Optimising Contact Centre Services Through Business Process Outsourcing

Published on: June 10, 2023

Last Updated on: July 22, 2023

Optimising Contact Centre Services through Business Process Outsourcing

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As the heart of customer interaction and service delivery, contact centres are crucial to businesses across industries. Business process outsourcing (BPO) has emerged as a strategic tool for enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability of contact center services.

BPO, in the context of contact center services, covers a wide range of areas, from customer service and technical support to sales and back-office operations. These services, when effectively managed, can significantly improve a business’s overall customer experience (CX) and drive key performance indicators (KPIs).

Perks Of A Quality Business Process Outsourcing

When it comes to business process outsourcing, there are various benefits one receives. Given below are some reasons why you should consider hiring a skilled and experienced call center service provider. 

  • Satisfactory Customer Support

Customer service is a fundamental element of contact center services. BPO providers, with their skilled agents and round-the-clock service capabilities, can handle a multitude of customer queries and issues. By doing so, they can drive key KPIs such as First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), thereby improving CX and fostering customer loyalty. 

What’s better than getting 24*7 customer support than waiting for a service provider’s call? With an efficient business process outsourcing agency, your customers are rest assured of receiving the highest quality service within minutes of the request being raised. 

An outsourced customer support operation team is responsible for minimizing queue times while maximizing the number of solutions. The reason being an outsourced team is responsible for handling this. This prevents a long list of customers from bringing out their concerns all at once in a limited time period. 

  • Technical Support

For many businesses, technical support is also essential. BPO providers can offer expert assistance for product-related issues or software troubleshooting, boosting the KPIs of issue resolution time and customer satisfaction. This level of support ensures that customers feel valued and understood, leading to improved brand perception.

BPO professionals make use of modern-day technologies like AI-based hiring platforms as well as applicant tracking systems for locating the right talents. Besides, whenever somebody needs technical support, the call center providers are always there to help them out. 

Hiring a BPO means you can choose a professional without any long-term commitment. This indicates that you can hire them either on an hourly basis or as per the requirements of your project. While this might be a benefit lesser known to people, it is definitely something you cannot miss. 

  • Sales Pitch

Sales is another critical component of contact center services. BPO providers can manage outbound sales calls, upselling, and cross-selling activities. By doing so, they can improve sales KPIs such as conversion rates and average transaction value, contributing to a company’s overall revenue growth.

A customer care executive usually focuses on the perks of the products and services after alleviating the concerns of their customers or arguments raised against them. This is an efficient method of hitting the sales pitch. One can work on promoting this strategy to prevent time waste because there are so many in the queue. 

The only way to create a great sales pitch is by keeping it short and upto the point. That’s what BPO executives exactly do. Since sales is not a conventional presentation, there are various ways to break the ice.  

  • Back-Office Operations

Back-office operations, while less visible to customers, play a vital role in maintaining service efficiency and quality. BPO companies can handle tasks such as data management, process documentation, and quality assurance. This operational support ensures a smooth flow of tasks within the contact center and drives operational KPIs such as process efficiency and accuracy.

The rapid rise in BPO utility is a clear indication that brands do not have to spend a lot of money and time working on non-core business procedures. For a portion of the total cost, BPO providers are hired by companies to integrate their expertise into back-office functions. 

The resources left behind by handling additional business operations to BPOs let an agency focus on its core responsibilities. Resources are better channelized into activities such as customer care and marketing that generate quality revenues. 

  • Scalability

BPO services also provide the benefit of scalability. During peak periods or seasonal variations in demand, businesses can easily scale up their contact center operations without having to invest heavily in additional resources. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for businesses that experience significant fluctuations in customer contact volumes.

In case of unsatisfactory results from your BPO, you can always change the provider or the team, or both than experiencing the nightmare of reshuffling, restructuring, or force reduction by HR. Additionally, there is no need to dedicate a team and keep them salaried during the business off-season. 

Outsourcing provides you flexibility for scaling your outsourced team depending on your business requirements. This helps you in responding quickly to market changes. What’s better than receiving flexible services along with getting your customers’ queries resolved instantly? 

  • Data Confidentiality

With stringent data protection measures and adherence to compliance standards, business process outsourcing firms ensure that all customer interactions and transactions are securely handled. The versatility of call centers in maintaining data privacy has attracted billions of customers.

Another method by which a BPO maintains data privacy is by following the ISO certification protocols that are standard to meet customer needs. This certification informs clients of the security levels implemented by the agency. So, those thinking that BPOs do not take enough security measures might be wrong.    

One of the most fundamental steps in data security is maintaining physical security as well. The measures in physical security refer to the installation of CCTV cameras, restricting access to office areas, and maintaining proper documentation of those visiting the BPO premises. 

 Wrapping It Up

Although collaborating with a BPO service provider is essential for any organization, it’s not really easy to find someone who fits the bill. After all, not everyone will understand your work culture or be motivated enough to work for you.

So, it’s important to create a checklist of your requirements before you hire a BPO service provider, like oworkers. Checking their industry experience is certainly something you should keep in mind.

Nevertheless, apart from that, their cost, operational capabilities, and work culture has to come into your contention as well. Otherwise, the hiring process will be a total mess!

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