Do Businesses Still Use Coin Trays?

Coin Trays

Coin trays may not be a common sight nowadays, but for some businesses, it remains an invaluable tool that allows the business to be run at optimal efficiency.

Even with the advancement of technology and the improvement in various systems and mechanisms to help with the counting of cash, coin trays still come in handy for those who need a quick look at reserves at a glance, while still having easy operations to understand and being straightforward enough to use.

Do Businesses Still Use Coin Trays?

Do Businesses Still Use Coin Trays?

The obvious answer is yes, and you might not be surprised at some of the businesses that continue to have the coin tray as a vital part of the operation.

The first few that come to mind are businesses that have a quick turnaround in terms of cash. The likes of restaurants, banks, and smaller businesses are all still likely to utilize coin trays as part of their everyday operations.

Instead of wrestling with technical requirements and potentially complicated processes to keep everything in check, a coin tray can fulfill the same function in a more direct manner.

Employees can monitor everything that goes in and out, they have control over the amount of money that is left in the coin tray, and when it comes the time to collate everything, what you see is exactly what you get.

Not only is there less time involved in getting customers the money they need for any particular transaction, but it also makes it easier to keep track of everything.

At a restaurant, that can come down to getting the right change to the customers paying the bill. For the bank, withdrawals can be processed quickly with coins being right where the bank teller needs them.

As for small businesses, where transactions are more likely to be smaller in nature, the amount of change that exchanges hands makes the coin tray a much-needed tool that can help things go much smoother every single day.

As long as a coin tray is used in the right place, with the right kind of labeling and segmentation, which can reduce errors and make operations much more seamless, it can be an invaluable tool even in the modern landscape of business.

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For business owners, it can also be an easy tool to teach your employees to use properly. There is not so much skill involved when using a coin tray, with the basic requirement of being able to count as the most important one.

If you can get the same task done without the need to invest in costly machines and train your employees, then it makes even more sense that the humble coin tray remains in circulation in businesses.

Not every business has the capital to purchase numerous technologically advanced cash registers or machines and not every small business has the time or resources to train their employees to use these optimally.

As much as we are embracing technology and how much easier it can make certain tasks when it comes to retaining that human touch while dealing in cash amounts, the coin tray remains the go-to tool for many businesses.


Simple to use, easy to monitor, and more affordable than expensive machinery, the simple and humble coin tray can be the missing piece to help businesses operate much more efficiently.

At the same time, it can still be the right tool to help you get things moving fast and in a fuss-free manner. Anyone is able to use the coin tray to help with a business’s operations, and that is something that not all machines can boast about.

Overall, it would be a mistake to dismiss coin trays entirely in favor of more complex machines and technological systems. Coin trays certainly do still serve a vital purpose, more so in certain industries and businesses around us.

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