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How Long Does Yesstyle Take To Ship? – Review Of Its Shipping Timeline

Published on: August 17, 2022

Last Updated on: August 18, 2022

how long does yesstyle take to ship

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If you are a fashion enthusiast and adore Asian fashion icons, then you are buying from YesStyle. However, while there are some extraordinary fashion items and collectible clothes categories, you might not be satisfied with the delivery speed of the platform.

So, how long does YesStyle take to ship? Do you have any idea? If you ordered something on Yesstyle and are wondering when you will receive your product, this article may be worth reading.

Here, I have discussed how long it takes YesStyle to ship something to buyers. This article is a YesStyle shipping review for people who are looking for it.

What Is Yesstyle?

Founded in 2006, Yesstyle is a fashion e-commerce store where you can buy the latest Asian Fashion items. You can buy from more than 300 Korean and Japanese Brands in YesStyle. Different clothing and lifestyle products are available at YesStyle. Most of these brands offer organic, unique, and eco-friendly lifestyle and beauty products.

What Is Yesstyle

You can buy casual, formal, and kawaii-styled k-pop outfits that are also available in their stores. Asian Street stylist Joshua K. Lau founded this website. Although starting the business in Hong Kong, YesStyle started expanding itself across different countries. You can buy bags, jewelry, clothes, and other fashion and beauty items from this eCommerce platform.

The product range of this eCommerce site covers product requirements for customers of different ages and genders.

How Long Does Yesstyle Take To Ship?

Customers might feel that the delivery time is too long when they are shopping on YesStyle.The immense size of the platform and the requirement of products across different countries make the delivery process slower for YesStyle.

YesStyle is popular because the platform promotes Asian Lifestyles across different countries (across and beyond Asia). The reach of the platform is increasing and is growing beyond Asia. Individuals of all different age groups, both male and female, love to shop on YesStyle.

Yesstyle Shipping time

Hong Kong Council of Youth Social Services recognizes this brand as a leading company in the lifestyle and beauty care industry. Yesstyle keeps adding new products to their catalogs every day. The vast customer base has a long product category to pick their items from.

Now, the time taken for each product shipping is based on the shipping method a customer is using. Here are two shipping methods setting the benchmark for varying shipping times.

Shipping MethodTime Needed To Ship 
Express Two weeks to five days.
Standard Ten days or three weeks. 

Here is a detailed answer to your question – how long does yesstyle take to ship? 

If you ask how long YesStyle takes to ship, then the list above should help you. 

Why Does YesStyle take so long to ship the product?

You can expect a faster shipping time using the YesStyle express shipping method. The express shipping option by YesStyle offers faster shipping, and you can expect your product to be delivered within five days. But, if you resort to the Standard shipping process, your product might be shipped within ten days to three weeks.

If you want your product to ship faster, then the express shipping method should be your preferred method. But, if you want a cheaper shipping method, then the standard shipping method. YesStyle standard shipping option is cheaper and slower.

Some buyers are not that worried about shipping time; for them, standard shipping is a more reasonable option. YesStyle Standard shipping method is a good option for saving money. The delivery might take from ten days to three weeks to reach, but it is a more affordable option.

But, if you want a faster shipping option, then the Yesstyle express shipping option is more helpful. You can expect your delivery to reach you within five days. Max to the max, the delivery might take two weeks to reach you.

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Why Does Yesstyle Take So Much Time To Deliver? 

Why Does Yesstyle Take So Much Time To Deliver?

Before you ask how long YesStyle takes to ship, you should consider your location. There are different hurdles to delivering a product. For example, some products have certain restrictions, and they cannot be shipped to all parts of the world. Also, some of the products take more time to reach the customer.

Also, the time retailer takes also affects the delivery process. Most such platforms have different product delivery chains making the process faster. Currently, the customer can also track their delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I think you have already found your answer related to the delivery and shipping time. However, if you have any further questions, the below-mentioned questions and answers might help you –

1. How Long Does Yesstyle Express Take To Deliver An Item?

Ans: Your YesStyle express delivery should reach you within five days to a week. An extended delivery time may go up to 2 weeks. Usually, you can expect your delivery to reach you within five days.

2. Where Does Yesstyle Ship From?

Ans: YesStyle is a shopping portal based in Hong Kong. Famous products from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are available on this platform. The brand is known for catering to Asian fashion trends across the world. They ship products across different parts of the world.

3. Does Yesstyle Refund?

Ans: Upon any unwanted or unopened returns of the Yesstyle products, you can expect refunds. Yesstyle usually does these refunds in the form of Yesstyle credits. Most of the customers are pretty much satisfied with their product delivery and refunds.

4. Is Yesstyle Available In The USA?

Ans: YesStyle retail stores are available in most Asian countries. You can buy their fashion items from China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia. They also have a retail store in the USA. Many of their products cost less than $10, and they are very affordable.

Bottom Line

It does not usually take YesStyle to deliver your products more than a week. Still, if you are thinking about how long does YesStyle take to ship, the above sections have the answer. YesStyle has a satisfied audience base. Users have a cost-effective shipping option in the Standard shipping methods. But, if you need faster delivery of your product, then the YesStyle express shipping is a good option.

I hope you have found your answer. In case you have any further queries, you can ask questions in the comment. We will be sure to get back to you.

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