Building Leaders From Within: The Best Leadership Training Ideas

Leadership Training Ideas

When you want your employees to be great leaders, you need to facilitate that process. This can occur through focused discussions in small groups of employees. It also can happen through out-of-the-box activities that will push your employees’ creativity.

Read on to learn leadership training ideas that can enhance your organization!

Discuss the Leaders You Respect

A good starting point with leadership training is to talk about the leaders you admire most. Whether it’s Martin Luther King, Jr. or Eleanor Roosevelt, ask each employee to articulate why they chose their leader.

This is an easy way to start identifying leadership qualities. It’s also a good way to give each employee an uninterrupted moment to contribute to the conversation.

Brainstorm What Makes a Good Leader

Gather a small group of employees to make this leadership skills training session work. Ask the question, “What makes a great leader?” Then give your employees about 10 minutes to list attributes.

Take turns sharing lists. As the manager, write the attributes on a whiteboard and circle ones that overlap. You’ll be able to come up with a common list of traits that everyone can keep in mind.

You can ask employees to complete a leadership course, too. Doing this will lay the groundwork for better productivity and stronger loyalty to your organization.

Draw Out Better Communication

Communication is key to operating an effective business. What if you could use a simple drawing exercise to enhance communication? You don’t need great drawing skills to make it work, either.

Pair up your employees. Give one person a sheet of paper and pencil, and give the other person an unexpected item. Don’t let the person with the object show it to the person with the paper.

The person with paper should attempt to make a drawing based on the other person’s description of the item. Employees will gain confidence trying to put together the right words and have some fun in the process.

Leadership Training Ideas Include Teamwork Activities

The best types of leadership training get employees working with each other. When you’re plotting leadership training programs, aim to create group activities. And rotate group members from one activity to the next.

You want your employees to get experience working with like-minded personalities and different ones. Holding focused discussions or completing scavenger hunts are all good activities to try.

Try a Round of Trivia

While you might think that trivia night is a happy hour activity, it can be an effective form of leadership training, too. Trivia encourages collaboration and critical thinking. It also means your employees will need to think quickly.

Choose trivia topics that relate to your industry. And add some prizes to the mix for an enjoyable way to sharpen leadership skills.

Introduce Leadership Skills Training to Your Workplace

Pursue CEO learning programs to build confidence in your employees. You’ll also open up the lines of communication — and create a climate of trust. Schedule a few group activities throughout the year to keep everyone fresh.

To keep your business in top shape, check back for new articles.

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