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Apria Healthcare

Apria Healthcare has been at the frontline for providing respiratory service equipment at home to its clients.

They have been working way before COVID-19. They were facing lots of challenges with their patients who had respiratory problems. This peaked during the COVID-19 situation. But they soon found a solution.

Keep reading to know all about Apria Healthcare, their services, and how they managed to face and surpass different challenges in the healthcare industry. 

About Apria Healthcare: Company details

Apria Health Care is one of the USA’s leading home respiratory services providers. It is the nation’s leading provider of home respiratory services. They provide medical equipment that includes oxygen therapy, inhalation therapies, negative pressure wound therapy, and sleep apnea treatment. 

The company was founded in 1924. The company has expanded now with a size of 5,001 to 10,000 in today’s time. They exceed their clients’s expectations through their services by showing high standards in their clinical treatment. 

Currently, more than 7,000 professionals work to serve more than 1.8 million of their patients every year. Currently, Apria Healthcare has 375 locations throughout the continental US and Hawaii. 

More so, it was the first company of its kind to achieve voluntary accreditation from the Joint Commission. They have been continuously accredited for close to 26 years. 

Challenges Faced And Initiatives Taken

The major challenges came to Apria Healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their patients with respiratory conditions who relied on regular care and functional medical equipment were close to the grasp of COVID-related emergencies. 

The Challenges

This made it critical for Apria Healthcare to find a solution to support their patients remotely without entering their homes. 

This made it critical for Apria Healthcare to find a way to support their patients remotely without entering their homes. Aside from regular patient check-ins, Respiratory therapists have different other responsibilities like helping their patients with medical equipment setups and troubleshooting equipment like CPAP machines. 

Previously, they used to install this equipment during in-person visits. The checking of the machines also happened during the in-person visits. Now, video was necessary for patients without the ability to do it. 

Now, legislation passed during the COVID-19 pandemic allows healthcare providers to utilize video calling methods. Apria Healthcare initially used WhatsApp or FaceTime for a specific time. They were providing instruction over video chats. However, the generic apps and video calling tools were not helpful in the long term. The main reason was HIPAA compliance

Initiatives Taken

It was clear that there was a quick need for a standardized and efficient video solution for equipment setup and troubleshooting. Apria Healthcare focused on streamlining the right solutions, improving existing employee workflow, and providing access from devices with HIPAA compliances. 

Thanks to this, the patient-therapist barrier caused by using different devices like mobile phones or home computers was demolished. The solution also had to integrate with the client’s existing systems that involved multiple legacy apps with the Salesforce cloud technology. 

What Solutions Does Apria Healthcare provide?

So, here are some of the solutions Apria Healthcare provides to its clients. 

Visibility Across All Healthcare Devices

Apria Healthcare has chosen Absolute Secure Endpoint for solving its endpoint security challenges. Each of the devices had a very dependable connection, which provided the company with the value they were looking for instantly. 

The IT team of Apria Healthcare instantly had visibility of all of their equipment. “With Absolute Secure Endpoint, we can establish groups that we categorize by employee, location, and function,” said Janet Hunt, the Senior Director of IT Quality and Support Services at Apria.

High Level Of Security Remains Intact

Apria Healthcare maintains a high level of security on their device. They ensure that the devices remain secure by activating them at their hub before shipping them. “When we purchase new hardware through our vendor, the first thing we do is load Absolute Secure Endpoint onto the devices,” Ms. Hunt said. She also added, “If any details change, like a username or location, we receive an alert so we can investigate further and take prompt action by either freezing or wiping the device as required.”

Staying Compliant With HIPAA

Apria Healthcare can now oversee and control all of its devices and keep sensitive information secure. This helps them stay compliant with HIPAA and other health regulations. They can track and report on their inventory, usage, and device location – despite the location of their devices. 

Improving Patient Care & Maintaining Security & Compliance Simultaneously

Absolute Secure Endpoint supports the adoption of new tech in Apria’s effort to improve the way patients get served. They have also recently deployed Microsoft Surface to the respiratory therapists. Through these devices, the company can easily access the data of their critical patients remotely. Based on the data, they can provide faster caregiving to the patients. Hunt says, “Absolute helps us retain our position as a leader in the marketplace, rather than a follower.”

Careers In Apria Healthcare

Apria Healthcare is always careful and very serious about choosing its workers. They usually see Veterans, spouses, and reservists as great fit for their job roles. However, employees do have mixed reactions when it comes to employee or job seeker’s experience. Here, go through a few reviews we found on Indeed

Bottom Line

Thanks to Absolute Secure Endpoint, Apria Healthcare gets perfect visibility of the endpoints. They can confidently maintain and track the report on their inventory. It is easier for them to provide their clients with the healthcare aid they need at any moment. 

You can also choose to enroll as one of their employees. Hopefully, this article gave you the information you needed on Apria Healthcare. Thank you for reading.

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