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How To Delete A BeReal? Step-By-Step Process To Delete Posts On BeReal

By Shahnawaz Alam

January 3, 2024

How To Delete A BeReal? Step-By-Step Process To Delete Posts On BeReal

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how to delete a BeReal?

Well, not all parts of our reality are significant. Sometimes, they are too goofy and weird to even show to people around us. Yes, BeReal lets the user be honest on their platform. But we want to keep all parts of our reality private from the world. But you end up taking some weird posts from time to time.

Most importantly, there is an automatic selfie option. So, your phone will take goofy and random selfies that are not worth sharing with your closest friends. But the question is, how do you delete a BeReal? Your photo can go wrong, or you may not like the post you created.

If you are unhappy with the post you created, you can also delete it. But how? This article is all about that. If you want to delete a BeReal post, follow the step-by-step guide I have provided in this article.

About BeReal

So, before I tell you how to delete a BeReal, let’s learn a little bit about this platform. BeReal is a growing and popular social media platform developed in France.

This app’s motto is to capture in-the-moment photos and post them without adding any filters. Yes, just as the name suggests, it is about “being real.”

However, users have found some privacy concerns and incidental security concerns. Also, the geolocation settings stay on this app by default. So your location is easy to track.

Although many users love to use this platform, some would be better off without it. Some users struggle to delete their BeReal posts. Keep reading to find out.

Things To Know Before You Delete A BeReal Post

Wait, wait, wait. Don’t just delete a post in an instant. If you are going to be using BeReal, you must know and follow the following things –

  • You can only delete a limited number of posts. It is like what you have seen on the Android version of the application. Users can only delete one command and get one chance to retake a photo for that post.
  • You can still delete the photo retake. But you have to wait to post another BeReal post. It will keep you waiting till you get a new notification regarding your following daily BeReal Post prompt.
  • Once you delete a BeReal Post, it will be deleted from both the prompt feed and the memories.
  • When you delete a BeReal post, you must post another photo before seeing another public position in the discovery section.

How To Delete A BeReal Post On iOS & Android?

The process for deleting a BeReal is similar in both iOS and Android. If you follow the instructions here, it will be more than enough to delete your BeReal on Android and iOS. Here are the steps –

Step 1

First, open the BeReal app that you want to delete. Now select the Three Dots icon. You will find it in the top right corner of the screen. However, iOS users will find the three-dot icon below the BeReal.

Step 2

Choose Delete My BeReal from the menu appearing below. Here is what you can do if you are an iOS user – Select Options. Next, go to Delete My BeReal.

Step 3

You will be given a set of reasons as to why you want to delete your BeReal. This feature will be common in both Android and iOS. You have to state your reason as to why you want to delete the BeReal. Next, choose the option reading “I’m Sure.”

Now, you can complete the deleting process.

How Do You Delete A BeReal Account On iOS? 

You may not have as good an experience as you imagined with BeReal or any other social media platforms. All social media platforms are not everyone’s cup of tea. Whatever the reason may be, you can easily delete your BeReal account.

Here are the deleting process for both Android and iOS users –

  • First, open the BeReal app on your device.
  • Tap on the account icon visible at the top right corner.
  • Tap on the Three Dots menu appearing in place of the account icon.
  • Click on the three-dot option. It should appear in place of the account icon.
  • Click on Help. Next, click on Contact Us. 
  • Now Tap on Delete Account.
  • There is an option to indicate why you want to delete the account. Once you have stated your reason, click on Yes, I’m sure. 

According to BeReal’s privacy policy, the account and all the accounts and your data will be deleted.

How To Delete Your BeReal Account On iPhone?

Here is how you can delete the BeReal app on your iPhone –

  • First, start the BeReal app on your phone.
  • Now Tap on your account icon.
  • You will also see a three-dot menu appearing in place of the account icon.
  • Tap on the three-dot menu appearing in place of your account.
  • Tap on Help and use Contact Us after that.
  • Now, delete the account.
  • You can also indicate the reason why you want to delete the BeReal Account.

Bottom Line

The number of social media apps popping up here and there in this world is immense. It is almost impossible to keep track of all of them. But if you are a BeReal user, you might be dealing with the problem we discussed in this article. So, if you want to learn how to delete a Bereal, hopefully, the answer provided in this article will help you.

However, do share if you have any queries related to similar topics. We will try to solve it for you. Thank you for reading.

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