Factors To Consider When Buying A Bill Counting Machine

Bill Counting Machine

In the last two decades, bill counting machines have become a popular tool for financial institutions, casinos, credit unions, retail industries, and countless other businesses dealing with hard cash daily.

These machines have offered a solution to mitigate the mistakes people make while counting and ensure that accounts and books are accurate.

What’s more, a counting machine helps people count bills at incredible speeds. But counting is not the only thing machines can do. There are advanced machines that come with additional loaded features and make them even more desirable for businesses.

bill counter machine is an excellent investment for safeguarding from fraudulent and counterfeit bills. This will eventually help your business maintain its financial bottom line. 

However, most buyers, especially first-time buyers, find it difficult to determine which bill-counting machine holds the most relevant factor for their business.

That is why we have compiled a list of factors to consider when buying a bill-counting machine.

What Is A Bill Counting Machine?

A bill-counting machine is a machine that helps you with counting bank notes and bills. These counters are purely mechanical and use electricity for their operations. A bill counter only offers the total count of the bills. However, if the machine is advanced with sensors, it can also be used to calculate how much the total bills amount to.

While the bill counter was only used in the banks, retail industry, and other sectors where counting money was everything. But today, bill counters have spread to almost every sector.

Whether we are talking about casinos, pharmaceuticals, or trade – if counting money is involved, these machines are used. The reason is simple – to save time.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Bill Counting Machine

That being said, not all bill-counting machines are made the same. Different manufacturers load their machines with different features. Thus, it is hard to choose one that fits relevant to your needs. 

Below are a few factors to look into before you make your buying decisions.

1. Counting Speed

Unknown to all, not all bill counting machines have the same speed when it comes to counting money. Some machines are fast with the process, while some take their sweet little time. This is because of the technology they are using. 

That being said, if you are dealing with a higher volume of money every day, it is wise to look for a bill-counting machine with a max speed compared to other machines. This way, you can serve your customers more efficiently.

2. Hopper Capacity

The hopper capacity of the bill-counting machine is the number of bills it can hold simultaneously. The hopper’s capacity will decide when you have to reload. The bigger the capacity, the less time will be wasted on reloading and serving people.

The average hopper capacity was somewhere around 200 bills to 300 bills. However, if you are talking about a commercial bill counter, you can have up to 500 bill capacity hooper.

3. Mixed Bill Detection

If you are dealing with a higher volume of bills, there will be parties who will want to pull a quick one with you by mixing different bills. Hence, you must look for a feature that detects different bills in the lot. This will ensure you are counting only one type of bill at a time.

If you are using a standard bill counting machine, you will be required to sort the bills in their various denominations. However, if you have the advanced version, the machine can sort them for you.

4. Detection Of Counterfeit Bills

This is one of the most important features. In fact, most people buy a bill-counting machine because they want to deal with counterfeit bills. If you follow news and releases from federal banks, you will know that the market is filled with millions of counterfeit bills. 

How do you protect yourself? Get a quality bill counter that can detect counterfeit bills at the time of counting.

Finally, After-Sale Service

Due to the continuous emergence of counterfeit bills, the machine needs to cope with the latest counterfeit money. That means they need to be upgraded frequently. Therefore, be sure to check the feature of counterfeit money detection when buying a bill-counting machine and what the procedure will be for the after-sale service.

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