How To Open A Successful Clothing Store

Clothing Store

Do you yearn to enter the world of haute couture? Does casual wear rock your world? Whatever your passion, if you’re planning to open a clothing store, there’s a whole load of things you’ll need apart from a great clothing line and a cash register.

Anyone can open a store, but to make a success of it you need a business plan, premises, suppliers, investment, and the best marketing tools you can lay your hands on. There are many reasons why retail businesses fail and you can read about them elsewhere.

We’re more interested in ways to succeed.

Here Are 4 Crucial Steps To Open A Successful Clothing Store:

Successful Clothing Store

1. Preparation

Make sure you’ve found a business niche. If your proposition is too wide you’ll be in competition with retail giants, if it’s too small you may not find a large enough audience to sustain your operation. What are the clothing shops around you not offering? Can you fill that gap?

Think about your target audience. You can’t start up without being confident there are people who will want to buy your products. Young, old, or in the middle? Men, women, or both? Traditionalists or hipsters?

Once you know who you’re targeting you can conduct a competitive analysis to assess the viability of your store. Write a detailed business plan to help you secure funding through loans or investments. Partner up with suppliers and find well-located premises.

Fitting out your store involves more than just having plenty of well-designed display space for the clothes. There’s also a great deal of technology without which no store can compete seriously in a retail district or in a mall.

2. Point of Sale

You should invest in the best POS software you can afford. It connects with your cash register to accelerate the payment process and reduce the chance of human error.

Sale clothes

There are now scores of payment providers that retailers can use to handle all transactions using end-to-end encryption. Not only is this one of the most secure ways for customers to pay, but it also satisfies your obligations under the various data protection regulations like PCI-DSS because at no point are you responsible for the handling of sensitive financial details. The payment provider assumes all liability.

3. Inventory Management

Your POS system can integrate with inventory management software, enabling you to keep your pricing up to date, monitor sales and stock levels, simplify audits, reorder efficiently, and always meet customer demand.

4. Marketing

There are many more ways to market your store now that it’s so easy to leverage social media and tools like Google My Business. You can find plenty of ideas online with a few simple searches. What we’re focusing on here is your in-store, onsite opportunities.

Business Marketing

However else you go about promoting your business, both above and below the line, don’t forget that your store is a major asset when it comes to driving traffic and increasing footfall.

The sophistication of today’s technology means that digital screens for retail can now make a major contribution to raising your brand visibility. They are easily controlled by intuitive software that allows you to share almost any kind of visual content you choose.

Clothing is perfectly suited to the visual medium and a 4K screen placed in your store window will prove more eye-catching than any conventional window display, however artfully designed.

Passers-by respond to moving images, lights, and messages – to make an impression and the curious won’t be able to resist the urge to step inside and see what’s on offer.

You can use multiple screens, in the window, at the entrance, throughout the shop, and in the fitting rooms. Provide information about special offers or new lines.

Tell the story of your business, or a line of clothing, with details of its history and provenance. Broadcast endorsements, product information, and virtually anything else that adds value to the consumer’s experience.

You can carry live video feeds, interactive features, and real-time links to social media. The age of social retail is already upon us, with elements of the physical and the online worlds blending into a new shopping experience. Installing digital signage is a great way to prepare your store for this new phenomenon.

Last Thoughts

Opening a clothing store may be the realization of your dream, but make sure you keep that dream flying by giving it the practical, managerial, and technological support it needs to succeed and keep on succeeding.

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