What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Durables?

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Durables?

Are you looking for the best paying jobs in consumer durables? There are many jobs available in this industry, and some of them are getting more attention as we speak.

There are lots of design and development-related work, marketing, sales, and Human resource-related jobs available in the consumer durables industry.

So, if you are planning on getting a job in this sector, you can check out the list of ten jobs I have offered in this article.

10 Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Durables

If you want jobs related to finance, marketing, and the sales industry instead of industries under electric utilities, you can try out the different options listed in this article.

Here are the ten different jobs you can get yourself in consumer durables.

1. Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

One of the best paying jobs in consumer durables is the role of marketing managers. They are tasked with a variety of works that include planning and executing marketing processes, handling marketing budgets, and analyzing ROI and campaign success.

Due to being a managerial role, these professionals also have to do some teamwork. A bachelor’s degree, great communication skills, and leadership skills are essential for landing a job as a marketing manager in the consumer durable industry.

  • You can expect a yearly salary of $145000 per year as a marketing manager.

2. Account Manager

Account Manager

What do consumer durables jobs pay? If that is what you are asking, you should take a look at the paycheck an account manager earns in the consumer durable industry. This job role will also get you a job in the major banks across the country. It is currently the most sought-after job in the consumer durable industry. They are the company representative who communicates with the customers on a one-on-one basis.

You also have to understand the customers’ requirements and check out their concerns. Account managers usually have a bachelor’s degree and a degree in marketing.

  • This best paying job in consumer deliverable pays you $64995 per year.

3. Product Manager

Product Manager

The role of a product manager is another great job opportunity in consumer durables. They require the skills of designing products, linking them with the corporate strategy, and understanding consumer demands.

All these tasks and responsibilities boil down to creating the best product for the company. You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree and good communication skills and problem-solving skills.

  • You will earn a handsome salary of $111950 per year.

4. Media Planner

Media Planner

So, you are looking for best paying jobs in consumer durables? Well, have you thought of trying out the roles of media planners? As a media planner, you will be determining the media outlet where you want to.

As a media planner, you will determine which outlet or platform is suitable for advertising your brand. They usually employ different mathematical formulas to collect demographic data.

  • As a media planner, you will earn a salary of $66,500 per year.

5. Staff Accountant

Staff Accountant

Another of the best paying jobs in consumer durables is the role of staff account. As a staff accountant, you will be making an entry or mid-difficulty level accounting work. You will be responsible for keeping the financial records of a company. Some of their responsibilities include reconciling bank statements, ensuring IRS compliance, and also recording the ledger reports.

  • You can expect a good salary of $49900 per year in this role of staff accountant.

6. Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Sales teams are common for every business. So, if you are thinking of best paying jobs in consumer durables, you can opt for the role of sales manager. It is a considerably well-paid job opportunity. As a sales manager, you will have to supervise and oversee the sales process and go through the sales report. Hiring sales workers and training new employees is also one of the key responsibilities of a sales manager.

  • As a sales manager, you can earn a yearly salary of $73000.

7. Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Another high-paying job in consumer durables is the role of a business analyst. People in this usually have a Ph.D. or an MBA. However, no such requirement for an MBA or a Ph.D. for a business analyst job. These individuals are skilled with data analysis and can look into and improve different aspects of a business. They provide solutions for those businesses.

  • As a business analyst, you will be earning a salary of $77,218 annually.

8. Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager

We cannot talk about the best paying jobs in consumer durables while skipping the role of HR managers out of the equation. As an HR manager, you will be responsible for planning, organizing, and directing different administrative operations. You will help an organization with recruitment, planning, interview, and consultation with senior executives for strategy building and implementation.

  • As an HR manager, you will have a yearly salary of $107942.

9. Product Marketers

Product Marketers

As a product marketer, you have to launch new products of a company within a target market. In terms of product strategies and product positioning, you will create and implement the most profitable ways. You also need to ensure that the product line is in alignment with the current trends followed by the users. You can start by getting yourself a degree in engineering or computer science. You might also need an MBA and special certifications.

  • As a product marketer, you will earn $117,872.

10. Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Many job seekers look for jobs in telecommunication equipment. But, there are some best paying jobs in consumer durables, and one of them is the role of administrative assistant. They play a supporting function in an office. Their role is to organize and disseminate data to different coworkers and answer phone calls. They also have to answer lots of queries on the phone and do other different administrative tasks.

Bottom Line

There are many best paying jobs in consumer durables. The requirement level for most of these roles starts with a high school degree or bachelor’s degree. You may also need different skill-related certifications for these jobs. If you are looking for jobs in the consumer durables industry, you can go check out the ten different opportunities I have discussed here.

But if you need any additional help, you can let us know through the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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