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Upgrading Your Space With Warmth: The Ultimate Radiant Floor Heating

By Barsha Bhattacharya

September 30, 2023

Upgrading Your Space with Warmth-min

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With predictions of extreme cold over the coming months, many of us are faced with a need to stay warm and healthy. For many, the inefficiency and difficulty of traditional heating systems have become more apparent than ever.

As such, more and more homeowners are making the decision to invest in radiant floor heating for their living spaces. This rise in demand is driven not only by the unparalleled luxury and convenience that these installations provide but also by the tangible benefits of a greater increased energy efficiency and effective heating.

Here, we explore some of the many reasons why radiant floor heating could be the ultimate upgrade to your home.

Greater Energy Efficiency Results In A Lower Monthly Cost

Radiant floor heating has long been considered a luxury installation, and while floor heating certainly provides the ultimate in-home comfort, this installation is actually a more energy-efficient means of heating your spaces.

With a radiant floor heating system, power is run through specially designed heating wires embedded in a screed just beneath the floor covering. The elements gently heat the floor covering which in turn radiates the warmth, heating objects in the room, like you and me, without wasting energy on first having to heat the air.

As a result, more heat is delivered with less output, resulting in lowered monthly power costs and a cozier home overall.

Improved Air Quality

As opposed to convective heating, Radiant floor heating does not dry out the air, so it is not necessary to introduce humidification. As a result, your living space is effectively heated without having to compromise the air quality, producing significant health advantages that are particularly important during the cold and flu season.

Added to this, the feel of the air is not oppressively warm as with convective heating systems because underfloor heating is delivered where it is most comfortable – at your feet. This means that the surrounding air remains at a pleasant temperature while you enjoy warmth and toastiness without any discomfort from the cold.

Safer surface areas and more aesthetic appeal

Radiant floor heating doesn’t present any potential tripping hazards, creates no hot surfaces on which children can burn themselves, and doesn’t need to be stored away when not in use.

Once installed, this underfloor heating system is of sight and out of mind, creating an ideal and secure area for ultimate relaxation.  Designed with innovative heating pads, this system is made to keep from overheating even when allowed to run for extended periods of time.

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