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The Role Of User Activity Monitoring Software In Ensuring Data Security

By Shahnawaz Alam

March 23, 2024

User Activity Monitoring Software

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For every business across almost all of the existing industries, ensuring strong security of their sensitive data, be it corporate or employee information, cyber risks, and data thefts are looming large.

Organizations continuously come across unwanted hurdles to safeguard their data and digital assets from malicious activities and unprivileged access attempts.

All these are just the complementary effects of rapid digitalization and the widespread presence of remote work. So, it is next to impossible to be able to fully get rid of these challenges in businesses and remote work scenarios. 

But amidst all these negative aspects, the user activity monitoring software (UAM) presents hope by providing robust cybersecurity measures and approaches. But, you may ask, what is UAM? How does it influence effective data security for businesses adopting remote work? Well, let’s unravel the mystery together. 

Have you ever heard of the abbreviation UAM? If you have, then you probably have a gist of what it is. UAM basically stands for User Activity Monitoring. This primarily moves along the lines of tracking and observing employees’ actions on the system within the margin of the organization network.

What this UAM software does is cautiously track and record data repositories, applications, and user interactions with the digital system. This may encompass a variety of aspects from email interactions to website visits, file sharing and transfers to login attempts, and so on. While these may seem a lot, this actually provides a perception into the system usage trends and user behaviors. 

Having said that, we shall now delve into the significant aspects of user activity monitoring software that highlight its role of it to ensure the data security of your digital systems. 

Mitigating Data Leakage

Mitigating Data Leakage

Data leakage is quite a frightening scenario for corporations and organizations as a whole. God forbid, if such an unfortunate thing is to happen, it will wreak havoc and instability on the organization’s reputation, and the rest you can imagine, right? But, thankfully, with user activity monitoring software, you can mitigate the risks of data leakage due to remote work. 

How, you may ask? UAM acts as a fortification that prevents deliberate data exfiltration by consistently tracking peripheral device usage, file transfers and shares, and email interactions.

This software enforces robot security policies to the system that can help detect suspicious events in real time. This advantage of the UAM software enables organizations and IT professionals to flag potential aspects of data leaks prior to it turning into a major crisis. 

Alleviating Insider Threats

Mutual trust and transparency are all well and good among employees, employers, and other parties related to the organization. But contrary to the belief of the masses, the most significant data security threats emerge from insiders, and these insiders could be the contractors, workers, or even partners with authorized access to the organization’s sensitive information.

And by insider threats, we mean intellectual property theft, data exfiltration, or unauthorized system modifications. All in all, better safe than sorry, right? 

In this context, user activity monitoring software serves as an advanced defense mechanism against possible risks by labeling anomalous activities that possibly indicate malicious intent. Anomalies that may include unusual data transfers or unauthorized access attempts can be identified by the software as malicious and will be mitigated thoroughly via continuous tracking of user activities.

Take for example, if an unprivileged employee of the organization suddenly tries to access data outside of their jurisdiction, the UAM software will promptly raise red flags quickening for swift action. 

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Facilitating Behavioral Analytics

Monitoring software and tools tend to exploit the advanced analytics capabilities offered by the said technology. Likewise, this user activity monitoring software also analyzes the communication patterns and user behavior to ascertain normal activity from irregular behavior.

This software establishes a baseline or behavior metrics for individual users and department profiles. Whenever there is a detection of any deviations from the set profiles, it can be immediately identified and trigger alerts for future investigations. This driven approach entitles the organization to stay ahead of any potential security risks and mitigate them proactively. 

Preventing Fraud And Insider Trading

Preventing Fraud And Insider Trading

User activity monitoring software (UAM), today, plays a major role in warding off fraudulent activities and insider trading within the organization. This is more evident in industries like securities trading and finance.

We know that UAM software constantly tracks transactions, transfers, and communication into the system. This allows it to detect unprivileged access to sensitive financial data and suspicious behaviors, thereby helping the corporation to maintain regulatory compliance and mitigate threats. 

Forensics And Incident Response

In the event of data breaches or say, security incidents, UAM software becomes a necessity as it helps with incident response and forensic investigations. But, do you think that a mere software has the capability to attain that level of crucial role? Well, the user activity monitoring software offers the organization or the IT department historical activity records and detailed audit logs.

This enables the IT professionals and cybersecurity team of the organization to reconstruct and redefine the sequence of events that led to the data breach which ultimately helps with pointing out the root cause and applying remedial measures as soon as possible. This forensic capability of the UAM software not only assists with post-incident analysis but also reinforces the resilience of the organization against future risks. 

Enhancing productivity And efficiency

Extending its role in strengthening cybersecurity defenses, UAM software also provides additional benefits with respect to boosting operation efficiency and workforce performance.

The software analyzes user behavior trends, user workflows, etc., which allows organizations to pinpoint roadblocks, optimize resource allocation, streamline workflows, and assess opportunities for employee productivity development.

For instance, say a certain application is underutilized or is quite prone to system crashes. Here, the UAM software provides insights to make strategic decisions to improve overall productivity. 

As the circle of cyber threats keeps evolving in scale and sophistication, the user activity monitoring software’s role in protecting data security only grows in significance. The UAM software capabilities are only moving forward with the advancement of machine learning and artificial intelligence that ultimately enables unparalleled accuracy in the case of anomaly detection and predictive analytics.

If you have not yet adopted this transformative UAM software, I suggest you catch up with the trend as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

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