confidence in the World of AI.” It was dedicated to Ukrainian women, where Gauthier Vasseur provided free training. 

But that’s not all! This event was initiated along with Californian University and UC Berkeley Fisher Center. All of this made the event a big hit where the necessary education was imparted to everyone attending it. 

The Bottom Line

Technology continues to dominate the world, and the chances of growing it remain stronger. But the real question is what makes technology such a supreme power in the world. It is due to initiatives like Sergey Tokarev that impart useful knowledge all across the globe. 

So, that was all about Sergey Tokarev and his initiatives for technological advancements. Comment below with your thoughts on this. 

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