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Decline In Upgrades: Why More Consumers Are Choosing To Keep Their Current Phone

By Sumona

December 18, 2021

Current Phone

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Every year, the biggest smartphone manufacturers unveil their latest version. These unveiling typically generate a buzz on social media, with everyone sharing their thoughts on the newest version available in the upcoming months. Even before they are released, there are many posts about what smartphones we can expect to see in the future.

However, despite this buzz, there has been a decline in people upgrading to the latest smartphone. How many people have the newest version of an Apple or Samsung device within your social circle? The chances are not many will have the latest version.

Why has there been a decline in people upgrading their phones? These are why more consumers choose to stay with their current smartphones instead of upgrading.

Reduce Their Waste

One topic that continues to dominate the news is climate change. The continuing discussion about living a more sustainable lifestyle has impacted consumer behavior. More people are looking for ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle and what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint.

An easy way to help reduce your carbon footprint is by minimizing the waste you produce. It could be throwing out unwanted clothes, furniture, food, and even old smartphones. Unless you had exchanged your old phone when you got a new smartphone, the chances are that you have your old smartphone in a draw or cupboard somewhere in your home.

To avoid this, consumers stay with their smartphones until they upgrade. If they decide to upgrade, many will buy a newer version second-hand as the price is significantly lower than buying a new phone.

More Affordable Options

Many of the phone contracts on the market today last for three years. These long-term contracts are off-putting to most consumers as they do not want to be tied to a phone and provider for years.

If they have issues with the provider, such as slow data connections or poor signal, they will have two options. The first is to wait for their contract to finish before finding a new provider. It will mean that they have to continue dealing with the issues they have experienced.

The alternate option is terminating the contract early and finding a new provider. The downside to this route is that they will have to pay the total of the remainder of the contract first. The amount can be a large sum of money to lose in one go.

A choice that is rising in popularity is SIM-only deals. A SIM-only deal enables the consumer to select a plan that includes the texts, minutes, and data they use for an affordable price. Switching to this deal allows them to keep their current phone which works, and pay a few pounds a month for texts, minutes, and data. The Lebara SIM only plans are an excellent example as they offer SIM only plans
with enticing deals.

An additional benefit of SIM-only plans is that they usually last for a year. It means that consumers are not having to sign up for being in a two or three-year contract with a provider. When they choose SIM only, if they are unhappy with their provider, they know that they can switch to a new one when the year is finished. Having the ability to change providers after a year is why SIM-only deals are increasing in popularity.

Minimal Improvements To The Phone

Minimal Improvements To The Phone

In previous years, when the latest version of a smartphone was introduced to the market, the innovation for the device enticed consumers. With each year that passes, the innovation in the newest smartphone version has diminished. The recent upgrades made to each device are often a slightly improved camera. The processors may be a touch faster than they were previously, and the shape or size of the smartphone has been altered.

The minor changes between each smartphone version have meant consumers do not feel a strong urge to get the latest version. They are satisfied with their version and choose to take an affordable contract instead.

Improved Quality Of Cases

Improved Quality Of Cases

A common reason many people upgraded their phones was breaking their old ones. It could be from falling on the fall, down the stairs, and into the sink. These incidents would cause the screen to crack and result in the phone no longer working. As such, people would begin finding a new smartphone to replace their old one. They would usually choose the latest version, as there would likely be an enticing offer to encourage people to switch.

However, countless good-quality phone cases are available in today’s market. Each one enables consumers to keep their phones longer and in excellent condition. The design of these modern cases fits tightly around the phone to offer it more excellent protection. In previous years, the case would often be bulky. The bulky case would turn people away and risk getting their phones damaged.

These newer cases help consumers keep their phones in good condition; they do not need to upgrade. As nothing wrong with their current phone, they feel happy to continue using it.

Older smartphone models are relatively affordable to fix in incidents where the phone screen was too cracked or an issue. As a result, consumers choose to have their phone fixed instead of replacing it with a newer model.

The Bottom Line

Upgrading your smartphone each year is more a luxury choice than a necessity. When a new version of a smartphone is released, the brand will market the latest product that makes the previous version seem outdated.

Whether they are a year or two old, many newer models of phones are still as good as the latest version being marketed. As a result, more consumers choose to stay with their current phone for longer before they decide to upgrade. Along with the other mentioned reasons, these have all contributed to the decline in people upgrading their smartphones.

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