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What Is Smart Business Corp? Is It Legit? – Complete Review In 2023

By Shahnawaz Alam

February 23, 2023

Smart business corp

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Many companies (especially investment platforms) pop up and claim to help you make massive amounts of money. These companies are usually scams. Similarly, various reviews surfaced stating Smart Business Corp is a Scam. So, we have done a small review to give you an idea of this company.

This review will give you a complete idea of what Smart Business Corp is, how they function, and its offerings. You should check out this review if you are looking for information related to this company.

What Is Smart Business Corp?

We will start with the most typical question – what is Smart business corp? It is a company delivering investment services to clients globally. This company claims to help its patterns grow and profit financially. They are also providing vital educational tools, programs, and training.

What Is Smart Business Corp

The company is currently located in Vanuatu, and you can contact the business center using email and phone and on their website. Many direct selling professionals have used and rated this company to be serious (not a scam) depending on the services they provide and the user experience.

Although many of these reviews seem legit, many recent reports surfaced saying the company is a scam. Also, no proof of regulation of this company makes it an unregulated broker. If the company is an unregulated or fraudulent broker, it means you cannot trust them for investment. It is a clean red flag if you are thinking of investing with such organizations.

The Smart Business Corp CEO

Smart Business Corp is a fraudulent website, and they don’t reveal the name of their CEO or the founder. However, we have researched to find out that the founder and the CEO of the Smart Business Corp are Ernesto Reséndiz.

The CEO  

The LinkedIn profile of Ernesto Reséndiz shows that he is based in Mexico. The domain of the company’s website is also a Mexican domain. Ernesto launched the Smart Business Corp in 2010 for debt elimination.

How Does Smart Business Corp Work?

The company was founded based on the members of the company offering financial aid to each other. While doing so, they were also getting training to develop a business and eliminate debt and grow financially.

Right after the company started, it grew rapidly and was breathing the boundary of the country and building a network abroad. Initially, they made 11000 affiliate members helping each other financially. However, it did not take long to collapse.

How Does Smart Business Corp Work

When the company collapsed, Resendiz started another company named IBF International. This company asked people to invest $410; in return, they promised the investors $100 ROI monthly, forever.

After Smart Business Corp, this business also crashed in 2014 and got Resendiz arrested. Ernesto Resendiz got arrested on his promo tour organized by Ecuadorian authorities.

Smart Business Corps CEO Ernesto Resendiz Arrested

When Ernesto got arrested, he explained to the audience how the capitalization system works without debt. This report came from El Comercio, in Machala, capital de El Oro.

Ernesto was not apprehended until a few members reported his failure to pay them. Following this report, The Second Court of Criminal Guarantees ordered a preventive detention of Ernesto for the crime of fraudulent activities on 4th July.

Smart Fund Limited

Following the failure of Smart Business Corps and IBF, Ernesto Resendiz went back to Mexico and started another business venture named Smart Fund Daily. Smart Fund Limited claimed to be one of the respected brokers who promised massive trading volumes to the traders and provided them with high liquidity. However, non of this happened.

This failure made Ernesto relaunch Smart Business Corporation again. Ernesto wanted to revive Smart Business Corp, which led him to launch the company’s website again in mid-2021. The website shows its current address at – 1276 Kumul Hwy, 1st Flr Govant Bldg, Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Products And Services Of Smart Business Corp

There is no product or service offering from the smart business corp. However, they offer the members various investment plans if they wish to join. They offer the members two different investment plans, and each of them has additional investment plans. The additional investment plans are based on their affiliates’ initial investment models.

Products And Services

Here are the two investment tiers –

1. Basic Tier

This plan requires you to invest $795 and get 2% a month for the next 24 months. Meaning your total ROI is $1278.71.

Additional plans with this require you to pay different extra amounts and return you on 3%, 3.5%,4.5%,5.5%, and 6.5% based on the additional amounts invested.

