Tendered To Delivery Service Provider – What Do You Mean By It?

Tendered to delivery service provider

The logistics industry in the United States has worldwide fame because of its service quality, speed, and efficiency. However, this doesn’t mean that they are error-free. Oftentimes customers face several issues, and one of the most predominant problems is receiving weird notifications. One such example that confuses customers who are waiting for their order is Tendered to the delivery service provider.

Have you received a Tendered to delivery service provider notification from the delivery partner of your parcel? I am sure you are very confused about what it is, what to do now, or what does it indicate? Relax, take a deep breath; today, in this guide, we will be answering only these questions. 

What Does Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Mean?

What Does Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Mean

Scared of this sudden notification on your phone: Tendered to delivery service provider? So what does tendered to delivery service provider mean?

Simply, the term signifies that your parcel has been delivered to the last delivery unit closest to your location. Generally, it is the last-mile partner of the delivery service who sends this message to you. It merely means that it has been dropped off at the Post Office, which will deliver it the remaining mile. The team will soon deliver your package without any further procedures.

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What To Do Next If You See Tendered To Delivery Service Provider?

What To Do Next

We have received this question multiple times. DHL tendered to the delivery service provider. What should we do? Well, there is actually nothing that you can do immediately upon receiving the notification. The best you can do is navigate to tools section in USPS.com. After that, look for the exact location of your parcel with the tracking number. 

When can you expect the delivery after receiving the Tendered to delivery service provider? There is no such thumb rule, but as per our research, within 2 days, you will get your package. However, if you see the same status over 3-4 days, it’s wiser to contact the concerned team for accurate updates.

What Is Tendered For Delivery Meaning?

What Is the Meaning

Now that you know about tendered to delivery service providers, some of you may have also experienced tendered for delivery. I assume the tender for delivery meaning is also not very clear to you. This message can mess your brain up if your product is already running late. 

However, there is nothing to worry about here. Tendered for delivery means your parcel is ready for shipping. It is already dispatched, and the shipment provider company is on its way to deliver it to you. For better assistance and accurate updates, it’s better to call the shipment service provider company. 

So what does tendered for delivery mean? – that’s all about it.

Here is a quick overview of the same through a table –



Typical Delivery Time


Tendered to the authorized agents for final delivery

2 to 5 days


Tendered to the delivery service provider

2 to 3 days


Tendered for delivery

3 to 5 business days


Tendered to delivery service provider

2 to 5 days


Tendered to by USPS

3 to 7 business d



Typical Delivery Time

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Tendered To Postal Service – What Is It?

Tendered To Postal Service

This is another common prompt that appears in the mobile phones of thousands of USA citizens, tendered to postal service. So what’s its main funda? Basically, your package reaches the last mile partner after going through several steps in between. Who is this last-mile partner? It is the post office in your city that receives the parcel and reaches you. Hence, you get the tracking update Tendered to the postal service, meaning you will get it within the next 24-48 hours. 

DHL Tendered To Delivery Service Provider

DHL Tendered To Delivery Service Provider

Haven’t you received a DHL tendered to a delivery service provider till now? Well, you may get it anytime, so it’s better to be aware of it. DHL tendered to the delivery service provider, which means that DHL has passed on your package to the USPS. You will get your package within 48-72 hours once the parcel is delivered to an agent for final delivery. Please note that this is applicable only for domestic shipping. 

Tendered To Delivery Service Provider FedEx

Tendered To Delivery Service Provider FedEx

Every notification you receive like this has a separate meaning. Tendered to FedEx means FedEx has sent your package to the USPS already. Furthermore, it will reach your local post office, and the team will deliver it to your doorstep very soon. 

Tendered For Delivery 4px

Tendered For Delivery 4px

4PX is a China-based shipping company that is highly popular in the USA, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, etc. “ Tendered for delivery 4px ” is a common complaint of 4px users. However, “ Tendered for delivery 4px ” means that your parcel has moved from the 4Px system to the United States Postal Service. Now, it is their sole responsibility to cover the remaining distance and deliver it safely to you.

Different Steps In the Delivery Process

Different Steps In the Delivery Process

Here are the different processes businesses usually follow to fulfill the delivery process for a product –

Packing & Loading

The first step in the delivery process is packing and loading. When the order is received, the warehouse staff has to find, pick up, and pack the product. 

Selecting Career

Once the product is packaged and ready, the seller looks for a suitable carrier to ship the product through. Usually, delivery trucks are used for these product deliveries. 

