Is Commercial Banks A Good Career Path In 2024? – Let’s Find Out

Is Commercial Banks A Good Career Path In 2024? - Let's Find Ou

Is commercial banks a good career path? – If you are interested in a research-based role and in finance, then a career in commercial banking can be a great option for you. Basically, commercial banks provide services to their customers by enabling them to monitor their money and reach financial goals. As a bank employee, your role might be to boost sales, keep records, or do research and analysis.

In this article, you will learn about whether it is a good option to have a career in the commercial banking industry. However, before we delve deeper into the question, we will give you a general overview of the industry. Furthermore, you will learn about the major pros and cons of the industry. Finally, we will share with you some of the major job roles in the commercial banking industry.

Commercial Banking Industry – A General Overview

A commercial bank is mainly a financial institution where most people go for their banking-related stuff. The following are the major services that a commercial bank provides:

  • Accepts financial deposits
  • Offers Checks with accounts
  • Offers loans (mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, and business loans)
  • Deals with financial products and financial aids like Certificates of Deposits
  • Offers savings accounts to small businesses and individuals

On the other hand, in return for such services, commercial banks make money too. They provide loans and earn interest from them. They offer these loans from customer deposits to the banks.

According to Investopedia,

Commercial banks provide basic banking services and products to the general public, both individual consumers and small to midsize businesses. These services include checking and savings accounts; loans and mortgages; basic investment services such as CDs; and other services such as safe deposit boxes. Banks make money from service charges and fees.

The fees that commercial banks charge vary a lot based on the products they offer. The fees include account fees, safe deposit box fees, and late fees. There are other loans as well that commercial banks apply fees on in addition to interest charges.

Is Commercial Banks A Good Career Path In 2024?

Is Commercial Banks A Good Career Path In 2024

According to a report from Deloitte,

The commercial banking business is also becoming increasingly competitive. For pragmatic reasons, many corporate customers tend to spread their banking relationships across a number of institutions, thereby adding to the competition for wallet shares. Moreover, nonbank lenders are increasingly funding leveraged buyouts by private equity firms, taking away share from banks in the syndicated leveraged loan market.”

Despite that, many people reach commercial banks for loans or to get advice on how to run a financially stable business. Hence, if you are into finance and want a stable job, choosing a suitable job role in the commercial banks industry can be the best option for you.

Commercial banks are a very important part of the economy. By being a bank employee, you will not only be able to provide consumers with essential financial services, but you can also create more capital and liquidity in the market.

When commercial banks take funds from customer deposit, and lends those money to others, they ensure liquidity in the market. Apart from that, commercial banks also play a big role in creating credit in the market. This further leads to an increase in production in the market, which leads to higher consumer spending and employment. Hence, by joining a commercial bank, you can do your bit to boost the economy.

Is Commercial Banks A Good Career Path In 2024? – Pros And Cons

The following are the major pros and cons of starting a career in the commercial banks industry:


Here are some of the major pros of having a career in the commercial banks industry:

  • You will be able to witness how your work makes an impact on the performance of the bank.
  • You will have a work-life balance since banks stay open for only a limited period of time.
  • The salaries and compensation at banks are quite high since you will be dealing with financial situations and documents that require specialty.
  • The employee benefits at banks are quite attractive and generous.
  • Many banking employers will help you in career advancement by offering you access to educational courses.
  • There are many entry-level opportunities for someone who is just entering the commercial bank industry.


Here are a few cons of starting a career in the commercial banks industry that you must be aware of:

  • You might have to engage in challenging conversations with customers and employees from time to time.
  • Some job roles at commercial banks require dealing with stressful situations. Furthermore, there are various sensitivities in dealing with finances and customers.
  • In some cases, your compensation relies a lot on sales commissions rather than your regular salary.
  • You need to go through years of education to become qualified. Furthermore, you will need to pass competitive tests to get selected to top commercial banks.
  • To advance your career in commercial banking, you might also need to obtain various professional certifications.

Is Commercial Banks A Good Career Path In 2024? – Best Jobs

According to,

A career path at a commercial bank may be ideal for you if you enjoy working with people and are interested in finance. The work hours and the growth opportunities may also appeal to you as a job candidate.”

The following are some of the major job roles at commercial banks that you need to know about:

1. Credit Analyst (Salary: $59,380 per year)

2. Customer Service Representative (Salary: $55,560 per year)

3. Compliance Officer (Salary: $67,638 per year)

4. Business Development Manager (Salary: $74,233 per year)

5. Branch Manager (Salary: $63,605 per year)

Wrapping Up

Is commercial banks a good career path? – Hope this article was helpful for you in giving an answer to this question. This industry is a good career path, if you want to have career in finance. However, apart from financial skills, you will also need to have strong analytical and communication skills.

Do you have further information to add regarding this industry? Consider sharing them with us in the comments section below.

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