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FedEx VS UPS: Which One Should You Choose?

By Ankita Tripathy

May 16, 2024


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If you have landed on this page, I assume you are already in a dilemma about which one you should select: FedEx vs UPS. 

Both companies are very reliable in providing shipping solutions for e-commerce. They are also famous for offering a wide range of services for the people. 

If you are new to the e-commerce industry, FedEx vs. UPS might seem distinguishable. However, as you learn more about them, you realize they have unique features.   

The companies are famous for their best tracking services. Moreover, their efficiency makes them the leader of the entire logistics industry. FedEx and UPS are more efficient in delivering faster than the government delivery services. 

But! These companies compete with one another. What are the exact differences between them? Which company has been successful enough to meet consumer needs?  

I will help you discover certain parameters that make the companies different in this article. I will also give you a brief idea about the business model, how it ties up with e-commerce and logistics, and their delivery services.    

What Are FedEx And UPS?  

What Are FedEx And UPS

Before jumping onto the differences between FedEx and UPS, first, we need to learn about the companies, and it has been making a huge impact on the logistics industry for years.  



Founded in 1907, United Parcel Servies, or UPS, started its journey from Seattle. James E Casey and Claude Ryan established the company currently headquartered in Atlanta.  

The company has over 543000 employees and an overall sales of around $8404 billion.  

UPS, or United Parcel Services, is the largest courier and package delivery service provider in the U.S. The company offers services in all three mediums, from ground freight to air and ocean freight.  

Other than the services provided in the domestic area, UPS also operates in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, and Africa. They are mostly famous for their entire package delivery through the U.S. Air and ground transportation services.  

The company has an efficient freight and supply chain for the package delivery services. They provide international trading, financing, and brokerage services.    



FedEx is a famous multinational conglomerate holding company which was founded in 1971. Frederick Wallace Smith founded the company, headquartered in Memphis, TN.  

After UPS, FedEx is considered the second largest courier. It operates in the U.S. and has around $69 billion in revenue. FedEx continues to operate with 475,000 people actively working in 220 countries.  

The company operates through ground, express, corporate, and eliminations. Amid the services, the company maintained its main focus on delivering small packages through their ground branches.   

FedEx Express covers domestic and international e-commerce shipping for freight delivery and other packages.  

From support sales, marketing, and communication to I.T. support, billing, and collection services, the company helps the population with all kinds of solutions.    

FedEx vs UPS: Pricing  

FedEx’s standard ground rate is usually cheaper than UPS’s ground rate for packages over 5 pounds.  

On the other hand, UPS’s next-day air shipping rate is usually cheaper than that of all kinds of FedEx and equivalent services.  

However, there is a twist: FedEx is generally cheaper for all kinds of smaller and lighter packages. At the same time, UPS offers an affordable price for large and heavy packages.   

Business Models: FedEx VS UPS 

Before we discuss FedEx and UPS’s e-commerce, logistics, and delivery services, we need to learn about their business models.  

UPS Or United Parcel Delivery 

UPS mainly focuses on domestic ground delivery services. They are widely famous for their efficiency in delivering packages internationally in the U.S. and other countries.  

Regarding the core business, UPS offers delivery services every day except Sundays. In 2021, UPS successfully handled 9.2 billion packages in a single year, including 25.25 million packages and documents daily.  

UPS stores are retail outlets that were started with the motive of catering to individuals. These stores primarily focus on the locals and small businesses. Their primary focus is to meet their small package delivery needs through the help of retail outlets.  


FedEx specializes in providing time-sensitive international air freight. It successfully includes freight services through Global Air Express, which is mostly known for its speed and reliability.   

As for the core business of FedEx, the company mainly delivers packages and documents worldwide. They are strongly focused on their international express services.  

Air Express is the company’s main earner and is responsible for the maximum revenue for the company.  

Similar to UPS, FedEx also owns active retail stores. The only difference is that FedEx offices or retail services are a part of their corporate structure. On the other hand, franchises often own UPS and operate independently.  

The corporation owns FedEx offices and occupies a large space, which is similar to huge office spaces. FedEx offers services such as shipping, packaging, and office supplies through these locations.  

Key Takeaway   

The comparison of FedEx vs UPS based on their business model clearly stated how each operates.  

On the one hand, UPS has succeeded in the field of ground delivery services, while on the other hand, FedEx has stood out with its Air Express Freight.  

However, their efficient and clear strategies have helped the companies excel and continue their services in the logistics landscape.    

Electronic Commerce And Logistics: FedEx vs UPS 

Electronic Commerce And Logistics: FedEx vs UPS 

The idea of e-commerce has significantly impacted the logistics industry, and FedEx and UPS were no exception.  


The continuous development of e-commerce has played a pivotal role in UPS and its core business of delivering small packages. The online purchasing rate is increasing on a daily basis. As a result, the merchants are also increasing their pressure to ensure good delivery right on time.   

Taking advantage of the growth of e-commerce, UPS is making meaningful connections between customers and businesses.  

Even though coping with the heavy shipment demand was a huge challenge, the company still successfully increased its business.  


The growth of adopting online shopping from different regions has increased the overall volume and economic scale for companies like FedEx. As people prefer to shop online, logistics like FedEx are getting a bulk number of orders.  

The company offers various delivery time options for consumers. As a consumer, you are free to choose the time you want your order.  

On the other hand, advancements such as mobile notifications keep consumers informed about the shipment and help them have a seamless experience. 

While the e-commerce boom is increasing the number of shipping products, FedEx strategically reduced overall costs. They aggregated shipments and combined all the small packages into a single shipment, which ultimately helped the company reduce costs. 

Key Takeaway 

Both FedEx and UPS have successfully adapted to the e-commerce boom and secured profitability from their operations. Both of them have developed innovative solutions and optimized their logistics.  

If companies continue to prioritize customer experience and innovation, they will be open to more opportunities in a dynamic space.  

Express And Long-Haul Delivery: FedEx vs UPS 

People often expect their orders to reach their doorsteps as early as possible. This is why it has become a new normal for online purchases for local as well as regional deliveries almost on a regular basis. 


In simple terms, the present need for regular delivery opposes the concept of long-haul deliveries, which was FedEx’s niche.  

Now, to avoid high-cost issues, local sellers look for regional chain stores to avoid long-distance deliveries, which are also time-consuming.  

To meet the rising demand for long-haul deliveries, the company realigned its business while keeping the advantage of the express advantage.      

While being competent in long-haul deliveries, FedEx also improved its express delivery capabilities to deliver packages quickly.  


For both express and long haul, UPS’s business strategy completely aligns with consumer needs and trends.  

UPS has a potential network that helps handle an increased volume of packages for shipments. As a result, it helps improve efficiency and find solutions for last-minute deliveries.   

As online shopping continues to flourish, UPS’s e-commerce services will play an immense role in generating revenue. The rapid growth will especially help consumers shop and increase the demand for express and long-haul deliveries.  

In Summary! 

In conclusion, FedEx has more dissimilar operations, including express services and ground freight. So, more than one single network will be needed for the company to provide all the services.  

However, UPS or United Parcel Services is different from FedEx. It focuses mainly on small package deliveries. A single network would be more applicable to the company as it would make more sense.  

Even though both companies are involved in the same logistics business, the aspects of the business motto make them so different. From your naked eye, they may look similar.  

However, the overall layout of the business and its operation make it different from the others.   

So, which one would be the best option for you? FedEx vs UPS? Then, both are capable in their own field. However, you need to understand your shipping needs and align them with either of the logistics.  

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