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Unboxing Podcast Ideas For Podcast Marketing

By Sandip

March 11, 2020

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The podcast has become a new sensation in the marketing field. Not only you can create content at a cheaper rate but also you can create a huge audience database. And with the new podcast ideas, even you can be a part of this growing marketing field.

If you look back in recent years, you will notice one thing that people are much more interested in hearing things than reading the information by themselves. With more than 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 million podcast episodes, podcast marketing is increasing at an accelerated rate.

With the flow of the market, many entrepreneurs are using podcasting methods for marketing. And why do we not use this method? After all, it is one of the most subscription fields in recent years.

Unboxing Podcast Ideas

Podcasting is still in its experimental phase; everyone is trying different ideas and strategies to use podcasting efficiently.

With that being in the mind I have come up with the different podcasting ideas that may help you with podcast marketing and may help you to boost the traffic.

The toughest part is the podcast ideas. Once you are up with the ideas, the work is already half done. I have enumerated some podcast ideas and tips that may help you with your podcasting.

1. Pick Your Favorite Topic

If you have already decided to go for podcasting and have prepared yourself to speak on a weekly basis recording several podcast ideas. Then it is better to go with topics that you are passionate about. Otherwise, you are soon going to lose interest in podcasting.

do what you are passionate about

If you are into the podcasting business just because you think that it is an easy way to a bright career. Then my friend you are highly mistaken. If you have taken podcasting as a hobby, and you are working on the topic that is far from your point of interest. Soon, podcasting will feel doing a job, rather than a hobby.

So, be cautious of what podcast ideas you are going with and always think of its future possibilities. Only then you will be able to be a successful podcaster.

2. Look for a Topic that Others are Interested In

Yes, I know that the best way to do podcasting is to pick podcast ideas that you are passionate about. But these methods have only 50% accuracy to grab audiences’ attention. If you really want your podcast to reach out to the audiences, then you have to think of something that audiences like.

talk you are interested in

You can get up from the bed, record a podcast and share it on the social platform and hope for that you will get audiences. You need to do thorough research that what audiences are waiting to hear, what are their demands and what kind of stuff they are more in to.

Only after that, you can come with podcast ideas that the people are going to listen to. And yes, the effective range of these kinds of podcast has 100% accuracy. As you are providing something which is already in demand in the market.

3. Find a Less Competitive Topic

While looking for podcast ideas it is very important to choose the right niche that suits you and have less competition out there in the market. For this, you need to be well aware of all the happening in the market. You need to have a close eye on every kind of statistics that can give you an edge over your competition.

less market competition

Always go for those topics that have less competition in the market. This way you will be able to have a solid ground in the market. And what will be the easiest way to do so other than going for the podcasting app like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

These apps not only help you with the podcasting but are also a tool at your disposal that you can use for your podcast research.

4. Do not Press Yourself Too Hard

It is a fact that you should make a podcast on only those podcast ideas that you can speak for hours without preparing yourself for it. If you have these kinds of podcast ideas then only your podcast will be of high quality.

do not push yourself too hard

You must not choose a topic that you do not know about it. This way you will create extra stress on yourself. This stress can result in ruining your hard work. Furthermore, if the podcast ideas are unknown, you have to do lots of research before every podcast episode. That sure can be tiring as hell.

5. Do not go for Seasonal Topics

It is very important to look for those kinds of podcast ideas that are not seasonal topics. I am not saying that you neglect the seasonal topic, but instead, I am asking you to keep those kinds of the topic to a minimum.

Let’s say a person who loves playing baseball will love to hear a podcast for the whole year. If you put some tips and trick into your podcast will only make your pod cat better. Or some topics like cooking, it will always get a visiter all around the year. But if you have seasonal topics like Olympic, FIFA world cup or moto GP, they may bring huge traffic in the seasonal period but will remain dry the whole year.

So, it is very important to go with the podcast ideas that can convert the potential audiences to traffics. Even if after knowing all these things you are making a podcast on the seasonal topic, then prepare yourself for the end results.


When you are out there looking for the best possible way to get new, relevant, trending podcast ideas. There are certain tips that you may consider looking into for curating the best podcast ideas.

The most important aspect of creating a high-quality podcast is to choose a topic that you are passionate about and can go keep on talking for hours. If you do not have anything that can make you feel passionate then it is better to give up on the idea of being a podcaster. Because, as time passes podcasting will become more of doing chores than a bright career option.

In addition, never go for niche-based podcast ideas. Because as time passes it will reduce the perimeter of your knowledge on that particular niche. And at one point in time, you will have nothing to talk about.

I hope, this article is competent enough to give answers to the questions that made you come to this article. Even after reading this article, you have any queries left, you are welcome to drop them in the comment section. I will be obliged to answer them all.



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