Last Mile Delivery

When the carrier is not handling the whole delivery process, it is transferred to a subcontractor. This step happens when the packages are very close to the ultimate location it needs to be delivered.

Package Delivery

This step requires strategic planning of the delivery route, and ultimately, the delivery reaches the destination it was ordered from. 

What Is The Meaning Of “ Arrived At Facility Partner”?

This is a notification that means that the third-party shipper has picked it up. They will deliver it to a certain point. Most of the time, companies like FedEx and 4Px may use several partners. Most of the time, they provide all the parcels to a certain point unless it reach the destination.

What To Do When A Package Is Tendered For Delivery?

The tendered-for-delivery status is often considered to be the normal stage in the delivery process. Most of the time, it requires no action. The only time that you need to take action is when the status has been unchanged. That, too, for an unusual amount of time. Now, the billion-dollar question is what action you must take here.

1. Establish Contact With Original Shipping Partner

When the original shipping partner may do not have any kind of control over your package movement. You may have visibility into its status, which can put you in contact with the new delivery partner.

The first option that you can do here is to reach out to them and make them aware of the issue that you are experiencing. You must ask them for their subcontractor’s contact information. Regarding the issue and getting all the delivery updates,

2. Go To Your Nearest Post Office

For most tendered delivery services, there are certain packages for the United States. The USPS takes over last-mile delivery. The best thing is to check with your last mile delivery. So, you must take care of your nearest home.

Otherwise, you need to report the package to a shipping partner who can help you to come up with a complete resolution.

What Does It Mean Tendered Delivery Without Success?

When you see A Tendered delivery without success, it means the original shipping career was unable to find a subcontractor. It will help you complete the last-mile delivery, or the situation can be that the package is in undeliverable condition.

What Does Tendered To Final Delivery Agent Mean?

Tendered To the Final delivery agent means your shipping partner has already sent the package to all the subcontractors. They will complete the complete last mile of delivery items. You need to identify these facts while meeting your requirements with ease.

How To Reduce The Chances Of Package Tendered For Delivery?

There are certain ways that you need to take care of if you want to reduce the chances of a package being tendered for delivery. Some of the key factors that you should take care of are as follows:

1. Plan Shipping In Advance Or In Peak Season

During peak season or in busy periods, career services experience higher congestion due to the presence of increased demand. As a result, you can get your packages delivered at the right time to a desired destination.

2. Select Reliable Shipping Partners

The reliability of the shipping partners plays a key role in ensuring seamless delivery options. Be sure to carefully compare all the courier services. This will help you in meeting your requirements with complete ease. Ensure that you follow the best process from your counterpart.

3. Consider Fast Shipping Option

Consider the courier services that deliver the product to the desired destination at a faster pace. Select the shipping partner that delivers the products without relying on a third party. This can boost the chances of your shipping to a greater level.

Frequently Asked Questions!! (FAQs)

Q1. What Does Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Mean?

Ans. What Does Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Mean? The tendered delivery service provider means the courier partner has dropped off your parcel at the post office closest to you. In most cases, USPS is the post office or the last mile partner. USPS will now deliver it to you within 2-3 days maximum. 

Q2. Tendered To Delivery Service Provider How Long Does It Take?

Ans. Tendered to delivery service provider how long does it take? Generally, you can expect orders within 2 days of getting this notification. Nevertheless, due to unprecedented circumstances, it may take a little longer.

Q3. How Long Does It Take For DHL to Deliver To USPS?

Ans. Just like FedEx and UPS, DHL uses USPS for last-mile delivery purposes. It takes 2-4 working days for the USPS to receive a parcel from DHL as per standard delivery norms. In the case of deferred delivery, the entire procedure may take 2-7 working days. Furthermore, DHL truly has a bad image in terms of delivery. Thus, be ready to receive orders a bit late than the mentioned timeframe. 

Q4. Does Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Mean Out For Delivery?

Ans. Tendered to a delivery service provider does not mean out for delivery exactly. Rather, it means that the service provider has received a notification about an offer of carrying the shipment. 

Q5. How Long Does USPS Take To Deliver?

Ans. It takes 3–4 days for standard mail to arrive, 1–3 days for priority mail, and 1–2 days for priority express mail.

The Final Lines

The Tendered to the delivery service provider meaning is not really a big deal. It implies that you will receive the package within the next 2-3 days. In some rare cases, this may take a longer time, and calling the service provider will solve your issue quickly.

So I hope you now know what does tendered for delivery and tendered to delivery service provider means. It is expected that you will be able to overcome the problem by yourself. If you have any other questions or careers requiring more clarity drop them in the box below, we will be responding to you soon.

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