What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Business Services?

Best Paying Jobs In Business Services

These days you can do a lot with a business degree. You can help yourself and others with their investment portfolios, start your own business, or get the wonderful corporate job you dreamed of getting one day.

When it comes to some entry-level positions, there are many such you can try in the business services. You can also move up the ladder with perseverance, experience, and knowing where the opportunities are.

Now, the experience and perseverance part is on you. But if you want me to explain some of the best paying jobs in business services, I can help.

In this article, I have listed some of the best jobs you can get with a business degree. So, let’s start without any delay.

8 Best Paying Jobs In Business Services

Here is a list of 8 jobs in the business services that you can try –

1. Marketing

Marketing jobs

Marketing jobs are never getting outdated. These jobs are just as versatile as they are fun. As a marketing executive, you have to work with different consumer data, develop your own analytical skills, and understand the behaviors of your consumers. You can put these skills to good use and run marketing campaigns based on current trends and consumer data.

Marketers usually make different strategic decisions regarding new product designs and campaigns. Marketing jobs are one of the best paying jobs in the business world. You can take different marketing courses or a business degree to get a job in this sector.

  • Usually, the average salary for marketers is around $54600 per year.

2. Entrepreneurs


The role of an entrepreneur usually is not a job. But, you can see it as a job and call yourself self-employed. But entrepreneurship, indeed, is a high jump in career. These professionals are responsible for the outcome an organization collectively generates through their efforts.

They are dreamers who solve problems in different industries. They are also risk-takers who take huge financial risks and develop innovative business plans that disrupt or create a new industry. Entrepreneurs are also responsible for creating new jobs and increasing new employment.

  • Their earning can range anything between $10000 per month to $1 million.

3. Social Media Researcher

Social Media Researcher

If you are looking for the best paying jobs in business services, then try the role of a social media researcher. Judging it is 2023, too many people are looking for fancy jobs like the best social media researcher. You can start your career with a degree in business, marketing, communication, or journalism.

As a social media researcher, you have to communicate with different clients and create and run social media campaigns. These professionals work with marketing assistants, public relations, legal teams, and marketing teams. If you acquire a managerial role, you will collaborate with assistants who will work under you.

  • You will usually earn a median salary of $88,000 per month.

4. Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager

If you are looking for the best paying jobs in business services, then HR is a role you can try for. You will need a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in business management to start your career as an HR.

Some of the responsibilities of the HRs include planning employment, hiring, developing company policies, organizational communications, employee payment processing, etc. aspirants also need to be skilled with thorough knowledge of the commercial perspective.

  • As a human resource manager, you can earn a median salary of around $80294 to $116,118 annually.

5. Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Business analysts help with the betterment of business operations and help improve inefficiencies. These professionals are parts of the IT industry. They usually work with the development teams of an organization. They do a lot of budgeting and forecasting for the concerning business.

Business analysts are also related to the financial modeling, reporting, pricing, and budgeting of a business.

  • As a business analyst, you can expect a median salary of $96,555 per year.

6. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Data scientists usually work with structured and unstructured data and describe different phenomena around those data. They use data in a more organized way to derive solutions for businesses they are working for. They also analyze a large amount of data to discover different patterns and trends within the field. It is undoubtedly one of the best paying jobs in business services.

It is also intellectually challenging. But professionals looking for a little challenge in their career can opt for data scientist roles.

  • Data scientists earn a great salary in us. As a data scientist, you can expect a median salary of $123842 per year.

6. Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager

Different businesses and government-affiliated organizations have many accounting vacancies. If you are looking for the best paying jobs in business services, you can opt for the role of accounting manager.

Accounting managers usually have to oversee accounting department operations such as payroll, revenue, budget, reconciliations, and more. They are also tasked with creating and maintaining financial information and documents. Accounting managers also help improve their team’s performance and contributions.

  • As an accounting manager, you will earn an average salary of $119,682 per year.

7. Finance Manager

Finance Manager

Thousands of finance jobs are available in different banks and companies. For a job in this sector, professionals need to be skilled in accounting, budgeting, and management. These professionals are involved in making financial decisions and collaborating with project managers and department managers.

The finance managers also have to work during the annual audit and create policies and implement them.

With a bachelor’s degree in business, you can apply for the role of finance manager, which is among the best-paying jobs in business services.

  • The average salary for the role of finance manager is $92,311 per year in the US.

8. Product Manager

Product Manager

One of the best paying jobs in business services is the role of product manager. They are the tech experts and product experts who understand the product they are working with.

They work with different business products throughout their life cycles. Gathering product data and customizing the product according to customer requirements also fall under their responsibilities.

This cool job role lets professionals go over the development and launch process of new products. Any upgradation or launch of any product features is done responsibly through them.

  • Product managers usually earn an average salary of $1,01,718 per year.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Best Paying Jobs In Business Services

While business services is a broad industry, there are multiple individual roles belonging from different sectors that share similar qualities with pros and cons that overlap. Before you start researching your job, you need to evaluate all the major characteristics of all the careers in business services to decide if this is the right career choice for you.

To make it easier for you, here are some of the pros and cons that could help you measure if this is the industry where you want to be established.


The pros of the jobs in the business services industry include the following:

High Salaries: Careers in business services have a national average salary of $76,570 each year, which apparently is $18,310 higher than the national average annual salary of all other occupations in the United States.

Growing Demand With Multiple Opportunities: The business services sector is consistently evolving, and new job opportunities are coming up every now and then. Researchers have confirmed that 715,100 new job positions are ready to be available over the next decade, while 980,200 annual job vacancies from the replacement needs and industry development.

Exceptional Balance Of Work-Life: In most of the roles under business services, people are expected to work from Monday to Friday while having the weekends off. In addition to that, the industry offers hybrid and remote working structures, which are extremely convenient for those individuals who have no access to vehicles or any other public transportation services.


The cons of business services may include:

Work Pressure: Business services are concerned with all the operations taking place within a business. This calls for the job roles to be extremely under pressure while facing strict deadlines and a rushing environment. This induces stress and pressure on the employees.

Teamwork: Generally, business operations require the involvement of collaborative teamwork among all the team members. While this may sound like an advantage for many people, there are multiple individuals who prefer working independently without having to regularly interact with their colleagues.

Educational Requirements: The best of the job roles in the business services sector require certain educational qualifications or degrees related to the subject. Without having these degrees, it is quite impossible to land jobs in this sector. For instance, a data analyst will have to have a degree in any technical area, such as computer science.

Bottom Line

Most management jobs offer a high amount in salary, and they are very respectable job opportunities as well. Also, when you have a degree in business management, you will get job offers from different companies in different industries. If you are looking for the best paying jobs in business services, you can check out the ones listed in this article.

However, if you want me to answer any of your related queries, you can let me know through the comment section.

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