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10 Warning Signs You Need a Laptop Repair

By Sumona

December 6, 2021

Laptop Repair

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Over 92% of homes in the US own at least one computer.

Whether you perform work-related or school-related functions on the computer, one thing is certain: it will most probably break down one day. Luckily for most of us, most problems are fixable, whether it be an issue with the hardware or the software.

The key to protecting your laptop is keeping an eye on any unexpected issues that arise and ensuring it’s repaired as soon as possible. No matter how big or small the problem is, the sooner you get laptop repair, the healthier your laptop will be.

With this in mind, it’s essential to know the signs to look for. In most cases, laptop owners see a problem and think it’s not significant enough to repair, and it will go away with time.

Below are signs you need to take your laptop for repair:

1. A Slow-Running Laptop

1. A Slow-Running Laptop

Laptop problems are extremely common today. And one of the most prevalent and commonly underrated problems is a slow-loading computer. You may notice that your laptop has started lagging and running slow.

A slow-loading computer could result from numerous factors, including outdated processing systems that aren’t compatible with your latest programs and apps. It could also mean that your laptop’s RAM can’t accommodate all your current tasks.

Most times, people only believe that they need to restart their laptops or tone up the device to load faster. Unfortunately, you will need a hard drive replacement to achieve your laptop’s usual regular performance. To avoid further complications, ensure you hire a laptop repair person to handle the problem and get your laptop back to its usual loading speed.

2. The Scary Blue Screen

The scary blue screen is also known as the blue screen of death (BSOD). It’s one of the most feared signs for any laptop user out there. If there is a sudden appearance of a blue screen while you’re working on your laptop, be very cautious.

While there are many reasons for the appearance of the blue screen, you should take it as a serious sign of trouble. If your laptop suddenly has a blue screen that doesn’t disappear, take it to a professional repair shop immediately. You should never try to fix the problem on your own or take it lightly, hoping it will go away.

Keep in mind that only a professional can check the laptop for issues and return it to better condition without secondary damage. If a motherboard problem causes the blue screen, handling it on your own without the required skills and experience could mean additional damage.

3. Your Laptop Acts Weird Suddenly

A well-maintained or new laptop will run effortlessly without any problems or signs of trouble. However, even the most expensive laptop on the market could encounter trouble every once in a while. You could see an unexpected error message or notice your laptop misbehaving.

You may also notice that your laptop is unresponsive and nothing is working. While not every negative sign requires you to go into panic mode, there are some serious things you need to look out for.

If your laptop is unresponsive, try rebooting it by clicking the shutdown button and holding it for around five seconds. However, you should only do this if your laptop isn’t responding to any commands.

After rebooting, your laptop should be back to normal function. But if this isn’t the case and it’s still unresponsive, or it displays a series of error messages, you have a bigger problem on your hands. Call your computer repair expert immediately to help solve the problem.

4. An Overheating Computer

An extremely hot computer isn’t a sign of trouble for many computer users, but rather a slight incontinent. Many people think that it’s quite common for a laptop to overheat while you’re working on it. However, you need to be quite careful if your laptop is prone to overheating.

Whenever you turn it on, an extremely hot laptop could mean something isn’t right in the unit. Contact a laptop repair service and have them check your laptop for a broken or damaged cooling system or dirt. If you don’t get your overheating computer checked, the hot condition could significantly reduce your computer’s lifespan.

Therefore, ensure that our laptop is never too hot when it’s turned on. Additionally, avoid placing your laptop on a blanket or laps when working. Consider getting a working desk or a laptop holder when working from bed.

5. Unrequested Settings Changes

5. Unrequested Settings Changes

Have you noticed that your laptop is behaving strangely like someone else is operating it? Or some settings have been reconfigured without your permission? If so, this could mean your laptop has malware or virus.

Once a virus has access to your computer system, it will change your settings to favor them and avoid detection. This prevents you from removing the virus. In most cases, you will start noticing these changes to your browser.

The virus could disable most features on the browser, research the default search engine, or even change the homepage. Keep an eye out for any new icons on the home page; this could indicate a virus infestation.

6. Weird Laptop Noises

As your computer ages and the internal components wear out, the computer will likely grow too old to function. This often results in odd noises coming from the internal components. These noises could indicate a serious hardware failure.

When you start hearing a strange noise, experts advise that you save your data on an external hard drive or the cloud. Even if the noise isn’t consequential, it’s better to be safe than sorry. This is easier if you have been saving your data online regularly.

In case of a complete hardware failure, you could lose the data on your computer forever. After keeping your files and data safe, contact a laptop repair expert immediately to check on the noise. Some common causes of strange laptop noise include old and outdated hardware or a fallen computer.

7. The Laptop Won’t Turn On

If your laptop doesn’t turn on, this should be an immediate cause of concern. A slow-loading laptop can be challenging, stressful, and frustrating; however, you can always complete any work you have without failure. On the other hand, a dead laptop that won’t turn on is temporarily useless.

If the laptop doesn’t turn on, the problem could be as simple as a low battery. You can simply charge it or change the battery if it’s damaged, and the computer will easily turn on. However, you could also be dealing with a bigger problem.

If your laptop doesn’t turn on even after these little fixes, you should immediately take it to a computer repair shop.

8. The Battery Won’t Charge

A battery that won’t charge is another laptop issue that people today face. This could mean that you need a new battery or a new charging cord.

The lifespan of most laptop batteries is between two to four years. However, this can vary depending on how you use your laptop and the way you charge it.

If the battery is almost at the end of its lifespan, your operating system could warn you with a red X sign next to the battery icon. You can also use a third-party app and program to check the battery capacity. If your battery won’t charge, the problem could also be caused by a damaged adapter cable or charging port.

9. Your Laptop Shuts Down Unexpectedly

Have you noticed that your laptop shuts down whenever you’re in the middle of a task? This could be a battery issue. To be sure, check whether your laptop is charging and give it some time before turning it back on.

The problem could also stem from your screen. If you notice that the laptop screen is off but other components are running, try rebooting the laptop. Check whether the problem repeats itself.

But if your laptop still shuts down, you could be dealing with a hard drive problem. But whatever the case, a laptop that shuts down unexpectedly is a symptom of an underlying, more complex issue. Take your laptop to a professional immediately if this happens to you.

However, if your laptop is completely damaged, you may need a new one. When shopping for a new computer, check out Lenovo for the new Evo-based laptops.

10. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

10. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Have you noticed that your network keeps disconnecting whenever you’re using your laptop and you need to reconnect every time?

So you also have to input and re-input the network key over and over again? Does your Bluetooth speaker have a problem connecting or recognizing your laptop?

Nothing is more frustrating than laptop connectivity problems. While this could significantly affect your productivity, it’s a sign of serious problems. Start by restarting and troubleshooting your internet router to ensure it’s not the problem.

If other devices can connect to the internet, then your laptop is the problem. Contact a laptop service and repair expert immediately to help you solve the issue.

Now You Know if You Need Laptop Repair

Are you wondering whether you need laptop repair services? Whether you have an outdated or new laptop, knowing the signs of a failing laptop will save you a lot of money. If you notice the above signs on your laptop, you should consider getting it checked by a professional immediately. You can also consider having a laptop upgrade with rent to own laptops.

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