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The Most Important Reasons Why the Digital Printing of Your Labels is Your Best Choice 

Published on: August 2, 2021

Last Updated on: May 9, 2024

Digital Printing 

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When it comes to printing your business’ labels, quality and speed are of prime importance.

Of course, you would want labels designed and printed with the highest quality, but at the same time, you want them to be available precisely when you need them. The digital printing of your labels can be the best solution for your requirements.

It is a unique and innovative method that can benefit you in many distinct ways. But what exactly is it, and what can you expect when you go for digital printing for your labels? Here are the most important reasons why digital label printing is your best choice.

The Basics Of Digital Label Printing 

Digital printing label is a kind of printing method that eliminates the need for costly film and plates. The technique allows you to have complete control over your printing requirements. 

Even if it is not as quick compared to flexographic printing (which is helpful for larger printing runs, anyway), it can provide you with a few distinct benefits compared to conventional or standard printing. Another aspect that distinguishes digital label printing from traditional printing is it offers you a higher customization level with more options.

Flexographic printing involves transferring images to printing plates, with the images pressed onto the label’s surface. For flexographic printing, you would need to have one printing plate for every single color, and if you require just a few hundred company labels, it’s not economically viable. The same isn’t true with digital printing. 

3 Benefits Of Using The Digital Printing Method The Benefits

3 Benefits Of Using The Digital Printing Method The Benefits

The digital printing method is always the easiest eco-friendly option for labeling. However, you will use harmful chemical products whenever you use the label, glue, and traditional printing methods. And in the conventional label development methods when you want to increase the quality of the product.

So you have to use more toxic chemicals. But for digital printing, the concept is entirely different. imprenta online 24 can be the best consideration if you are searching for the best printing company online.

Here are three advantages of using digital printing for labeling.

1. It’s Friendly To The Environment 

1.It’s Friendly To The Environment 

The digital printing of your labels is friendlier to the environment than conventional methods, and it doesn’t produce as much waste during the process, either. It doesn’t need any plate creation, and it doesn’t use as much ink as other methods, making it more environmentally friendly. 

If you choose flexographic or offset printing, the rubber blankets and plates used for these are not likely needed when you finish. With digital printing, you have no screens, blankets, or plates to wash off, which can significantly reduce the impact on the environment.

2. It Gives You High-Quality Printing For Smaller Prints

2.It Gives You High-Quality Printing For Smaller Prints

Another distinction of digital printing is that it gives you high-quality printing even if you have smaller prints, as confirmed by an expert printer in Stockport such as Harveyboard Print & Digital. It makes it especially ideal for smaller prints such as different languages, barcodes, SKU numbers, QR codes, and artwork with a lot of detail.

It’s also quite effective for pharmaceutical labeling and labeling for medical devices in various special applications. For example, if you need to include specific details for your product labels, digital printing can help you include whatever necessary information your labels need without compromising quality. 

3. It Allows You To Update Your Files Before And After The Printing Run 

With digital printing, you can conveniently customize each printing run according to your precise specs. While other label printing methods need more complicated setups, digital printing lets you update your files not just before a run but after a run as well. 

It makes digital printing an efficient solution for multiple printing runs or short printing runs. Digital printings are quite robust to complete the printing process within the desired time frame.


Digital Printing is more eco-friendly and a less complicated option among all the printing options. Therefore, if you are currently thinking of shifting your product labeling from the traditional method, digital printing is an excellent choice for you. The less complicated setup and less expensive features are making this quite popular for clear labeling and printing.

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