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Advantages That Come With Being A 1099 Contractor As A Freight Agent

Published on: August 10, 2023

Last Updated on: September 19, 2023

1099 Contractor As A Freight Agent

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Becoming a freight agent can be a great option for many people. A freight agent continues to be a good job as it is in a lot of demand and offers many opportunities for those that are successful in the field. When you are a freight agent, there are various options to consider for employment.

One option to consider is to become a 1099 contractor freight agent. In this role, you are ultimately independent and are your boss. Various benefits come with being a 1099 contractor in this field.

Who Is A 1099 Contractor?

Let’s come to the basics of the discussion: what exactly is a 1099 Contractor? The  1099 contractor is an individual who works independently for the client. They are the individuals who do not work under any employer. You may understand there is a difference in legalities between the contractor and the employee. 

The independent contractors pay for their self-security. The ones leveraging the services of independent contractors do not need to provide them with the employment benefits they are entitled to. This way, they reap the benefits.

Advantages  Of Being A 1099 Contractor As A Freight Agent

By now, you have got an idea that you can easily reap the advantages of the freight contractor. In this section, let us try to understand the core advantages of being a 1099 contractor as a freight agent.

Tax Advantages

Tax Advantages

One of the advantages that can come with being a 1099 contractor as a freight agent is that you will receive many tax benefits. Similar to anyone else who owns their own business or works for themselves, virtually any expense that you incur when working can be used to offset your taxable income.

This can include expenses for renting equipment or office space, marketing materials, and other items you need to spend to ensure you can operate efficiently. This can even include deducting a portion of your living expenses if you have a dedicated home office.

Be Your Boss

An added benefit that can come when you are a 1099 contractor when working as a freight agent is that you can be your boss. Not having to report to anyone is a dream for many people, and when you are a 1099 contractor, you will have this flexibility and independence.

While you may work with an agency and have to provide good service to customers, you are ultimately on your own and can build your business the way you want.

Flexible Work Environment

Another advantage of being a 1099 contractor when working as a freight agent is that you will have the flexibility to work in any environment that you want. While some freight agents like working in a traditional setting and normal 9-5 hours, others may choose to work from home, a vacation destination, or anywhere they see fit.

When you are a 1099 contractor, you will not be held to certain standards of where and when you work. This can help improve overall job satisfaction and ensure you have the flexibility to work how you want.

Access To Support Services

One of the concerns that any freight agent working as a 1099 contractor will have is the concern that they do not have any support. While you will be your own boss, you can still work through a freight agency.

When working through a freight agency, you can benefit from the agency’s established reputation and various support services that they can provide for even a 1099 contractor. This can include offering training and compliance support, back office help, and other services you will need along the way to be successful in your field.

High Earning Potential

An added advantage of being a 1099 contractor when you are working as a freight agent is that you will have very high earning potential. When you work as a freight agent in a traditional setting, you will have the ability to earn a nice living if you can establish good relationships with top clients.

However, you will always be limited to how much you can earn as you may have commission caps and will have to share a higher percentage of total income with the agency. When you are a 1099 contractor, you will have fewer earning limitations and can maximize your income potential.

The Roles Of The Independent Contractors As Freight Agents

This is a generic discussion of the roles and responsibilities of the independent or the 1044 contractors. The first role of the 1044 contractor is to coordinate with the clients and explain the requirements of the project. Secondly, they are the ones who take the responsibility of procuring the materials needed for the completion of the project.

Thirdly, they keep a vigil on the project. Fourthly, they take the responsibility of completing the project within the requirements. Lastly, they finalize the tasks with the help of the pre-set deadlines. 

What Are The Eligibility Criteria Set For Becoming An Independent Contractor?

The independent contracts can start without some real planning. However, to become one, you need to have the minimum eligibility criteria. The first and foremost requirement to be an independent contractor is to be a contractor, not an employee.  If you are an employee working under someone, you will be entitled to have all the benefits. But if you become independent, you are not going to get them for sure, but it will undoubtedly solidify your position.

Thereafter, you have to comply with some other requirements. Let’s see what they are. First of all, you have to ensure naming your business. Then, you have to work on registering the entity of your business. The third step is obtaining a contractor’s license. Fourthly, you must open your business account and start marketing. 


Independent and contractor freight agents continue to receive a variety of benefits. When you are looking to go into this field, working independently can be a good option. Various benefits can make being a 1099 contractor a great idea when you are trying to build a career as a new freight agent.

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