2. Premium Tier

This tier requires you to invest $995 and get 5% in return for the next 24 months. You earn $3208.97 in total ROI. Similarly, the additional plans allow you to earn 5.5%, 6%, 7%, and 8% rates for the next months for specific additional investments.

Investment Frauds and How to Avoid Them? 

Studies show that adults get at least three scam calls from scam investment portals every week. The average number of calls people get in a year is around 150. It is hard not to fall for any of these traps. But you need to save yourself at all costs. Here are some of the best tips for avoiding investment scams – 

Run A Background Check 

The first thing to consider when someone is offering an almost unbelievable investment opportunity is to be skeptical and doubtful. Don’t focus on what but focus on who. It is expected you will feel overwhelmed by the offers you get from someone. But try to get as much information as you can on them. Also, before you consider investing, try running a background check on the person by calling the State Security Division. 

High-Pressure Tactics Are a Red Flag 

Beware of the red alerts of some of these scammers. They usually tempt you with irresistible offers. Then, they pressure you to invest immediately, saying the offer is for a limited time period. But It is the moment to resist and wait. Before you invest, the minimum requirement is to run an inquiry and understand the legitimacy of the person or the institution. Scam investment sellers use high-pressure tactics to make people invest.

Stay Alert & Ask More 

Conversations with investment scammers like these take work. But the best way to bring the odds in your favor is to ask many questions. Nothing irritates them more than lengthy conversations and questions about their plans and procedures. Yes, they use so much financial jargon to catch you off guard. It would be best if you asked them to explain things in daily language.

Don’t Be Swayed by Their Good Manners 

Scam investment sellers have sweet tongues. They fool people with sweet, communicative prowess. They are extremely polite when explaining their scam investment plans. But personal integrity is beyond courtesy and etiquette. The moment you sense a red flag, hang up the call.

Using Fear as a Tool

Swindlers will always pitch their evil schemes either with temptation or add some pinch of fear to them. They will try to persuade you by saying you are missing out on certain good opportunities, or they might show concern about your security, eventually breaching it with their sweet words.

Senior Citizens Fall Victim 

Studies show that most senior citizens get continuous scam calls. They are the highest potential target for scammers; they also fall prey to all these scammers and lose a lot of money. Most of the older women fall victim to scammers and lose their savings. It is best for senior citizens to not even consider such calls in the first place.

Ask Tough Questions 

If you are already investing in different legitimate platforms, you should have visibility over how things work. You can try asking these investment sellers difficult questions and beat them in their own games.

Report Scam Investment Calls 

If you have been experiencing these calls, it’s best to report the caller to the Security Division immediately. If you suspect anything shady and unreliable, then you must report such calls without any hesitation or fear.

Frequently Asked Questions!! (FAQs)

Here are some popular questions and answers about Smart Business Corp.

Q1. Is Smart Business Corp Legit?

Ans: No, smart business corp is not a reliable company. Whether you are thinking of investment or for a training course, this company is not reliable. The founder of this company was arrested for not paying the company members; they also do not show any proof of financial regulation. Before investing in any such company, check its complex policies and how they operate.

Q2. How To Close My Account On Smart Business Corp?

Ans: You might close your account if you have discovered that this company is a scam. To do that, you have to write an email to the company’s email address and request to disable and deactivate your account.

Q3. Is Smart Business Corp A Scam?

Ans: Smart business corp is a scam. The company’s CEO was arrested for not paying the company members. They are not regulated brokers and don’t have proof of their regulations. Many investors might be surprised to know that this company is a scam.

Bottom Line

If you are thinking of investing your money, look for legit companies. Smart Business Corp or many similar companies don’t have any product or service offering. They also don’t have any proof of their regulations. You should strictly avoid investing in any such company.

I hope that you have found the answer to your questions. However, if you have any other confusion about investing in such companies, do your research properly. You can drop your queries in the comment box as well.

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