How To Choose A Worldwide Shipping Service?

Worldwide Shipping Service

Are you an e-commerce organization that needs to ship multiple packages to clients worldwide?

Or maybe you’ve got relatives in your home country expecting a parcel on a special occasion? Perhaps you have a letter that urgently needs to be delivered to someone on the other side of the world.

Worldwide shipping services make it possible to ship your package to any destination without worrying about its safety or timely delivery. There are several shipment methods you can choose from, like air, ground, and ocean, based on the expenses involved and other factors like the urgency of the delivery.

One of the significant benefits of such services is the variety of items you can ship to any destination worldwide, including boxes, television, automobiles, furniture, and even something as simple as an envelope.

Transporting to worldwide destinations is particularly beneficial for e-commerce businesses, providing benefits like reaching more customers, expanding brand awareness, boosting sales, and reducing customer returns.

But how can you find the best logistics provider, considering that so many are out there? What are the various factors before settling upon a particular shipment provider?

Get the answers to these questions and other details below.

How much do they charge?

You could search for the best transporting service worldwide by checking their rates or prices. One way of doing it is by comparing them with other providers and calculating the amount you save by choosing them.

Some services also provide a user-friendly shipping calculator to help you find the best rates. You can check the pricing by providing information like your package dimensions, weight, and shipping destination.

It is better to go with couriers that offer heavily discounted rates with volume-based pricing. Usually, transporting with a provider is cheaper than contacting a courier service directly.

Transporting companies can provide cheaper rates because of the vast quantities of packages they send through various carriers and receive discounted rates in return.

To which countries do they ship?

The specific list of countries to which a company extends its services varies from one to another. However, the best ones cover the four parts of the globe, including Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and Australia/Oceania. But what are the countries included in each?


China, UAE, Nepal, India, and Pakistan


Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa



North America

Canada and Mexico

Things to remember before shipping

Before sending a parcel, box, or package to any country, you should be aware of things like the list of prohibited items, the latest customs duties and processes, and rules for shipping to a particular country.

You must also check the various shipment methods and the estimated delivery time of the package. The shipping time is influenced by multiple factors, such as package type, dimensions, and shipment method.

If you require a package to be delivered in the least amount of time and to a nearby destination, choosing air transportation is the best option. Sending your courier to destinations in Asia and Europe guarantees a faster delivery time because of the well-developed network of shipping services in these countries.

It is vital to pack your items in a shipping box, as determined by the transporting provider, containing the right material. Attaching necessary documentation is mandatory, as is providing the recipient’s contact information. You should also ensure that the package is insured, bonded, and licensed.

You should choose a worldwide shipping service after considering various factors, including the ones mentioned above. It is the best way to send your package to a recipient in another country, with benefits like discounts and tracking.


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