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Is Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career Path?

Published on: January 11, 2024

Last Updated on: April 27, 2024

Is Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career Path?

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Is consumer non-durables a good career path?

A generalized answer to this question may not be what you are looking for. However, keep in mind that there are thousands of job opportunities in this industry.

Statistics show that this industry employs more than 5.6 million US citizens. As the population grows and new companies enter the industry, more jobs will keep popping up.

If you are interested in a career in this industry, or planning to switch career into this industry, you should check out this article. It should answer the questions that are confusing you. So, let’s start.

What Are Consumer Non-Durable Goods?

What Are Consumer Non-Durable Goods

Long story short, Consumer non-durables refer to products we consume almost instantly after a purchase. However, the industry has a time frame. These products get consumed within 3 years of purchase. As the name suggests, these products only last for a short time ( hardly three years after manufacturing).

For example, food ( even if processed and canned) doesn’t last long. Most of these goods are consumed within three years of manufacturing or purchase. The only way to keep using the non-durable goods is through constant purchase as the need arises. However, these goods are really important for an economy for instant cash inflow and creation.

As opposed to durable products, most non-durable goods are in high demand, and they sell out quickly. Durable goods like cars, on the other hand, last longer than three years.

What are some examples of Non-durable consumer goods?

What Are Some Examples Of Consumer Non-Durable Products?

We already use so many non-durable goods in our day-to-day life. Some examples of them would be –

  • Foodstuffs.
  • Clothing.
  • Bulbs.
  • Paper products like towels and detergents.
  • Toys & Games.
  • Many dishes.
  • Pet products.
  • Toys and games.

Different Jobs Under Consumer Non-Durable Goods

Depending on the type of industry you want to work in, there are many roles in the consumer non-durables sector you can choose. Follow the list below for a few examples –

  • Food technologists.
  • Shoe designers.
  • Restaurant general managers and waitstaff.
  • Chefs.
  • Winemakers.
  • Grocery store employees.
  • Clothes designers.
  • Delivery truck drivers.
  • Aestheticians.
  • Retail store sales staff members.
  • Butchers.
  • Brewery staff members.
  • Hairstylists.

Now, how do you identify a consumer non-durable industry job? Well, look for industries associated with products and services consumed within three years of production. For example, if you are working as a restaurant manager or as a grocery store manager, you are already in the industry.

Is Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career Path?

Is Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career Path

Now, we are coming to the answer to the much-awaited question. Is a career in the consumer non-durable a good option? Well, that depends on a lot of things. I can give you a straightforward answer and say ‘yes.’ But you may not be a jack of all trades, and every single cup of tea is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You can have two approaches to it. First, if you desire to work in this sector, then it is good for you. On the other hand, the kind of lifestyle you want can also determine the job that’s best for you.

For example, many youngsters want to pursue a particular dream. Some want to be artists, lawyers, doctors, and more. At the same time, some people want only to make money and have enough time to enjoy their lives.

If you prioritize pursuing a good life and want a job to support it, then non-durable goods can be a good career path for you. I mean, there are lots of opportunities and job roles you can follow. Just find whichever suits your personality and ambition.

You can even build experience and work your way up the ladder. These will definitely involve taking on lots of responsibilities. For example, you can start working at a restaurant and work your way up to become a manager. Also, most of the non-durable career options are high-paying. So, you won’t compromise much on the simple lifestyle you want to live.

Most posts will pay you around $30000 to $60000 per year. Yes, I am talking about the entry-level option. Additionally, many short training programs get you going. Yes, especially if you want to start a moderate-pay and low-entry barrier job, then the consumer non-durables industry is a good place to start.

Why Is Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career Path? Benefits

Why Is Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career Path_ Benefits

There are many benefits of working in the consumer non-durables industry. One of the biggest reasons would be the number of jobs available. Here are some benefits of working in this industry –

Increasing Job Opportunities

The consumer non-durables industry encompasses a wide range of sub-industries and millions of small and big companies. So, career opportunities are always consistent and increasing. This industry includes food service, shipping, groceries, packing, and product selling.

International Placements

Once you gain experience in a certain domain, you can expand it and go beyond your hometown, city, state, or even country. There are many opportunities across the world. All you have to do is grab yours and start working.

Culturally Diverse Products

You will deal with lots of culturally diverse and new products. For example, if you work in a retail store, you will encounter lots of new products coming. This can bring a new experience every day.

Easy To Understand Products

Consumer non-durable products are usually stuff people use in their daily lives. Most of them are easy to identify and learn about. So, if you are working as a salesperson, you won’t have a hard time memorizing the names and the specs of the products.

Tangible Products

tangible products are something you can hold in your hand and feel. Most products in this industry, like clothes and food, feel great to deal with. It is not much of a reason to work in this particular industry. But, if you want to work in an industry that deals with materials like these, you can go ahead.

Should You Work In the Consumer Non-Durables Industry?

According to May 2022 data, there are Approximately 2,132,400 jobs in the consumer non-durables industry. This industry brings a great opportunity for people who are looking for many opportunities. There are many in the US and many internationally.

However, as said before, a lot depends on your desire and the kind of life you want to live. Simply a job role and a salary package do not decide whether a career opportunity is good for you or not. It is you who has to decide.

Hopefully, this wraps up the answer to your query, “is consumer non-durables a good career path?” let us know your view on this. Go to the comment box and start writing.

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