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The Ultimate Guide To Email Spam Testing: How To Check And Improve Your Email Deliverability

By Mony Shah

November 10, 2023

Ultimate Guide To Email Spam Testing

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It is a common misconception that crafting an eye-catching subject line and compelling copy suffices for successful email marketing. However, it’s crucial to understand that the foundation of any Email spam testing lies in email deliverability and the ability to steer clear of spam and junk folders.

In the realm of email marketing, the often underestimated and overlooked metric of email deliverability plays a pivotal role in determining the success of your campaigns. A poor email deliverability rate can be the Achilles’ heel of your email marketing efforts, leading to missed opportunities and diminished profitability. Hence, ensuring a robust and high email deliverability rate is not just a goal; it’s a fundamental necessity for every business.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of email deliverability, shedding light on its significance and providing insights on how to enhance it.

Understanding Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is a critical metric that determines the success of your email marketing campaigns. It signifies the rate at which your messages successfully land in the recipient’s inbox, which is the ultimate destination for your carefully crafted content.

Achieving optimal email deliverability hinges on cultivating a sender’s reputation. This reputation is a valuable asset that can only be cultivated through the diligent implementation of a well-structured email program. However, building such a program from scratch can be a daunting task, even with an in-house technical team dedicated to the effort. Many businesses opt for assistance from email service providers, enlisting the expertise of email professionals to set the program in motion. While this can provide an excellent starting point, it’s important to note that email deliverability is not a static metric. It demands ongoing attention and maintenance to ensure your emails continue to reach their intended destination.

The Significance Of Email Spam Testing

Leveraging a spam email checker offers a substantial advantage – an enhancement in email deliverability. For an email marketer, the inbox is the coveted destination where visibility and sales opportunities thrive. Regardless of the ingenuity or allure of your email content, consigning them to the spam folder spells the end of the road.

Subjecting Email List

By subjecting your email list to verification, you elevate your email marketing strategy by engaging exclusively with authentic and actively monitored email addresses. The act of purging erroneous or inactive data not only streamlines your list but also amplifies your sales potential. In essence, you are trimming the excess, focusing your efforts on genuine prospects, and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

The utilization of a spam email checker transcends the realm of wise decision-making; it becomes imperative if you aspire to make significant headway in the realm of email marketing.

The inbox is your gateway to a receptive audience. It’s where your compelling content and offers have the potential to captivate and convert. However, if your emails are consigned to the ominous spam folder, all your creativity and marketing finesse go unnoticed.

The Role Of Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is the lifeblood of your email marketing campaigns. It determines whether your messages reach your intended audience and, ultimately, if you have a shot at making a sale. That’s why safeguarding your sender’s reputation is paramount.

One way to bolster your sender reputation and enhance email deliverability is through a spam email checker. These tools play a crucial role in ensuring that your emails not only reach the inbox but also resonate with recipients.

Here are some compelling reasons to embrace an email spam testing:

  1. Email Verification: These tools verify the authenticity of email addresses on your list, helping you eliminate erroneous or inactive addresses.
  2. Improved Engagement: By reaching real, active prospects, you increase your chances of engagement, which, in turn, enhances your sender reputation.
  3. Reduced Bounces: Removing bad data from your list reduces email bounces, ensuring your emails consistently reach their intended destination.
  4. Compliance with Anti-Spam Laws: Ensuring that your emails are sent only to recipients who have willingly opted in to receive them is crucial for compliance with anti-spam regulations.
  5. Enhanced ROI: By focusing your efforts on prospects likely to convert, you maximize your return on investment.

The bottom line is this: A spam email checker is not just a smart choice; it’s an indispensable tool in the world of email marketing. It safeguards your emails from the dreaded spam folder, helps maintain a positive sender reputation, and paves the way for meaningful connections and sales opportunities.

Tools For Email Spam Testing


Email Deliverability and Security Suite

GlockApps is a versatile tool trusted by businesses to safeguard their email communications. It goes beyond conventional spam tests and spam testers, offering an array of features. GlockApps helps you detect phishing attempts, prevent spam complaints, identify malware, and more. This tool meticulously checks your email authentication and sender reputation, providing invaluable insights for corporate filters and standard Internet Service Providers (ISPs). By addressing potential issues, GlockApps can significantly boost your Return on Investment (ROI), open rates, and email deliverability.


Email Deliverability and Monitoring

MxToolBox is your go-to solution for email deliverability and monitoring. This tool ensures that you have enabled critical email authentication protocols like DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail, DMARC or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, & Conformance, and SPF or Sender Policy Framework

It furnishes comprehensive data on your sender’s IP reputation, identifies those sending emails from your domain, provides sender geolocation information, and offers alerts for any changes in your email reputation. These features are indispensable for maintaining robust email deliverability and sender reputation.

Sender Score

IP Reputation Grading Tool

Developed by Return Path, Sender Score is a free tool that grades your IP address reputation on a scale from 0 to 100. This tool also includes a blocklist lookup feature, which determines if your IP address is blacklisted. Noteworthy features of Sender Score encompass a detailed breakdown of your score, swift score scanning, and a potent indicator of your sender reputation. It’s a valuable resource to assess your email reputation at no cost.

Postmark Email Spam Testing Check

Content Spam Assessment

Postmark Spam Check is a free tool designed to scrutinize your email copy for potential spam-related issues. It not only identifies spam words but also provides recommendations and grades your email content. The tool allows you to copy and paste your email code into its user interface, assessing various email variations for spam scores. It’s a valuable tool for obtaining spam scores and enhancing the overall quality of your emails.


Subject Line Optimization

SubjectLine is a top-tier tool for subject line optimization designed to boost your email open rates. This real-time subject line testing tool evaluates data collected from various partners to provide recommendations and identify potential spam markers. It offers line-based decisions to help you craft compelling subject lines. SubjectLine is accessible online and is entirely free for anyone to use.

Email Subject Line Grader

Subject Line Evaluation

Email Subject Line Grader is another outstanding subject line testing tool that assesses the effectiveness of your subject lines. It scrutinizes the word mixture, word count, and overall copy. You can simply paste your subject line into the tool, and it provides unbiased feedback and serves as a valuable proofing tool.

This grader also evaluates grammar and considers the subject line’s length, which is particularly important for mobile devices. Additionally, it takes into account various elements of the email subject line, offering recommendations such as adding emoticons for enhanced engagement.

Zurb Subject Line Preview

Mobile Compatibility Assessment

Zurb Subject Line Preview specializes in assessing how your email subject lines and text appear on different mobile platforms. Given that a significant portion of email recipients use mobile devices, it’s crucial to ensure your emails are mobile-compatible. This tool showcases how your subject lines and email format will appear on various mobile devices. By using Zurb, you can effortlessly ensure that your subject lines and email content look impeccable on every device, enhancing your email’s accessibility and impact.

Tips For Interpreting And Understanding The Test Results

Minimizing bounces, spam reports, and opt-outs is crucial for successful email spam testing. These metrics can directly impact your email deliverability and overall campaign effectiveness.

Here are some insights and tips to help you manage and improve these key aspects:


Bounces occur for various reasons, but often it’s due to outdated contact information. To mitigate this issue, consider the following steps:

  • Keep your contact database up to date.
  • Encourage contacts to provide updated information whenever possible.
  • Remove email addresses that consistently experience delivery issues to maintain a healthy email open rate.

Spam Reports

Preventing your emails from being marked as spam is a top priority in email marketing. Here’s how to avoid spam reports:

  • Practice permission-based email marketing: Always obtain consent before adding contacts to your mailing list.
  • Clearly communicate what subscribers can expect in terms of content and frequency.
  • Avoid common mistakes that could trigger spam filters, such as excessive use of capital letters, misleading subject lines, and irrelevant content.


Opt-outs are a natural part of email marketing as subscribers’ interests and needs evolve. To manage opt-outs effectively:

  • Respect your subscribers’ choices and provide a hassle-free opt-out process.
  • Take the opportunity to gather feedback from unsubscribers to understand why they are opting out. This information can guide content and strategy improvements.
  • Regularly analyze your email engagement metrics to gauge the relevance and effectiveness of your email campaigns. Adjust your approach as needed to reduce opt-outs.

Understanding and monitoring these metrics is vital to maintaining a healthy email marketing strategy. By staying proactive and responsive to your subscribers’ needs, you can enhance your email deliverability, build stronger customer relationships, and drive better results in your email marketing efforts.


You’re now equipped with these professional strategies to bolster your email marketing endeavors and steer clear of the dreaded spam folder.

No need to delay. Seize the reins of your email deliverability today, ensuring that your messages consistently land in your audience’s inbox.

Bid farewell to the confines of the spam folder and usher in a new era of enhanced email marketing results. Your proactive approach will pave the way for improved engagement and success.

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